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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

February Additions - AJ Pierzynski Collection

This months pick-ups come from
  1. Jimmy at S.Mack Talk
  2. Ray at All Cardinals All the Time
  3. Sluggo (my cousin)
  4. JustCommons.com
  5. COMC.com
  6. LCS - Media Madhouse
  7. LCS - Just Cards
  8. Ebay
  9. Packs

I've randomed and todays selection are going to the AJ Pierzynski Collection

2004 Topps Traded ($.12)
2005 Topps ($.12)
2005 Leaf ($.12)
2011 Topps ($.12) 
2006 Bowman Heritage ($.12)
2003 Fleer Tradition ($.12)
1998 Bowman ($.12)
2014 Donruss ($.10)

Lots of AJ Pierzynski non-White Sox cards which is good because the majority of the 72 card collection are White Sox cards. I'm not sure how I didn't have the 2011 Topps, I must have completed that team set before I decided to collect AJ cards.

2008 Topps Allen & Ginters Framed Mini Relic ($2.40)

I also nabbed this relic at the card shop marked at 80% off.


  1. This Braves fan was happy to see him re-sign with the club for the 2016 season. Solid veteran, I love watching this guy play the game.

    1. He's one of those guys that you love to have on your team but hate to play against. He wants to win and gets mad at himself when he fails, how could you not like that. I loved him when he played for the White Sox.