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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

He is the king, part 2

Part 1

If you haven’t read part 1, click above and check it out before you see the rest of the awesomeness that Kevin sent me.


These 3 1976 Topps go to the White Sox Collection along with the cards from the first post.


Along with this 1974 Topps Dick Allen.  I’m never going to turn down free Dick Allen cards.  That is all for the White sox Collection cards but there is so many more to show.

He added just a few to my Vintage Collection as well.


3 1979 cards including a Vida Blue


A 1978 card of the Montreal Expos.  I miss the Expos.





Did you see all those freaking 1976 cards?  Kevin, don’ t let the fact that this post is a month after I got the cards think I didn’t appreciate these.  That’s just due to my laziness to get around to scanning and typing out the posts.  Oh yeah, there’s more.


A crap load of 1974’s on top of it.  Kevin is the man.  Be sure to check out “the Diamond King” and set up a trade or two and get on his good side, because you never know when he may send you some unexpected awesomeness.

I updated the Vintage Have lists awhile back and I will have all these numbers updated for the next Vintage post.


  1. Replies
    1. That's what I said when I opened the box.

  2. Man! What did you trade to him, a vital organ? I can see why scanning all of those would be a daunting task!

    1. So you understand throwing all of them in big scans? I debated on scanning some but I had to show everything because it was such a huge package.