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Monday, July 2, 2012

Trade with Spoke Bait

A long, long time ago.  I made a trade with theHitKing over at “Spoke Bait and the Game”.  Don’t let the length of time that it took me to post this tell you I didn’t like it.  I scanned a long time ago and they got put in my Tumblr file instead of my MSO folder.  I just ran across them so I got it together.


All these are new to the White Sox Collection.  An 80’s stack, a 90’s stack, and a 00’s stack.  All greatly appreciated because they bring me closer to team sets being finished.


Some 2012 Opening Day, which I had none of.  I don’t know if I would call Alex Rios a Superstar for the Superstar Celebrations.  This year maybe, definitely not last year.


I had gotten in a Topps Heritage break and but didn’t get any of these that he sent.  I did get a Konerko in the group break but I still needed one for the White Sox Collection.  The rookie stars features our closer right now who is doing a great job.


And of course, theHitKing sent me a few Konerko’s for my Paul Konerko Collection.  I have no idea how I didn’t have the toppstown but I didn’t.  Now that I’m going through the scans, I’m wondering if this wasn’t a trade package, but extra cards from playing a contest on his site about watching the Reds games.  Because I found this scan as well.


I think I won a pack of 2012’s from him.  I gave all these to my son as he is just getting into collecting.

A great package from “Spoke Bait and the Game”.  If I owe you something, let me know because I don’t remember. 

Hit him up for a trade but beware, he can be a little delusional.  This was wrote on my package.


Although they may be in the mix this year, which I’m glad to see.  I always had a soft spot for the Reds.  Probably because of Tom Seaver.  I even remember having a Reds hat as a kid.

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