This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sluggo returns

I mentioned earlier in the week that my cousin (Sluggo) sent me some cards. He buys collections from people and then sorts them to sell. He always goes through and sets all the White Sox aside for myself. He'll then call me, let me know a few of the higher dollar cards and then give me a total. He usually takes the few high dollar cards, figures their values and cuts it in half and that's what I pay. All the other stuff he just throws in as it'll just be a pain to sell them all individually anyways. Sometimes I end up with a bunch of base cards, sometimes I get a bunch of parallels and inserts, just a chance I take. Since the money is going to my cousin, I don't mind if I end up paying a little more than I usually would. I picked the latest batch up for $30. He sent me 136 cards and I ended up needing 112 of those which was really good. That averages under $.27/each and there is stuff in there I would have paid more for. I have gotten photos of all 112 cards to put on My PC blog but don't worry, I won't show you them all. Just some highlights. I picked all of the serial number (except Topps Gold) and hits to show you.

He sent this Zack Burdi refractor that is numbered to /499. It is only my 4th card of Burdi and from what I hear, he may be a big part of the Sox future.

He sent me 2 cards of Zack Collins who definitely should be in the Sox future, probably next year. These 2 gave me 5 of his cards. This is the purple version, numbered to /250.

Sticking to the purple parallel's, here's Nick Madrigal from Bowman. I have 9 cards of his and 8 of them came in this package. He played well with us while he was up and again, will probably be a part of our future. This one is numbered to /250.

This is my 10th card of Reynaldo and the only one I got of his in this package. This is the aqua version, serial numbered to /299. He pitched up and down for us this year, but he has the potential to stay with us.

I have 21 cards of Timmy and 7 of those came in this package. This is the green version of Fire and is numbered to /199. You'll see another one of his later in this post. If you don't know who he is, you might after today when he wins the batting title for the year.

I'm not a huge fan of these manufactured relics as far as "I gotta have them" but they are cool looking. This is a Jackie Robinson commemorative patch. I have 17 cards of Frazier and 5 of them came in this package.

Another manufactured relic but again, it's kind of cool, and it's numbered to /99. It would have been really cool if that was an actual auto. I have 36 cards of Rios and this is the only one from this package.

Now to the autograph portion, he sent me 2. This one of Carson Fulmer who I have 21 cards of, 5 from this package, and this is my 4th auto which tells you, he isn't a high dollar prospect. He's been very up and down when he's with us. Actually, he's been up and down with us and the minors.

This is my 2nd auto of Tim which was the highlight of this package for me. He's on fire and if he can continue doing what he did this year, he would be a huge star so I'm definitely glad to get this in case his cards start to sore when people figure out who he is.

As you can see, I got some great cards and I also bolstered a lot of our prospects that will probably be up next year. I didn't show the few SP's and other variations here but there were some of those as well.

Here's some other players not mentioned here that I scored some cards of as well.

Jose Abreu - 14 cards (now at 77 cards)
Yoan Moncada - 12 cards (now at 51 cards)
Frank Thomas - 10 cards (now at 420 cards)
Lucas Giolito - 7 cards (now at 21 cards)
Michael Kopech - 7 cards (now at 17 cards)
Carlos Rodon - 4 cards (now at 34 cards)
Eloy Jimenez - 1 card (now at 7 cards)
Luis Robert - 1 card (now at 3 cards)

As you can see a great package, especially for the money. My cousin is a Braves fan and the Sox actually played them this year. I sat down here in Indiana, him in North Carolina and we watched the game and were texting during it. Sox lost, I think 5-0 and Freddie Freeman had at least 4, if not all 5 of the RBI's that game. After his 2nd HR, I just sent the text "F*cking Freddie Freeman." As an added bonus in this package, I also got this card with a note on the penny sleeve.

F*cking Freddie Freeman

Friday, September 27, 2019

Ray Ray

I did get one card today, nothing to exciting unless your a fellow Sox fan.

I picked up this Ray Durham for $.28/shipped. It's the Finest with the protective cover. I guessed at whether or not I had it, I guessed correctly which was a good thing since this is my 63rd card of Durham.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Another day, another Buehrle

Technically I got this card in the mail yesterday, but after work (and after I opened my mail) I left home to go to Indianapolis for a couple of days. I'm still there but I had some time this evening after my class that I thought I'd throw that card up. I didn't get anything today from my Ebay wins but I did purchase some cards from my cousin that came today. I only know of a few cards in the package but he usually sends me whatever White Sox cards he has as well so I'm sure they'll be other stuff but on to today's (yesterdays) card.

I picked up another Buehrle card, which is my 6th one this year. I've only picked up 6 of his the last 2 years, only 1 last year so it's nice that I've been finding his again. This is my 188th card of the lefty. I picked it up for $.27/shipped.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Shiny cards

It seems like I get cards every Monday and than everything slows down the rest of the week. Let's hope this doesn't happen this week.

Both of today's cards came from 1 seller.

I got this Jon Garland card for $.49/shipped. It's a nice, shiny, red card at that. I've seen this set before, I think I even have the team set, but I had never seen the color variations. It's also numbered to /199. This is my 30th card of one of our World Series starters.

I also got this shiny Buehrle (another World Series starter). It's also numbered (to /99) and was picked up for $.53/shipped. It is my 187th card in the Mark Buehrle Collection. Also nice to add his cards as he's probably my favorite White Sox pitcher of all time.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Random Players From My Collections #5

I had planned on doing this earlier but I got busy working on my cards and once I get going, I try not to stop because I usually won't get back to it. I got at that point now where I'm done for the day so I remembered this post.

I wanted to do one of these today since I only had 2 posts this week and one of those was for some cards I didn't even win so I only received new cards 1 day this week. It's slowed down a bit because I tapered back on bidding on some autos/relics because my hours have been down a little at work and I have to save money for my Michigan/Ohio tickets (although after yesterday, I'm seriously considering selling them). I did get some OT this past week so hopefully hours will get back up again.

I passed over 17,000 cards entered in on TCDB sometime this week. Probably with the free cards because there were some packs. Which also means my players number has gone up by 33 cards and is now at 3,345 players.

#810 - Nate Jones (5 cards)

Nate Jones is a White Sox collection card. He was with the Sox for 7 years so I thought I would have had more cards than 5.

I believe he was traded earlier this year so he is no longer with the Sox. I think I remember hearing he was the longest tenured Sox player when he got traded. TCDB has him with only 157 cards so I'm guessing he just doesn't make a ton of sets.

#455 - Eric Show (8 cards)

Next up we have a Vintage Collection player in Eric Show. I have 8 cards of his, all but 1 are in the Vintage Collection.

According to TCDB he has 133 and I only need 9 of those for the rest of his Vintage Collection cards.

#3053 - Brad Mills (1 card)

Another Vintage Collection player but I only have 1 of his. These future stars cards from 1982 Topps bring back lots of memories. This one was a Terry Francona rookie card back in the day though.

He only has 47 cards listed on TCDB. I only need 4 of those for the Vintage Collection, all from 1982 and 1983.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Ever heard of sportscards.com? I hadn't either until they contacted me. They wanted to send me free cards, who the hell would say no to that?

What are they? Well they plug their database which you can use to find listings on Ebay. It has all the filters and such so you can weed your stuff down, they also show sold listings which to me, if you want to know what your card is worth, what it's selling for is more realistic to me than a price in a magazine. The best thing for me is the save your search. Yes, I know Ebay has that but I also know I'm at my allotted saved searches so I can use this site to save some more.

They also sell those Subscription boxes that are everywhere now. Where you pay so much a month and they send you a box of cards. It sounds pretty basic but when you go to their site, they have 3 different price structures, all with different goodies in them according to price.

They also have Collector's boxes which are like the subscription boxes but you only get one and they are auctioned off so you may get them cheaper than you should. I counted 31 different boxes when I typed this up - To name a few - 1950's graded - Derek Jeter - Bronx Bombers - Golden Age - Autographs. You'll have to check them out as they all offer different things.

I don't remember if they asked which box I wanted or if they just sent me one. Either way, let's check it out.

Here's the box it came in. It was also wrapped in cellophane and once opened, everything in it had the gift wrap tissue paper so everything was packaged really well. I took pics of the cards inside the loaders they were sent in so you could see those as well.

A business card (a nice one, like a credit card) and the bottom card I assume comes in every box. Once you get 5, you get free stuff.

Also this, gotta plug your product. Let's get to the good stuff though. There were 3 unopened packs. We'll start with the 2018 Topps.


It says 10 cards, I got 11 including the insert. WooHoo, bonus. You can see the 10 to the right.

And the insert card. Out of the 11, 1 card goes to the White Sox Collection.

Next up is a pack of 2019 Topps, which I actually bought a blaster so we'll see how many new cards I got.

I only got 14 of 14 this time. Out of the 13 above, I already had 3, including the lone White Sox card. Here's the insert and said White Sox card.

Next up was a pack of 2017 Topps Heritage,

This is one of those 20 card packs and as you can see, I got 20 cards.  I didn't get any inserts but you can see I got a high number short print up there. I also got one White Sox card.

That's all for the packs but there were also some single cards in there. As I said before, I took pics of them in their loader/cases that they came in so you can see how they were packed.

This was in a sealed case with the magnet to keep it closed. I was a little confused when I got it because the sticker has their name on it, but it says factory sealed. I was also confused by the back of the card.

Upon logging it into TCDB, I figured out that it's a 1994 Topps Finest Peel Demostrations. I don't know how they were distributed or if it's actually factory sealed but at least I know what it is now.

Since we're going with cards that confused me, this one really did. It looks like one of those cards where they add a signature off of something else they signed, like a check or contract. Only, there's no signature. Here's the paragraph on the back.

Yeah, so, I have no idea since it says SAMPLE on it. It has their logo on the card as well so I assume it's a preview of some sort of a card that you could get (if you weren't a cheap bastard like myself). I don't know.

This is a 1960 Topps Jim Bunning. It also came in one of those magnetized cases and it was sealed with their sticker. Of course, I took it out of that. After having the card in hand, it is in really good condition. The only thing I see wrong is the cut and it wasn't even that bad. I certainly not going to complain about getting a vintage card.

Last but not least, I got this relic from 2001 Donruss Classics of Bob Gibson. It's a relic of the visitors dugout bench so it certainly isn't anything special but it's still a pretty cool card.

As you can see, it was a pretty cool box, mainly because it was free. Nothing against Sportscards.com, but if you read this blog, you know I buy cheap so as much fun as it was to go through everything. I probably won't buy any. I will, however, still be using their site to save some more Ebay searches.

Thanks to the Sportscards.com peeps for sharing the box with me. It was an enjoyable time going through it. If you're into these subscription boxes or want to try one of the collector's boxes, I'd say go for it. Definitely check out their site and see all the different kinds of boxes and see if something jumps out at you.

Monday, September 16, 2019

2 Wolverines and a Sox

It's been almost a week since I posted. This time, I haven't been out of town, I just didn't get anything in the mail. Although that is probably because I was out of town the weekend before so I didn't pay for anything for a few days. This is the lull before the cards coming in again.

I picked up this Anderson chrome for $.41/shipped. Always nice to add the league leader in batting average to the White Sox Collection. This is my 14th card of Timmy.

I picked up another auto of Amara Darboh. This is my 6th autograph of Darboh. It's also my 22nd card of him but only my 17th different one (I have some dupes of autos and relics). I paid $1.37/shipped.

I also picked up another auto of Jake Butt. This is my 7th auto of Jake and my 13th total cards. I paid a little more for this one but it came with the auto of Darboh above. I got it for $2.15/shipped, it's numbered to /99 as well.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hurtin' on a Tuesday

I got one card in one envelope (obviously) today. It's a player who I have the 3rd highest amount of cards of, yet, I don't have a player collection of. If you're a regular follower, you should already know who it is.

This is my 411th card of the Big Hurt. It was also a pretty cheap pick up at only $.16/shipped. I already stated this wasn't a player collection so it goes to the White Sox Collection.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Weekend Catch-Up

Alrighty, I'm back. This was the weekend of our fall camping trip so all the cards in this post came between Friday and today. Sadly, that means I have to go back to work tomorrow. Some of the descriptions will be short because it's a longer than usual post.

I'll start off with my lone Michigan collection card. Everything else in this post are White Sox cards. This is my 4th card of the former Wolverine QB. I understand they have no rights to show the team but I always wonder if there is a specific clause that says they can't show the wings on the helmet. I picked this up for $.30/shipped.

This is my 4th card of Daniel, all from 2005. I picked this up for $.28/shipped.

This card of Brandon Short is my one and only card of his. I picked it up for $.16/shipped.

This is my 36th card of the one dog (Lance Johnson since you probably can't read it in the photo). This is a 1995 Topps Embossed Golden Idols insert. I picked it up for $.23/shipped.

These first 4 cards all came from the same seller in the same envelope. I believe everything else was one card in each envelope.

This is only my 3rd card of Zack but it's my oldest. The other 2 are 2019 cards where as this is from 2016. Zack is currently on the Sox roster with September call-ups and he was called up and sent back down earlier this year. They are still talking about him being our catcher in the future. I'm not sure of McCann's contract but I can see Collins being the back up next year if not the starter if McCann is gone. I picked this up for $.54/shipped.

I now have 6 cards of Thyago and they are all autographs. This is the purple refractor, seriel numbered to /250. I picked this one up for $3.21/shipped.

This is a pretty nice card of our opening day starter. Granted, he hasn't pitched much since then because of TJ surgery but it's still a nice, shiny, on card auto. It is my 30th card of Rodon but only my 2nd autograph. I picked this up for $3.18/shipped.

Last but definitely not least, the only player collection addition today and it's a PC that I hardly ever get cards for. I just assume because he's not hugely popular so his cards don't get posted on Ebay. This is my 67th card of our former 3rd baseman and my 1st autograph of his. It's a minor league auto but it's still an auto. As a matter of fact, this is the 1st Crede I've added this year, I only added 1 in 2018 and none in 2017 if that tells you something.