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Friday, June 24, 2016

2 days of Mail

I did get some more cards in the mail yesterday but I had some car trouble after work and then had a softball game so by the time I got home and showered, I just didn't feel like getting online to post so we'll do 2 days of cards today.

1981 Donruss ($.38/shipped)
1981 Donruss ($.54/shipped) 
1981 Fleer ($.54/shipped)
3 cards, 2 Player Collections, a Fisk and 2 Schmidt's. All 1981. I believe I've bid on the Donruss Schmidt before and could never win it so it was nice to finally get it.

1981 Topps ($.12/shipped)
1981 Topps ($.24/shipped) 
1983 Fleer ($.16/shipped) 
1984 Topps ($.26/shipped)
4 more vintage as you can tell. I only put a quarter plus a few pennies (like I usually do) on the 1980's vintage which if you saw the last post, you know I still manage a bunch.

1987 Topps All-Star Set
I did get one for the White Sox collection as well, got it for $.54/shipped. I remember trying to get all these cards as a kid. I believe they were wrapper mail ins or something. I think I got most of mine from card shows and trading with other kids.

The next 3 cards I received today from 2 sellers.

1985 Fleer
1985 Fleer
Both of these 1985 Fleer came from the same seller. The Ozzie Smith goes to the Vintage Collection, I picked it up for $.26/shipped and the Ripken's card goes to the Ripken Collection, I grabbed it for only $.28/shipped.

2014 Topps Stadium Club Autograph
I picked up this auto of the former White Sox pitcher, I say former because he was traded in early June for James Shields, who hasn't exactly panned out, yet. I grabbed this auto for $2.99/shipped.

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