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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Huge White Sox addition

Two days in a row? That's a rarity these days. This card is the most exciting one that I've won in a long time. I know you can't wait to see it in all its glory. Are you ready for it? Are you sure you can handle it? Stop pretending you didn't already see it below.

Sorry! I couldn't help myself. It's part of the team set in my eyes because the checklist has a number in the base set. So there you go, I needed it for the White Sox Collection. At least I only paid $.06/shipped for it.

You can go back to other more exciting baseball card blogs now. Sorry to distract you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday Mail Day

I got an envelope today with one card. It's a rarity to get any envelopes on a Wednesday. Usually all we get is flyers.

The card was one I didn't even know existed (sorta), mainly because I don't really look at all the parallels. It was listed as a refractor on Ebay but I could tell it wasn't chrome, therefore, not a refractor but I bid on it anyways.

Upon further investigation, this is the silver parallel, even though it pretty much looks the same as the base. It is numbered to /499 which is the only difference I see. I paid $.23/shipped for it.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A pack and an Astro

I've had a busy weekend but I will hopefully get back on track now. I had to have my Gall Bladder removed on Thursday and while it was outpatient and I was home quite a bit, I didn't spend a whole lot of time online.

I got one envelope on Saturday and one envelope today. The Saturday envelope had three cards in it. I actually won a pack of cards that contained three cards. Then the envelope I got today had one card on it.

Here is the pack of cards I got. It's from 1994 Score Burger King set that only has nine cards in the set and I now have three of them. These three.

I paid $.58/shipped for the pack which puts these three cards at $.19, $.19 and $.20/shipped. It also makes cards 340, 341 and 342 in the Ripken collection. I'll have to see if I can find the rest of the set.

I also added another 1973 card to the Vintage collection. This card puts that set at 451 cards (68% completed). I don't get to add to many of these cards anymore so this was a nice pick up for only $.21/shipped.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I received an envelope today with 4 cards. All team collection cards, all from the same set, kinda. I'm not sure what you call the additional sets that come with Bowman, subsets, inserts, a set of it's own, I don't know, but that's what they are.

All 4 from 2014 Bowman. I believe all 4 have played in Chicago, although two of them for a brief time or during September call-ups. Tyler Danish and Tim Anderson are both on the team currently. Anderson has the best career going for him as of now, he was the starting shortstop and will be for the immediate future. I picked up the Courtney Hawkins for $.23/shipped and the Brett Austin for a $.25, which is funny because those are the 2 that haven't "made" the team. The 2 that had, I got both of those for only $.06/shipped. Maybe because the other 2 are prospects, I don't know.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prizm Wednesday

Hey, I didn't have to wait a whole week this time. I got an envelope today with 2 player collection cards from the same set.

I picked up this 2013 Prizm card for $.23/shipped. It's only my 2nd card from the team set but it's my 129th card for the Chris Sale collection.

I also picked up this Barry Larkin from the same set for that collection. It was more expensive at a quarter/shipped. It is my 144th card of Larkin.

Friday, September 29, 2017

It's been a week

It's been exactly a week since the last envelopes graced my mailbox so the post office made up for it by given me 3 today. Although technically, they may have been in there yesterday but we forgot to grab the mail. Either way, I got 3 cards so let's get to it.

I grabbed this checklist from the 1979 set for $.23/shipped. It is my 333rd card from that set. I don't know about you all, but the marked boxes don't bother me one bit. I remember doing that myself when I started collecting.

I also picked up another Devin Funchess card. This is the 22nd card from that collection. It doesn't seem like much but his collection didn't start but a couple of years ago which means the whole thing was purchased at under a quarter a piece.

I also picked up this 2016 Heritage card. It shows an autograph but I don't have a COA for it or anything. I only paid $.99/shipped and I only put a buck on it anyways. Even without the auto it's a short print so I took a shot anyways.

Friday, September 22, 2017

3 card Friday

I got 3 cards today which is a lot lately. They all came from the same seller and they are all player collection cards.

2 Montreal Expos cards, that always means a good day. These are the 109th and 110th cards of Gary Carter. I always love the Expos cards and even the Mets cards of his aren't bad. The other couple of team are just weird. These were both $.25/shipped each.

I would have guessed that I had this one but apparently not. I have 2 others of his from this set but not this one. It's a great action shot as long as you can ignore the glove coming out of his ass. This was also $.25/shipped. It is my 143rd different Larkin.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Cheap 60's

I got my first of hopefully more envelopes today for this week. Although right now, I only have 3 more purchases that I'm waiting on. Let's get to today's though.

This is only my 27th card from the 1966 set. I'm always happy to get a card from the 60's on the cheap. I picked this one up for $.23/shipped.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A day later

I actually got this card on Friday but we had a birthday party that night and I never got my laptop out and then I spent most of this morning in the ER and then slept all day so I'm finally getting around to posting it. Now that I think about it, I didn't get the mail today so maybe tomorrow I'll have another card to show.

I picked up this base of Quintana who now pitches on the north side. I'm still 11 cards away from that team set so I'm not really close. I picked it up for $.23/shipped.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


It's been over a week since I've posted. It's all because I haven't won any cards. I think my cheap pick-ups might be drying up. I should have posted a random card post in that time but I didn't. I did get an envelope today though so let's at least check those out.

I could have sworn that I had this card but it wasn't listed on my sheets. I even remember bidding on it a bunch of times so I probably do and my lazy record keeping failed me. I picked this up for a quarter/shipped. This is my 339th card of Cal Jr.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3 envelopes, 2 sellers

I don't have a ton of stuff coming, I just haven't been winning much. I don't know if it's less listings or I'm just not coming away with much. Either way, not much coming. I think as I type this, I only have 1 more card coming but there are a few ending later tonight.

I used coming a lot in that last paragraph, oh well.

I got 3 envelopes, although 2 came from the same seller.

I picked up 1 more card for the vintage collection. This 1979 Topps came to me for a quarter/shipped. This is the 332nd card for that set.

These 5 cards are the ones that came in 2 envelopes. They all were a quarter/shipped and all 5 add to the Barry Larkin collection. These 5 cards put that collection at 141 cards. I've been picking up Larkin cards pretty steadily this year. My guess for that is his recent addition to the Hall of Fame has more cards of his being sold.

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, I've been posting a random card from my collection every day. I'm sure you all are excited to see White Sox cards but I do have a lot of vintage too! Check it out here.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A pair of shortstops

It's been a few days but that's because I hadn't gotten anything, not because of my usual slacker self not posting. I did get a couple of envelopes today, both of the manila kind but one came USPS, one UPS. Oddly enough, the real cheap one came UPS and the more expensive came USPS. Let's check out the UPS first.

I added another Ripken card to that player collection with this pick up for $.23/shipped. This is my 339th card of the Iron Man and my 28th card of his gotten this year.

I also picked up this Alexie relic card from 2014 Topps. It's kind of a busy design but it works. I grabbed this for $1.36/shipped which to me, is a great price for a relic of our starting shortstop for a 8 years. This is my 218th pick up for the White Sox collection so far this year.

Monday, August 28, 2017

A 3 envelope Monday

I got 3 envelopes today, although one of them contained a card I had already won a week ago. Since I didn't have it in hand yet, it wasn't on my spreadsheets yet. The seller I bought it from turned around and relisted it again and I didn't catch it until I bid on it. Oh well. At least I didn't pay a fortune for it.

I'm going to start with the vintage package. I bid on a bunch of cards from the 1967 Topps set from a seller. Now, when I search for my collection, my parameters are under a quarter and free shipping. This guys listings came up and I bid on a bunch of them. I ended up winning 7 of them and he sent me an invoice that said $2/shipping on it. I went back and looked at his listings and while he did mark free shipping, he had it in his description that it was $.50 shipping and $.25 per card after that. I sent him an email and told him to either cancel the order or send me an invoice minus the shipping charges. Unlike the guy I had a couple of weeks ago, I don't think this one was intentional. I went back and looked at other listings of his and he does offer free shipping on some of his cards, mainly the higher dollar ones. So I just don't think he changed the shipping when he listed these cards. He responded by sending me a new invoice but he made a comment about losing money. I paid for them and then told him I would have been okay if he would have cancelled them, I understand mistakes happen and like I said, I don't think he was trying to pull a fast one. Anyways, I got his cards today.

These 7 cards from the 1967 Topps set are definitely a nice add to a set I don't get to add to much to often. I picked them all up for $.25/shipped/each and they only put that set at 34 cards completed. These 7 cards also put me at 300 cards picked up for the Vintage Collection so far this year.

I also picked up this 2017 Opening Day card for the team sets. I grabbed it for $.23/shipped. It brings the opening day set to needing 8 cards but I'm guessing it's not overly large to begin with because I don't think I've picked up to many of them.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vintage, Sox and Player, oh my!

I've had a busy couple of days so I have a few cards to show. Thursday and Friday I spent at what will be my new job when my current job decides to release me and then yesterday we had a wedding out of town and didn't get back till late so there you go. I do have 3 envelopes to get caught up on, including the rest of the cards from the post a few days ago.

Both of these Astros vintage cards came from one seller and he would be the one that split my purchase between 2 shipments. As long as I get everything, I'm cool with that. I picked up both cards for $.23/shipped/each. The 1979 Andujar is my 331st from that set.

I picked this up as a single card from a seller I get stuff from all the time so it's rare to only get 1 card but it must have been a slow week from winning stuff. I picked up this Expos card for $.16/shipped. This card along with the 1977 above it makes 117 cards for that set.

The 3 vintage cards above make 293 cards picked up for the Vintage Collection so far this year.

I picked up this Frank Thomas from 2003 for $.25/shipped. I needed it for the team set but I'm still 11 cards short for it. This card is my 216th card picked up for the White Sox collection so far this year.

This picture doesn't do the shininess of this card justice. I picked up this Devin Funchess from 2015 Donruss (Panini) for $.21/shipped. This is my 21st card of the Funchess collection and the 4th card of his picked up this year.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I got another envelope today and it wasn't even the other cards that I won with yesterdays cards. Check em out.

I picked up this future pitcher (bullpen at the rate his pro career started a few nights ago) for the Sox. Apparently, Optic is the chrome version of Donruss. I grabbed this for $.25/shipped. This was actually a 2 card lot of the same card and I still got it for a quarter.

I also nabbed this one for $.25/shipped from the same seller.  I didn't realize I just won it and he relisted another one and I'm currently winning it so I may end up with dupes. This is my 15th card of his but only my 2nd one picked up this year.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

From 5 to 2 to 1 card

I got a couple of cards in the mail today, I actually ordered and paid for 5 cards all at once from the same seller and then today, I received 2 of them in the mail. I don't know what's going on with that but I'll wait a few days and see if the rest come. Out of the 2, one of them I already had. Some days I just bid on vintage without checking, this must have been one of those days.

I picked up this for the 1979 set. I paid $.23/shipped for the vintage collection addition. It is my 330th card for that set which I'm slowly inching up to the half way point. This is also my 290th pick-up for the Vintage Collection this year.

In case you missed yesterday's post on Too Many Manninghams, I got these 3 cards over the weekend. Click the link to check out the details.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I got a card

I got 1 card in the mail today. While it might be considered junk wax, it's still a Hall of Famer and one of those unusual cards when you see him in a certain uniform and it just doesn't look right.

Gary Carter with the Giants? While it's odd to see him in a Giants uniform, it is my 6th card with him in those colors. Being a 1991 Donruss, I was surprised I didn't already win it. Either way, here it is. I grabbed it for $.20/shipped. It's my 108th card for that collection and my 9th pick up of his this year.