This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Two Tues-day

Today's post is a guy that I thought I would never have this many cards of. Mainly because he never really made the pros so I wasn't expecting very many cards to be made of him but yet, here we are.

I picked up these 2 at the show in Shipshewana. Probably a $1 box but I don't feel like looking that up at this moment.

This one I grabbed at the show in Fort Wayne, it's very colorful. This is the green and yellow parallel, it's numbered to /149.

The nice thing about never playing in the pros is all his cards are in the maize and blue. These 3 cards put my Patterson collection at 11 cards.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Lefty Monday

It was great having a week off but it sucked going back to work today.

Today is another Tier 3 player, this time a pitcher which should narrow it down as he's the only pitcher in my Tier 3. These are more cards that I picked up as fill ins from sellers on Sportlots.

I grabbed these 2 at $.18 each from one seller. You know I love those 80's stickers.

These 2 give me 126 of the lefty with plenty more to come in my next Sportlots package.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Dime Box Cal's

Michigan finally got that monkey off their back. I was really calm during the game which is rare, I think after the last decade, I was expecting them to come back so I didn't get really excited until it was won. It was nice, because usually I'm stressed out about it. Next week, we got Iowa in our first Big Ten Championship game. If we play like we did yesterday, they won't be an issue. We just have to make sure the right team shows up.

Today, we get a HOFer who is in my Tier 3 collections. I have a lot more of his in my Sportlots box that I'll probably ship before Christmas, that'll give me some cards to work with during break.

I picked up these 4 at my LCS a month ago, they were all in a dime box so I can't go wrong with those. They are all, more or less, oddballs to a sort.

These 4 came from Sportlots in my last shipment. They were fill ins I picked up from the sellers I was already buying from. The cards in my box now are older cards as I haven't worked my way up to these new of cards yet.

These 8 cards put the Ripken collection at 667 cards which is my 3rd highest PC.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Happy Birthday - Eloy Jimenez

Eloy was born on this day in 1996, making him 25 today.

MLB Debut - March 28th, 2019 (White Sox)

Years Active - 

  • 2019-current (White Sox)
Cubs (minor league)

White Sox (rookie)

I included a Cubs card just to remind them that they gave him to us.

Cards on TCDB - 4,939 cards

Cards I have - 93 cards

I just picked out a few to show. I don't really have much when it comes to fancy cards of Eloy.

Where they came from - 

  • Sportslots (39 cards)
  • Sluggo (31 cards)
  • the National (5 cards)
  • Ebay (4 cards)
  • Box Breaks-Nachos Grande (3 cards)
  • Fred (3 cards)
  • Padrographs (2 cards)
  • Card Show-Ft. Wayne (1 card)
  • Card Show-Kalamazoo (1 card)
  • Card Show-Shipshewana (1 card)
  • F&G Sportscards (LCS) (1 card)
  • Unknown (1 card)

That's as close as I get to a rainbow. Technically, the top 2 are the same color wise, but the one on the right is the red Donruss logo on the back.

Happy Birthday Eloy!

*All cards shown are in my collections but the photos/scans are from TCDB.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Birthday - Lano Hill

Delano/Lano was born on this day in 1995, making him 26 today.

NFL Debut - September 17th, 2017

Years active -

  • 2017-2020 (Seahawks)
  • 2021 (Panthers)
Seahawks rookie

Delano is on the practice squad on the Panthers so I don't have any cards with them.

Cards on TCDB - 27 cards

Cards I have - 3 cards

The base and color burst parallel.

Where they came from - 

  • Sportlots (3 cards)

That was easy enough.

Apparently he changed his name from Delano to Lano, I wasn't aware of that until this post.

Happy Birthday Delano/Lano Hill!

*All cards in this post are in my collection but the photos/scans are from TCDB.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Update

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I got a nice surprise from my daughter's girlfriend, she brought me a blaster of 2021 Update for me to open. It was a decent blaster for a retail. Most of the inserts were big names, a couple of serial numbered cards as well as 6 cards for my PC's, so a very good blaster.

Today's post had to be bumped in once I put in the cards from yesterday because it moved up to the PC that hadn't been posted about in the longest time. July of 2020 to be exact so over a year. 

I picked up this auto of Khaleke Hudson at the Baseball Card Exchange yesterday. I picked up 4 Michigan autos that you'll eventually see. As well as a handful of White Sox auto's and relics. I only paid $3 for this so I can't complain, even if they messed with the helmet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A relic EXPOSed

Sluggo and I headed out and drove an hour into New Buffalo to visit the Baseball Card Shop at MoCo, then we drove out to the Baseball Card Exchange in Schererville which was another hour away. I picked up 15 cards or so, tomorrow morning, before Thanksgiving lunch, I'm hoping to add them to the posts ready to go.

I actually had to skip what was for today's post because I bought a card that goes in what today's was so I'll post it tomorrow so I can add that card to the scans.

Today's new post, however, is still a Tier 3 collection.

I picked up these 2 on Sportlots, they were fill ins that I've mentioned before. You know I love that stamp, it's double good because he's in his Expos uniform.

I picked up these 4 at my LCS a month or so ago. They were all in the dime boxes so it was easy to cough up $.40 for those.

Last but not least, I picked up this relic from Sluggo and once again, he's in his Expos uniform. It's my 3rd relic of him.

These 7 cards give me exactly 150 cards of the Kid.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Texans Tuesday

After a couple of late birthday posts, I'm back with some more new cards. I picked up one of these cards last weekend at the LCS (to see others picked up, go here). This card got bumped to the top of the list because I haven't posted any cards of his since February of last year.

I picked up the base on the left on Sportlots and the auto on the right at my LCS. I paid $3 for the auto, it's spectacularly shiny in person.

These 2 give me 5 cards of Karan. They are also the first 2 I have in a pro uniform.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Happy (late) Birthday - Nick Eubanks

So, because I missed the last birthday, I decided to change the way I check to see if there are any birthdays. Before, I put them all on a calendar, as you can see from the last post, I still miss them because I don't always check the calendar. What I do do (I said do do) is check my post spreadsheet to see which post is going today. So I added the birthdays to that sheet so that I check it every day. When I put them in, I realized I missed quite a bit throughout the year. Partly because as I started new collections, I wasn't adding them to the calendar. Hopefully that is fixed now.

After all that, I also realized that their were 2 birthdays that I missed yesterday.

Nick was born on the day (yesterday) making him 25 on that day (yesterday).

NFL Debut - none

Years active - 

  • 2021 (Cowboys, Eagles, Lions)

All of the above teams he was on the practice squad, which he is currently on the Lions squad.

Cards on TCDB - 66 cards

Cards I have - 3 cards

It's the only base card, although technically a parallel (gold) that I have.

Where they came from - 

  • Card Show (Kalamazoo) - 1 card
  • the National - 1 card
  • Sportlots - 1 card

I do have 2 autographs and in Michigan at that. The gold above and the Green autograph haven't been shown here yet so that's also another post I knocked off as well.

Happy birthday Nick!

Happy (late) Birthday - Channing Stribling

The bad part about not being at work this week is I tend to not look at my calendar and I didn't realize I missed a birthday yesterday. My bad!

Channing was born on the day yesterday, making him 27 yesterday.

NFL Debut - none

Years active - 

  • 2017 (Browns, Colts, 49'ers)
  • 2018 (Colts, Chargers)
He was on practice squads on the teams above, he hasn't had any playing time and has bounced around between the Canadian league, AFL and XFL.

Cards on TCDB - 47 cards

Cards I have - 5 cards

Those are the only 2 base cards I have. The left is from AAF, the right is XFL.

Where they came from - 

  • Ebay (3 cards)
  • Sportlots (2 cards)

All my Michigan cards are also all my autographs.

Happy late birthday Channing!

*All cards pictured are in my collection but the photos/scans are from TCDB.

Sunday, November 21, 2021


Finally watched the Michigan game from yesterday. They replayed it on Big Ten Network last night sometime and my DVR recorded it so I watched it this morning. They looked good, a lot of good plays, a lot of big plays which is rare when I watch them. Granted it was against Maryland but I liked what I saw. I was really hoping the Ohio/MSU would be closer but Ohio winning. After watching them blowing out MSU it takes away some of my confidence going against them next week. Not that I think MSU was all that good this year, they beat us, but I don't believe they are the better team. We'll see next week. It's for all the marbles to finally go back to a Big Ten championship which we haven't won in a long time. We win that, everything will work itself out. That's been my goal for the team for a long time.

The basketball team plays tonight so I'll be watching that at 9:30.

I mentioned that I went to the LCS yesterday. I picked up 4 Michigan autos for $15. The following is one of them and it's a new collection as I didn't have any of him yet.

This is actually the red parallel but it's pretty much the same as the base as it's not serial numbered like a few of the other parallels. When logging this is on TCDB, I read where he only has 14 cards which explains why it took me so long to pick one up.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

It's been a Long week

Went to our LCS after my cousin got off work and I picked up a few things. Even spent a bunch of money (for me) on a single card. You'll see that when that Tier 1 player post comes around again. It'll be awhile though because I just posted cards from him last month.

We also opened up a bunch of blasters so I picked up a small stack of 2021's that I didn't have yet.

Today's post is a previous Wolverine which is good for today as we blasted Maryland. Would have been nice to watch it but I didn't know it was streaming until late in the second half when I went to start watching what I though was recorded on my DVR.

I picked up these 4 from Sportlots. I only had 3 to start with so this puts me at 7 cards. I thought I had the last one but this is the Silver parallel. The words are silver instead of white.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Vacation time

Worked my last day today and am starting my 9 days off. At the beginning of the year, I knew at the rate we were going, they wouldn't give us our usual week off during the July 4th week, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So in January, I put in for all 3 weeks. So while everyone was rushing and trying to put in for a few extra days, I sat back and watched because I was approved 10 months ago. I don't have any plans other than on Turkey Day, just gonna chill at the homestead.

Today's post is another Michigan guy but a guy I collected before I was even a Michigan guy. It's only 1 card though.

I got this from Sluggo going through his relic/auto box to get them prepared for the show and he let me have it. I think he was mainly willing to get rid of it because it was an unlicensed card. It's not my first relic of Barry but I'm still short on any autos. There was a really nice one at the show we worked, I was looking at it but wasn't willing to drop the money on it but Sluggo did purchase it, now I just got to talk him into selling it to me.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

An early Thursday

Just a quick post tonight. I'm sleepy and am going to hit the hay early. I have an appointment for my eye tomorrow so wish me luck. I've been having some slight vision trouble.

Today's post is a guy you've seen recently but that was his birthday post.

I added these 2 from Sportlots. The top card is a pretty cool looking card, the bottom one is from XFL. These 2 give me 9 cards.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Happy Birthday - Tom Seaver

Tom was born on this day in 1944, he would have been 77 today. He passed last year on August 31st.

MLB Debut - April 13th, 1967

Years active - 

  • 1967-1977 (Mets)
  • 1977-1982 (Reds)
  • 1983 (Mets)
  • 1984-1986 (White Sox)
  • 1986 (Red Sox)
1974 (Mets)

1978 (Reds)

1983 (Mets)

1984 (White Sox)

1986 (Red Sox)

I used the 1974 for the first card because it's the first base card that I have.

Cards on TCDB - 5,841 cards

Cards I have - 517 cards


Just some of my favorites for various reasons.

Where they came from - 

I do have a couple Relics.

I even have an auto and it's actually that scan above.

Happy Birthday Tom Seaver!

*All cards are in my collection but the photos/scans are from TCDB.