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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Completed Team Sets–1998 Donruss

A small set I didn’t realize I was only a card short from completing.


I picked it up on a COMC purchase.  Another small set with no Paul Konerko.  I guess with all the complaints about Topps at least they have a set that shows most all the players on the teams.


  1. Nope, all complaints about Topps stand! Konerko was with the Reds and Dodgers in '98, and he's included in that set as a Dodger twice. He was traded to the White Sox at the end of '98 for Mike Cameron, who I guess was useful to the Reds in that he helped bring them Griffey from Seattle. So, to conclude: nice job completing a cool team set, and Topps still sucks.

    1. Oops, didn't even think about that being pre-Konerko. Apparently I suck too!

  2. I need that Belle in the throwback.