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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sitting here, waiting

They posted for us to work today. Don't they realize that Michigan/Michigan State is on at noon.  And the plant manager and owner likes Michigan.  Don't they know Michigan football is more important than the nice cars and boats they have.  They really need to get their priorities straightened out.

I'm recording the game on my DVR and I'll watch it after I get home, showered and in my pj's.  Yes, I know it will still be early afternoon and I'll be in my pj's, don't judge me.  Their Michigan pj's if that helps any.

I can't help to follow the game on my phone via live updates.  For one, everybody will be coming to me the last 3 hours asking for the score.  And two, I can't sit here, knowing there is a game going on while I stand around and do nothing.  So I'll follow with my ESPN text scoring updates and I downloaded a CBS SPORTS app to try to follow live.  It has live audio but I won't be able to hear it in here without headphones, which are a safety issue so that won't happen either.

My buddy here brought his iPad but he has AT&T which gets no service in the building.  I saw the plant manager in the shipping office so I stopped by for a little chat, here's how that went.

Me- Hey buddy!
Pm-(without turning around) uh-oh, I don't like where this is heading.
Me-How about you hook me up with the wifi password so I can follow the game?
Pm-You know I can't give you that, I could get fired.
Me-How about I bring you my phone and you just type it in, then I still won't know what it is?
Pm-Yeah! Nice try.
Me-I think I'm going to be sick about 11:30

Then we started talking about our local high school that I graduated from and his kids go to.  We're undefeated.

So, here I sit.  7 minutes before game time.  Staring at my phone. Damn it!

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