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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Completed Team Sets–2006 Fleer

I’m sorry about all the Completed Team Sets and 1981 Topps posts, but that’s all I’ve got scanned so far.   I have some packages to get scanned but I’m waiting for 1 more from COMC before I scan some more.  I usually try to sit and scan everything at once while I have the scanner out.  But until then, you’ll get alternating between those 2.


I actually received this team set from a trader, I don’t remember who now, but I took the Paul Konerko and it went to the Paul Konerko collection because I fill the player collections first.  But I went and picked up an additional Konerko to finish it with my last COMC purchase.


You can’t complain about all action shots.  Kind of a plain foreground but it’s got the team logo, so that’s a positive.

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  1. The Podzilla card has TWO players with bloused pants. WINNER!