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Saturday, February 25, 2017

1977 Topps day

Today, I'm going to catch up on the few envelopes I've received this week and then tomorrow I'll get together a post of the vintage cards that my cousin sent me. You'll get a bunch of vintage today as well. I've got 3 sellers to show today though so let's get to it. We'll start with the newer card.

I don't have to many cards of Todd Frazier because he's only been with the Sox for a year and the majority of my 2016 Sox cards are from flagship because Jeff (2x3 Heroes) sent those to me. I've picked up some others here and there but those are the majority of what I have. I believe I picked up another Frazier from 2016 Update earlier in the year. I picked up this one for $.25/shipped.

I picked up these 3 1977 Topps in a lot for $.45, which equals out to $.15/shipped. I put $.75 max bid since I needed all 3 so I was happy to get it at the price I did.

I picked up one of these at $.16/shipped and all the rest were anywhere between $.20/shipped and $.25/shipped. He had a ton more 1977's for sale, these are just the ones that I came away with for under a quarter. These 16 cards put that set at 88 cards which is good for 13% completed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lots of Canadian love

You'll get lots of cards in this post. These are all from one seller but the auctions were over a period of a week or two. He ships from Canada so he holds them and sends a bunch at once, it saves him on shipping and I don't mind waiting a bit to get the cards. Especially if it means he keeps selling stuff with a penny start and free shipping.

We'll start off with some White Sox Collection pick ups.

2004 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion of Carl Everett for $.25/shipped.
2013 Pinnacle Slugfest of Adam Dunn for $.25/shipped.

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini of Adam Eaton for $.22/shipped.
2005 Donruss Signature Series of Freddy Garcia for $.15/shipped.

2013 Topps Update Gold of Dylan Axelrod for $.23/shipped.
2013 Bowman Gold of Alex Rios for $.25/shipped.

2015 Panini Prizm of Jose Abreu for $.25/shipped.
2015 Panini Prizm of David Robertson for $.15/shipped.

2016 Topps Update of Brett Lawrie for $.15/shipped.
2015 Topps of Adam Eaton for $.12/shipped.

That's all for the White Sox Collection portion, let's check out the player collection additions.

I picked up this 1991 Topps Stadium Club of Carlton Fisk for $.16/shipped. This is the 146th card of the Fisk Collecton.

I got this 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes of Steve Carlton for $.25/shipped. This is the 78th card of the Steve Carlton Collection.

I got this 2001 Fleer EX of Barry Larkin for $.25/shipped. This is the 112th card in the Larkin Collection.

I got this 2015 Topps of Mark Buehrle for $.25/shipped. This is my 183rd card in the Buehrle collection.

Last but not least, I picked up this 2012 Topps Opening Day Blue for $.25/shipped. This is my 407th card for the Konerko collection.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lots of envelopes

I got 4 envelopes today from 2 sellers and also got some cards from my cousin. I haven't gone through those yet and a couple of the envelopes had quite a few cards in the them so I'm going to show off the smaller envelopes today. I'm not sure how I ended up with 2 different envelopes from 2 different sellers, I would assume the holiday through off the some of the mailers.

It's rare to get a 1987 Topps card anymore since I'm a little over 87% complete. I'm sure I could find the cards I need fairly easily but I just let them come to me, it's not like I'm in a hurry. I picked up this card of Chris Speier for $.06/shipped.

1986 Fleer, on the other hand, is only a touch over 11% completed so I'm always happy to grab these. I got this card of Don Robinson for $.15/shipped.

Ahh, the good ol' Montreal Expos. Although, now that I look at it, 2 of them have Tigers on, I'm guessing trades of some sort happened. I'd prefer to see this then some of the horrible photoshops on these 70's cards. I picked up this 1979 Topps for $.15/shipped. That set is at 42% complete.

I also picked up a couple of 1994 Fleer for the White Sox Collection. These 2 didn't really do much as far as that team set goes, I still need quite a bit of them, but regardless, I still needed these. I picked up the Robin Ventura for $.23/shipped and the Ellis Burks for a dime/shipped.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sale Saturday

I got one card in the mail today. I think that means I got a card every day this week. I'm not sure that will happen again for awhile but I'm certainly not complaining about it. It goes to a player collection and the White Sox Collection. Only, the bad news is, he is no longer with the White Sox, he's now with the wrong Sox.

I picked up this Chris Sale addition for $.23/shipped. I thought I had this Prizm card but I must have been thinking of another years card. I do have another so I assume that's what it is. This is my 112th card in the Chris Sale Collection.

Friday, February 17, 2017

1970's style

I got another couple of Vintage cards in one envelope today. This seller listed a bunch of cards from the 1977 Topps set and only managed to win 2 which is what you'll see today but he listed more a week later and I won 13 more but I don't have those yet so you'll have to wait to see them. Let's check out the Vintage Collection pickups for today.

Rick Jones

From what I'm guessing is a photoshopped hat to the baby blue Rangers uniforms, ahh, the 70's. Not to mention those sideburns. I picked up these cards as singles for $.21/shipped and $.23/shipped. These 2 cards put the 1977 Topps set at 71 cards and just under 11% completed.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

3 generations, 2 sports

I got 3 cards from 3 different envelopes today, It's been a pretty good week for getting cards in the mail. Brings me back to the days when I used to bid $.50 on each card. It's been slimmer pickings since I lowered it to a quarter. It was so low that I started searching for Vintage collection every day instead of once a week which is why you've seen some more vintage as of late.

I'm always surprised to win cards from the 70's, let alone, the early 70's. I picked up the 1972 Topps of Earl Williams for $.25/shipped. This is only my 29th cards from that set.

Now 80's cards, I'm never very surprised to win. I picked up the 1983 Topps of Shane Rawley for $.15/shipped. This is my 96th card from that set which puts it at just over 12% completed.

I did manage to come away with one player collection. He's been making somewhat of a name for himself in the NFL so he's getting more and more cards. This Devin Funchess Collection pick up came to me for $.23/shipped and it's my 18th card of his and my first that wasn't 2015. It's a 2016 Panini Contenders, my first non-rookie year card.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2 Number 5's

Today, I got a couple of vastly different cards from the same seller, all in one envelope. Both great players in their day, one Hall of Famer but pretty different. Let's take a look.

I picked up this 1982 Topps of Tony Perez for the Vintage Collection. Oddly enough, this card doesn't look familiar at all and that is rare, especially for an 80's card. I grabbed this for a quarter/shipped.

I also grabbed this 1995 Classic Images Four Sport of Jalen Rose for the Michigan Collection. The background is very shiny and looks like it does in the picture, only shinier. I picked this up for $.22/shipped.

Are you trying to figure out the title of this post? Tony Perez was #24 wasn't he? He was, for most of his career but he was #5 in Boston. I didn't know either, I don't know why but Jalen's number stuck out to me and I took a chance on baseball-reference.com and sure enough, Perez was that year as well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today's card from Canada

I got a few more envelopes today but I'm going to stick with the plan of finishing off what I got yesterday. All of these came from my Canadian seller. He holds my cards for a little while and ships a bunch at once. We'll start ourselves off with the Vintage Collection pick ups.

These 2 cards knock the 1987 Donruss set up to 230 cards which is just under 35% completed. These 2 cards came to me for $.11/shipped and $.16/shipped.

1992 Pinnacle

1995 Fleer Ultra

1996 Donruss

1993 Fleer Ultra
I also picked up these 4 Tim Raines cards for the White Sox Collection. Certainly can't complain about those pick-ups of the Hall of Famer. Maybe he'll wear a Sox cap. It might happen. I got the Pinnacle for $.06/shipped, the Ultra's for $.18/shipped and $.25/shipped and the Donruss for $.25/shipped.

I got this 1988 Fleer Tradition Promising Forecast card for $.16/shipped. It's not as shiny as the picture makes it look but it's still a cool card.