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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1981 Topps–Christenson, Salazar, Keough, Parrott

I’m collecting the 1981 set, slowly but surely. This post is the latest in my quest for the completion.
  • Card Facts – Larry Christenson – Philadelphia Phillies – Card #346
  • Purchase Price – $.05 (Ebay lot 100/$4.99)

For the record, I prefer these Phillies uniforms.  Not that I don’t like their current ones, just prefer these.  Maybe it just feels more old school.


    • Card Facts – Luis Salazar – San Diego Padres – Card #309
    • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “Manupatches & Mustaches”)

Speaking of old school uniforms.  No, I don’t really like these.  Can’t think of any Padres uniforms I like but there may be some out there.  Actually, I take that back, I like the camouflage ones.  So sue me.


  • Card Facts – Matt Keough – Oakland A’s – Card #301
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “JABO’s”)

A rare action shot for the ‘81’s.  Nothing says 70’s like the A’s uniforms.


  • Card Facts – Mike Parrott – Seattle Mariners – Card #187
  • Purchase Price – free (Trade with “JABO’s”)

Powder blues, oh yeah.  Love the old school Mariners logo on his shoulder.  Just watched the movie 50/50 and the main character had a Mariners hat with that logo and I even told my wife that I liked that logo.

  • Cards posted in this set – 50
  • Total price paid – $1.94
  • Average price per card – $0.04
  • Cards left to post – 676
  • Percentage posted – 50/726 (7% posted)
  • Percentage completed – 483/726 (67% completed)

Percentage posted up a percent.  Went to 4 cards per post so I’m not on these all year long.

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  1. I think I can help you complete the set.
    Lets make some trades