This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Box Break

Dave over at “Indians Baseball Cards” had another oddball box break.  I didn’t get in on any previous ones but I got on the last one.  These breaks are great for a couple of reasons, they are cheap, and for people like me who are just starting their collections, you get some great oddball cards to add.


1986 Fleer Stickers.  These are great, I got a few duplicates but not of the Tom Seaver, who I collect, so I could have put one with my team collection and one with my player collection.  Oh well, still nice to have, I just have to get another one.


An oversized 1985 Donruss Ron Kittle, don’t know if this was a box topper or not, doesn’t matter I guess.  A 1989 Bowman Ozzie Guillen.  And some 1985 Topps rubdowns (Tom Seaver, Harold Baines and Carlton Fisk)


And 4 Topps Fold Outs which are also oversized.  Greg Luzinski, Jerry Koosman, Jim Kern and Ron LaFlore.  All 4 of these have players on the back and I got dupes of all 4, so if your interested in the following, let me know.


Although technically, the Phil Niekro isn’t on the back of one of the Sox players.  It’s a whole different card that Dave threw in.  Who’s on the back of the Niekro you ask?


Are you still trying to figure out who was on the back of one of the Sox cards then?  Well, on the back of the Jerry Koosman was non other than


Tom Seaver himself.  So I get to add the Sox to the team collection and one to the player collection.

Definitely impressed with the Box break.  A bunch of Sox, none of which I had and 3 Tom Seaver’s.  All for $4.  Great box break Dave, thanks again.


Sorry about the lack of posts recently, it’s been 100 degrees here and I got a stupid cold that’s been kicking my ass.  Between the lack of sleep and the run down feeling, I haven’t done much online this week.  I think I’m getting on top of it with the help of antibiotics so hopefully I’ll be able to post a little more regularly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trade with Justin

Justin of “Justin’s World” posted a comment that he wanted a couple of cards from one of my value boxes I opened, so we emailed back and forth and worked out a trade.  It was a relatively small trade.  Here is what we agreed on.


That’s what we agreed on.  Much to my surprise, there was much more in his package to me.  Check them out.


And those are just some of the highlights.  I feel like I shortchanged Justin big time.  I didn’t have much for his player collections and I had traded most of my Cubs cards awhile back so I didn’t have much to send him.  But his last post mentioned he collects Pirates as well, I didn’t know that, I will have to see if I have anything to send him back.  Thanks again, Justin.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Trade with Morgan

Morgan contacted me via email and said he had some Sox cards I didn’t have and wanted to know if we could work out a trade.  He said he collected Mike Hampton, Javy Lopez and Dan Uggla.  I checked my cards and all I had were 4 Dan Uggla’s and he had 1 of those but we still worked out a trade.  Here’s what he sent me.


Certainly more than I expected, I wish I had more cards that he collected but I will keep my eye out for some more for him.  All these are new to the White Sox and Paul Konerko PC’s.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trade with Sluggo

As I have mentioned in a few posts, I traded with my cousin to get some trade bait and he also sent me some White Sox cards.  He does card shows and was looking for some Braves and Rays cards to sell so I sent those his way.  Here is some of what he sent me for my PC.



And of course, since he’s a Notre Dame fan and he knows how big of a Michigan fan I am.  He sent me this.


He was good at ND, at least in football, not so great with the Cubs.  The above card is definitely for trade, or a flame, whatever comes first.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ebay bucks and more

I received my ebay bucks at the beginning of July and I decided to head on over and spend my big money.  I picked up 4 cards for my PC.  3 White Sox cards and a Tom Seaver card.  Here they are.


As you can guess, I don’t purchase much on ebay by the 4 cards I purchased with all my earnings.  I was going to make this a contest and have you guess what I spent but you could have gone to ebay and checked the completed listings and figured it out.  So I guess I’ll just tell you.

$1.07/shipped.  It took me awhile to finish this as the Seaver, Thomas and Lemon/Lamp card took $1.06.  So it took me awhile to purchase something for a $.01.  That’s where the Fisk playing card came in.  I got it for $.01 shipped.  I haven’t had any problems with the “free shipping” PWE shipping yet.  Some protect it with a top loader, some don’t.  I figure for the price I’m paying, I’ll take the chance.  I’ve been bidding on anything vintage Sox that I don’t have up to $.50.  So I’ve been making big purchases to work up to my next periods ebay bucks purchase.  Not really, I get outbid quite a bit.

I’ve been scanning today, I have decided to scan all my PC cards and store them here on blogger.  Why not, it’s cheap and easy.  Just all the scanning sucks.  I figure I label each card then you have a way to search.  Maybe some of you do this already, but I thought it was pretty smart.  I’ve scanned the Sox cards that I have gotten in the last few weeks in trades and such, plus scans I found I still had on my computer, so there are already cards on the site.  THE SITE IS LIVE!!!!  Sounds more exciting that way.  I have a lot of cards to go through yet and it will be a constant work in progress I think.  But if you want to check it out, here’s the link - http://mysoxcards.blogspot.com/.  I’m certainly not expecting anyone to follow it or even check it out, but it’s there if you get bored.

Also I sent out some trade packages yesterday, or rather, my wife went to the post office for me and sent them.  So if your expecting a package from me, you should receive it probably on Monday.  And if your not expecting anything from me, you might get a package anyways.  I traded with my cousin and got a few cards for trade purposes.  So a couple of you will be surprised.  I sent out 5 packages, 3 of you are expecting them.  I was hoping to surprise the another person but I had to ask for her address because I apparently didn’t copy it down.


Also, a big shout out to AJ over at “The Lost Collector” who surprised me with this card for my PC.  It’s pretty sweet.  I hadn’t seen the green refractors yet, or at least live.  And to have it be a Konerko just makes it even better.  Thanks again AJ, much appreciated.

Party over at Nap’s place

Ok, it’s actually a contest, but his contest’s seem like a party.  Go over to Nap’s blog “the Adventure’s of Napkin Doon” or more directly to “On the 12th day of Brycemas” to check it out.  Lots of prizes to be had.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Trades

I currently have 27 cards on the Diamond Giveaway site.  I have traded and have gotten 16 cards for my PC’s  I’ll post what I have for my PC’s and what I still have left to trade.  If you see something in the trade section that you want from the site.  Make an offer, you know what I like.  I’m going to make you look at my PC cards first though.

z01   z02

z03   z04

z05   z06

z07   z08

z09   z10

z11   z12

z13   z14

z15   z16


The following are for trade,  Most trades I offer are for the same year as I’m getting rid of.  But I have accepted trades for other years as long as I’m getting some White Sox cards in return.

a01   a02

a03   a04

a05   a06

a07   a08


Make me an offer on the site if you see anything you like.

The only complaints I have about the site are, as I stated before, I wish you could actually get a card for the rings you get, something physical that you could order.  I wouldn’t complain even it was a generic looking card.  And also, I wish there was a box you could check to decline all trades for a certain card.  So I could just check off all the PC cards so I didn’t have to go in and decline the offers on them all the time.  And really?  1986 Topps for a Diamond Cut card?  I’ve gotten a few of those offers.  But the complaints aren’t enough to keep me away.  I’m kicking myself for throwing away some of the Diamond Giveaway cards earlier in the year.  I’m never very impressed when the companies have an online thing, usually they are just a waste of time.  I guess I should have checked this one out before I dismissed it.  Lesson learned.  Although I was surprised I didn’t keep the code cards at least, because I usually do if they have a player on them, but if I did, I don’t know where I put them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Diamond Giveaway


Great box as far as the Diamond Giveaways goes.  I got the 2 that come with the box and then 3 in packs.

dq01   dq02

dq03   dq04


Willie McCovey 1970 was pretty sweet.  And the Koufax was my first diamond cut card.  I have already traded this on the site.  Diamond Cut for a White Sox Diamond Cut (Alexei Ramirez) and the McCovey for 15 cards that I’ve already turned into 6 or 7 more White Sox cards for my PC.  I realized the Koufax for Ramirez was probably a lopsided trade, but I won’t keep the Koufax and I will the Ramirez, so it was good enough in my book.




My 2nd one of this.  Traded it for the following ring.



My 2nd on of these, I traded it for the following ring.



So I’m up to 11 rings now, still a far cry from anything and I doubt I’ll buy enough to get me there.  So all of the rings are for trade if your going for the 60 and need one of these, offer the trade and let me know what your username on the topps site is and I’ll approve it.  I would rather the rings go to a fellow blogger than just anybody.

This was by far the best value box I have gotten but I have yet to have a jersey/auto card.  I’m really loving the Diamond Giveaway site, I’ve got 27 cards and I’ve already traded 16 of those for White Sox cards.  I think my next post I’ll feature what I’ve gotten and what I have left to trade.