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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday catch-up

Sadly, I was a slacker again this week so this post is all the cards that I got. It was a good week though, a relic, an auto, even the first card of a player collection.

We'll start with a player collection that I tend to log in a bunch of cards throughout the year. This 1987 Donruss Highlights card of Ripken came to me for $.25/shipped. This is my 349th card of Cal jr.

I picked up this former Wolverine for $.19/shipped. It's my 23rd card of Funchess which is the most by far, of any of the Wolverines that went pro that year.

This would be the new player collection. I've bid on a bunch of Peppers cards but this is the first one that I finally won, and for only $.17/shipped at that.

I picked up this Danks auto for $2.25/shipped. I really need to make a list of my autos and relics, I don't think this is my first of him but I don't have many, I want to say it's my 2nd auto but I'm not positive.

Last but not least, I picked up this Abreu relic. I always like to get cards of him because he is underrated outside of Chicago. Kind of like Konerko was, people don't know anything about him even though he puts up the numbers. I'm good with that though. I grabbed this up for $2.13/shipped.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

2 Ripken's and a patch

I got a couple of envelopes the last couple of days. 3 cards in 3 envelopes. Let's get to it.

I picked up this 1990 Panini sticker for $.22/shipped. I know I've mentioned before but I love these stickers because I used to do the albums when I was a kid.

I picked this up for the Ripken collection as well. Another Panini card but a little newer. 2013 to be exact but I still only paid $.25/shipped. Both of these Ripken cards (sticker) make 348 cards in that collection.

I picked up this Melky Cabrera for $2.25/shipped. I'm not sure what the deal is with the sticker on the patch but whatever, It's numbered to /99 as well. It's a pretty slick looking card probably because it's shiny. It's from Topps Tribute. I liked Melky, I hated seeing him get traded. He's one of those guys that you can say he loves to play the game.

Monday, November 27, 2017

80's Monday

I got 2 envelopes today with 7 cards, 6 of them that I had won. I got 5 from one seller and he either made a mistake or threw an extra in so I got 6 from him and 1 from another.

I picked up all these from the same seller. I paid $.25/shipped for the 1984 Topps, $.22/shipped for both of the 1982's, and $.10/shipped for the 1983's. The 1980 was the throw in mentioned above and luckily enough, I needed it as well.

I also picked this one up for $.10/shipped from another seller. I know it's not an 80's like the title lead you to believe but I don't care, I needed it for the team set as well as the Vintage collection. I don't remember how many that team set is but it's down to 11 cards now.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday mail day

I actually got a ton of cards today, 88 to be exact, but I'm not going to show you the majority of them. I won a bunch (78) of 1987 Fleer and they came today. I won them all, but 1, for a quarter/each/shipped, the other 1 I paid $.24/shipped for it. I figured you all didn't really need to see those. I also picked up 5 cards from the 1987 Topps set from the same seller that I'm not going to show but that still leaves me with other cards to show. The rest come from 3 different sellers.

I picked up these 3 cards from the 1979 set for $.25/each/shipped. These 3 make 336 cards picked up for that set which means I'm closing in on the half way point of that set. These 3, along with all the 1987's I'm not showing also make exactly 400 cards picked up for the Vintage collection so far this year.

I picked up another Barry Larkin as well. I've picked up 36 of his so far this year, along with Cal Ripken Jr's 36, I've picked up more of those 2 player collections than any other. This Pacific Online card came to me for $.23/shipped and is my 146th card in the Larkin Collection.

I also picked up this Relic card of Mitch McGary. A die cut relic card at that for only $1.25/shipped. This is only my 12th card of McGary but out of those 12, 7 of them are relics or autos so I'd say the collection is going alright.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

No Vintage Here

I got one package with 3 cards in it for UPS today, which was nice because they brought it to the door and I don't think we got the mail today. We're bad at remembering to grab it when the kids don't have school because when they do, they grab it on their way in.

I picked up this 2016 Topps Heritage for $.24/shipped. I'm still 6 cards away from the set so while it helps. it only helps a little.

Also going to the White Sox Collection is this Carson Fulmer. This is my first of that team set so it's been added to my need list. I picked this up for $.23/shipped.

My non White Sox card of the day is this Gary Carer from 2016 Stadium Club. It's been continuously their best set every year. The photography alone makes it better. This is my 111th card of the Kid. I picked this one up for $.22/shipped.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mostly Sox Sunday

It's been almost a week. It's not that I haven't received cards, it's been that I've been lazy. Sorry. So this is a catch up post. All but one of the cards go to the White Sox Collection.

I picked up all these from a seller that had a bunch of 1990 Score. I, of course, bid on the White Sox cards that I didn't have and this is what I came up with. I only paid $.05/shipped for all but the Thigpen ($.20/shipped) and the Guillen ($.25/shipped.)

I picked up these 2 in a lot of 2. I paid $.26/shipped for the lot so only $.13 for each card. I thought I had some other Update from 2017 but apparently not as these were the first 2.

I also picked up this card of Barry Larkin, it's from 1997 Pinnacle Mint. I'm not positive on why there is a hole in it. I would guess they have cards with coins and some without. I don't know, just an uneducated guess. This is the 146th card for that collection.

Monday, November 13, 2017

A basketball card?

I got one card today but it's one I've been looking forward to just because it's a fairly new player collection.

This is only the 4th card of Caris LeVert that I've picked up since he went pro last year. I picked it up for $.23/shipped.

Contest Promotion

I'm going to waste my 1200th post on a contest pimpage because the contest is that good. That and I wasn't planning on celebrating it anyways, I didn't realize it was 1200 until I came to blogger to post this.

Regardless, check out the contest at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts. He's giving away $15 of whatever you want on COMC. You'd think he'd give away some of those cards in his title but hey, it's his contest. I shouldn't promote it because that means more people that I'll lose against but the 2nd entry will help me.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

1974 to Ripken

I got 2 envelopes with 5 cards total. 4 in one and 1 in the second although the 1 goes right along with the 4. Of the 5 cards received, only 2 collections are represented and the vintage collection ones are all from the same set.

Obviously they both go to the Ripken collection but the card on the left I picked up for $.22/shipped and is the card that I won by itself. The card on the right came with the rest of the cards on the post. I picked it up for $.22/shipped as well.  These 2 cards put that collection at 346th different cards of Ripken.

I also picked up these 3 1974 cards for the Vintage collection. All 3 were $.25/shipped each. I bid on a bunch of '74s but these were the only 3 I managed to win. They make 169 cards for that set.

Monday, November 6, 2017

3 + 1 + 7 = 11 card envelope

I got an envelope today with 11 cards in it. If you're new here, that's unusual. I actually won 3 of them which isn't that unusual for one envelope. They were all Kansas City Royals cards so apparently the seller figured I was a Royals fan and sent me 11 cards of that team. Sadly, out of all 11 minus the 3 I won, I only could actually use 1 more of the rest. Regardless, it is my 2nd free "filler" card that I could actually use in about a week, so there is that.

First off, the free card. It does fit into the Vintage collection and I was lucky enough that I didn't already have it because I do have 73% of that set.

I picked up this card of Amos (of who you'll see again) for $.23/shipped. This is my 171st card of that set.

Next up, we have this 1978 Topps of Freddie Patek that I also grabbed for $.23/shipped. This is my 153rd card of that set.

Last but not least, the other Amos card. This one is going back to a set I don't pick up often and oddly enough, it was cheaper than the others, or at least, the other 2 that I paid for. This card was only $.17/shipped and is my 49th card of that set.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I got one card today. It's a player collection card from a player collection that I've been able to pick up a ton of this past year. 34 to be exact and if you haven't guessed who it was by the title, then I can't help you.

I picked up this card for a quarter shipped. I don't have the base card yet but I got the gold covered now. This is my 344th different Ripken card for that collection.

Just a quick plug my my Sports Obsession Twitter account. I've been using it for more than just links to this blog, actually I've used it for that and posting from my Tumblr blog of the same name (which mainly consists of Vintage sports pics) but lately, I've been posting a random card a day (for the most part) from my collections. I've also been doing sports related On This Day tweets so go check it out.

Monday, October 30, 2017

2 Phillies for 2 Collections

Even though I said in the title I got 2 cards, technically, I got 3 but I only ordered the 2 Phillies cards. They also came from 2 different sellers.

I picked up this 2017 Topps insert of "Lefty" for a quarter/shipped. It's a nice full color shot of Steve Carlton. It is my 92nd card of his for that player collection.

As you can see, the 2nd Phillies card goes to the vintage collection. I picked up this 1978 card for $.16/shipped.  It is my 152nd card for that set.

Along with that last vintage pick-up came this card as a throw in and it goes right into the same collection. A freebie, hells yeah, I'll take it. It's my 70th card of the 1981 Fleer set.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

3 in 3

I've gotten a few cards in the last few days. I'm a slacker, sorry. 3 envelopes with 3 cards, well, technically 2 cards, and a sticker.

This is actually the back of the sticker. I remember these from back in 1988. The other side has a sticker of Eddie Murray on the front but I bought it for the back side. I picked it up for $.15/shipped. This is my 343rd pick up for that collection.

I also grabbed this well loved checklist from the 1971 set for the Vintage collection. It only cost me $.14/shipped. It is my 77th card for that set.

Last but not least, I picked up this shiny Mark Buehrle for that collection for only $.15/shipped. It is my 192nd card for that collection.