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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cheap Ebay hits

I’m working on my Google document lists today.  I’ve finished the additions to the Player Collection pages, and added a Wolverine Collection page.  I’m working on the White Sox Collection page now.  I love collecting cards, and I love having them all cataloged, but I hate doing all the work to get them there.

I picked up these 2 cards when I bought some cards for Dennis of “Too Many Grandersons” that I owed him.  It was $2.75 for unlimited shipping and I had already picked up a small stack for Dennis so I figured, what the hell, might as well get a couple for me since the shipping was pretty much free.


A couple of Wolverine auto’s for my Michigan collection.  I’m going to consider my shipping free so I paid a total of $4.79 for these 2 cards, a little more than I usually try to pay on ebay but it was really hard to buy cards and not be able to keep any for myself.  He actually had 2 of the Adrian Arrington’s but Dennis already had that card so I just got the one for myself.

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  1. Nice stuff! I really like those '08 Highlights autos, and I actually pulled the Manningham I have myself from a jumbo box from which I was also shorted my second auto (which could have been Henne or your Arrington). Go figure, Topps told me to go fornicate myself. Anyway, I hope to see more Michigan stuff here before long, and don't forget I still have some dupes to send your way if you're interested.