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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Johnny Bench collection

I actually got this card in a lot of 4 1973 cards.  I wasn’t even sure how many of them I needed but there were 2 of my player collections in it, plus as you should know, I’m collecting the 1973 set so I figured I should be able to place a few of them into my collections and I didn’t check them before I bid.  They were all 4 leaders cards in the set and I ended up only needing 2 of them.  Which means I overpayed because I put a $2 bid on the lot which equals $.50 each.  The good news is, my cousin is also collecting the set so they will still find a good home.  The other one goes to the ‘73 set.

1972 Runs Batted In Leaders (Johnny Bench, Dick Allen)

1973 Topps (leaders)

I also grabbed this Johnny Bench from the afore mentioned seller that I grabbed 5 A&G’s for $.50.

Johnny Bench

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s

I also picked up this modern Johnny Bench for $.50.  I actually got this card in a lot of 4 Golden Age cards but I won the whole lot at that price.

Johnny Bench

2014 Panini Golden Age