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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cards from Padrographs


Rod over at “Padrographs” apparently sends out cards to people just to get rid of them.  I wasn’t even aware of his blog until he contacted me about sending me some.  First off, a shout out to AJ over at “The Lost Collector” for letting Rod know about me.  Now back to Rod.  I received his cards, a nice stack of White Sox, these are just a few that were added to my Sox collection.


Rod, I assume, being a Padres collector hooked me up with my newly started Dave Dravecky collection.  A bunch of cards heading to the player collection.  The 3 ‘85 cards together are a Topps, O-pee-chee and an autographed Topps.  Wow!  Thank you.  All these cards are going to the PC. 

Last I heard, Rod was still looking to get rid of a few more teams, so go check out “Padrographs” and see if yours is one of them.  Thanks Rod!

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