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Monday, January 23, 2012

Trade with Stealing Home

I had a couple of cards that Oscar wanted so we struck up a trade.  I sent him a couple of relics and since we had traded recently, he didn’t have many Sox for me.  So I got some trade material for a couple of other bloggers that I’m working on getting cards for.  I did see one card on his blog “All Trade Bait” and requested that.


These are some of the few Sox he had.  Love me some Lineage and a Jerry Owens rookie.  I remember when he was supposed to be our next big thing.  I’ve heard that about a number of Sox rookies and I’m still waiting for it.


I had requested the Beckham sparkly, but I love the Konerko rookie and Aparicio Kimball. 

Some great Sox cards and a big thanks for the other trade stuff.  Check out “All Trade Bait” and see what Oscar has for you.

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  1. thanks for the schmidt and yaz. cant wait to gather up a pile of 2012 sox cards for you.