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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fantasy package

I got an email from Matt over at “Once a Cub” telling me he had some cards to send me for participating in his fantasy baseball.  I had forgotten all about it, probably because I quit about half way through the year.  I didn’t just quit Matt’s, I quit the once that I run and didn’t sign up for any fantasy football either.  I just got burned out on playing fantasy sports.  Maybe I’ll get back into again next year, I thought I might miss playing football this year but I haven’t.  I told Matt he didn’t need to send anything since I bailed on his league, but being a Chicago Cubs fan, he was happy to get rid of his Sox cards.  He sent a good stack but I’m only going to show some highlights.  Let’s check them out.


The 1968 Gary Peters I needed for the team set.  I’m always happy to receive vintage.  The Paul Konerko Upper Deck Starquest went towards the Paul Konerko collection and the Mark Buehrle goes to the new Mark Buehrle collection.

The vintage surprised me, I figured I’d get a stack of White Sox cards but I wasn’t expecting anything like that.  Or anything like this.


A 2012 Topps Chris Sale autograph that will go to the new Chris Sale collection.  And an autographed 2011 Bowman of Spencer Arroyo.  I don’t think it’s a card company autograph as it says nothing on the back about it so I’m guessing it was a TTM or signed somewhere else.  Either way, it’s an autograph and it’s going into the White Sox collection.

Thanks Matt for going above and beyond, it was certainly a better package than I expected.  Then again, maybe I don’t have high expectations of Cubs fans (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Be sure to go check out his site at “Once a Cub”.

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