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Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you still there?

Psst!  Are you still there?

I’m working on coming back.  While it’s been a long time since I’ve purchased cards, I haven’t lost the love, just the funds.  I’m still reading your blogs for the most part, some days I do skip just because I get behind.

So I’ve been taking the time to scan all my Personal Collection cards so I could at least throw up a random PC card every so often, at least it’s something.  Speaking of, if you go back a couple of posts, you’ll remember that I was adding some more players to my PC.  I have added them and pulled what cards I already have of them, but I haven’t added anything new to the collections.  So here are all the players I collect now and a brief description on why (listed alphabetical.)

  • Jim Abbott – Always respected him for making it with one arm, plus he’s a former Michigan Wolverine.
  • Luis Aparicio – Former Chicago White Sox great.
  • Johnny Bench – I used to be a pretty big Cincinnati Reds fan growing up, they were probably my 2nd favorite team for awhile and I always liked Johnny Bench along with Tom Seaver.  A guy I grew up admiring.
  • Mark Buehrle – Former Chicago White Sox great as well as just a really great guy and pitcher.
  • Steve Carlton – Former Chicago White Sox great, although he is more known as a Philadelphia Phillies.  Another guy I grew up watching and admiring.
  • Gary Carter – I was a New York Mets fan growing up, they were my #1 team so I watched and followed Gary Carter.
  • Joe Crede – I loved Joe Crede when he was with the Chicago White Sox.  He was a huge part of the 2005 World Series Champions.  I hated seeing all his back problems because he was clutch with the bat and was a Gold Glove caliber 3rd baseman.
  • Dave Dravecky – I was a fan of his when he was battling cancer.  My father died of cancer when I was young so I grew attached to him during his struggles.
  • Carlton Fisk – Former Chicago White Sox great.  His most famous blast is as a Boston Red Sox but I still loved him in the pale hose colors.  Loved his hard nosed play.
  • Chris Getz – Former Chicago White Sox player.  Former Michigan Wolverine.  I wished the Sox would have held on to him a little longer but I was hoping he would at least get a starting job with the Kansas City Royals and that has happened yet.
  • Mike Hart – Former Indianapolis Colts.  Former Michigan Wolverines.  He played at Michigan when I really started to get into college football.  I was amazed that he rarely ever fumbled.
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson – I’ve always been a fan of “Shoeless” Joe.  Probably since seeing Field of Dreams.  I feel bad that he was part of the Black Sox scandal but his stats never showed it.
  • Michael Jordan (only White Sox (minors) jerseys) – I was a huge Michael Jordan fan with the Chicago Bulls (back when I watched the NBA.)
  • Paul Konerko – Current Chicago White Sox great.  I’m a huge Paulie fan!  Great guy on and off the field.
  • Barry Larkin – Former Michigan Wolverine.  As I said before, I was a Cincinnati Reds fan as well and followed him growing up.
  • Bill Melton – Former Chicago White Sox great.  I really like Beltin Bill Melton on the pre and post game shows.
  • AJ Pierzynski – Former Chicago White Sox great (in my mind).  I loved AJ when he was with us.  He did whatever it took to win and if he failed, he got pissed at himself.  I loved that.
  • Cal Ripken jr – I was a huge fan of his growing up.  The whole Iron Man thing blew my mind and I liked him more for that then anything.
  • Chris Sale – Current Chicago White Sox.  I like this kid and am hoping he stays with the Sox for a long time.
  • Mike Schmidt – Another guy that I was a huge fan of growing up.
  • Tom Seaver – Former Chicago White Sox great.  Was also playing for the Cincinnati Reds back when I was a fan of theirs.
  • Hoyt Wilhelm – Former Chicago White Sox great.  He played for the Sox and he has a lot of vintage cards.  2 great loves.
  • Billy Williams – My dad’s favorite player so he holds a special place in my heart.
  • Wilbur Wood – Another Former Chicago White Sox great who has a lot of vintage cards.
  • Carl Yastrzemski – Another guy I was a big fan of growing up.  I even learned to spell his last name when I was pretty young.
  • Ryan Zimmerman – I’m a relatively new fan of Ryan, but I mainly like him because his mother has Multiple Sclerosis and he donates and does a lot for fighting against the disease.  I shouldn’t have to tell you that my wife has MS.

There you go, I went from 6 to 26 PC’s.  Some of those collection I hardly have any cards because I just started and haven’t bought anything new.  But when my funds get back up, I’ll start picking stuff up for them, cheaply of course.  The original 6 will be my main focus but I’ll pick up other players here and there.

Please don’t ask or send me trades because I literally have nothing to send back.  I may eventually get around to updating the site too.  Now that this is all typed out, I’m going to go back and keep cropping my scans.  I scanned all the pages a few days ago, now I just have to crop each card but that’s going to take awhile.

Hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

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  1. Still around, bud.

    When I eventually get out from underneath all the trades I have going, I'll check out your lists.