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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dog Food Oddball

I got 1 card in 1 envelope today. It was just be weird to get 1 card in 2 envelopes. Even though it's from 1984, it doesn't go to the Vintage collection but it does go to a player collection.

I used to have a bunch of these dog food cards back in the day. I have been picking a few up here and there for my player collections. I grabbed this one for $.17/shipped. It is my 85th card of Steve Carlton and my 5th one of his this year.


  1. Hey, I just picked this one up at a show earlier this month myself. Of course, as the back explains, these actually came with cereal, not dog food....

    1. I never knew that. Guess it goes to show that I rarely look at the back of cards.

    2. I can see that. I remember reading about the set in Baseball Hobby News at the time. There's even a parallel set, where instead of "Ralston Purina Company" at the top, it says "Topps Cereal Series". The idea was to place those in generic, store brand cereals made by Purina, although I don't think they actually did that. Instead they just ended up in Purina branded products too, IIRC. True oddballs!