This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Card catch up

I've got lots of cards to show you that have come in this week. I got a couple envelopes on Monday and a couple yesterday. Monday night I had a softball game and by the time I got home and ate, I wasn't really in the mood to even get online for very long. Then Tuesday I woke up with a summer cold and that has been kicking my ass the last few days. Today is a little better, hopefully tomorrow I will be 100% again to start off my long weekend. Needless to say, since I was getting my ass kicked, I didn't post any of the cards. I don't remember what came in what so I'm going to post by collections.

We'll start off with a couple of vintage pick-ups. I believe both of these were single pick-ups. I picked up the Dave Lemanczyk for $.24/shipped and the Mike Garman for $.22/shipped. These 2 cards put that set at 145 cards.

I would have guessed that I already had this one but apparently not. I had 2 other of his cards from that set (all-star and record breaker) but not the base but I guess I do now. I picked this up for $.16/shipped. This is my 8th card of his picked up this year and is my 107th card for the Kid Collection.

I also managed to grab another Cal Ripken jr card that goes to that player collection as well as the vintage collecton. I picked this up for $.25/shipped. It is my 334th card of the Ripken Collection and the 136th of the 1976 Fleer set. It's also my 24th addition to the Ripken Collection this year.

I also picked up 5 cards for the Mike Schmidt Collection and the top 3 also go to the Vintage Collection. I picked all these up from the same seller for the minimum bid of $.25/each/shipped. These 5 cards put that collection at 108 cards. The 1982 Topps set is now at 78 cards. The 1980 Topps set is at 158 cards and the 1986 Fleer set is at 77 cards. All of the above cards that were mentioned for the Vintage collection put that collection at 245 cards picked up so far this year and I've also picked up 12 cards for the Schmidt Collection.

For my last player collection, I grabbed this card for the Barry Larkin collection for $.25/shipped. This puts the Larkin collection at 125 cards total and 15 cards picked up so far this year.

I picked up this 3 card lot for $.66/shipped which equals to $.22 a card. I believe all 3 are from series 2 and they are my first from that series. I'm still a little ways away from completing the team set. These 3 cards put my White Sox collection pick-ups for the year at 195 cards.

Oddly enough, all these cards posted put me at an even 600 cards picked up so far this year for all my collections. It's not physical cards technically because some of the cards (like the 4 cards mentioned above) get listed in multiple collections so they get counted multiple times.

Friday, June 23, 2017

A White Sox Friday

I got 2 envelopes with 3 cards today. One I can't find much info on so let's start there.

This was listed as 2015 Topps Factory Set All-Star Variation SP but when I try to Google the set, I get nothing. I can find the card listed in other places, just not where it came from. I did notice if for sale on COMC for over $3 and since I only paid $.15/shipped, I'm certainly not complaining. This goes to the White Sox Collection.

I also picked this up for $.15/shipped from the same seller. Of course, you know I'm going to like this card since it looks vintage. Like I said yesterday, been grabbing Chris Sale cards like crazy since he was traded. This is my 127th card of Chris Sale and my 15th card of his picked up this year.

In the other envelope, came another White Sox card. This Paul Konerko also came to me for $.15/shipped. This is my 11th card picked up this year of Konerko and my 422nd card of Paulie. These 3 cards also make 192 cards picked up for the White Sox Collection.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

16 cards, 4 envelopes

We had a big mail day today. It's been slow receiving envelopes, apparently they've been saving them all for today.

We'll start off with these 4 cards from the 1970 set. I picked up all 4 cards for $.17/each/shipped. They put that set at only 46 cards towards completion.

I also grabbed a slew of 1972 cards for that set. I also paid $.17/each/shipped for all of them except the Johnny Briggs which I grabbed for $.15/shipped. These 8 cards bump up that set to 41 cards and those 12 vintage cards put me at 239 cards picked up this year for that collection. All of those cards above came from the same seller.

I also picked up these 2 Bowman cards for the White Sox Collection. I grabbed both of these at $.23/each/shipped. I like the Tim Anderson as he just signed with us for a few years.

I managed to pick up another Caris LeVert. I only have 3 cards of his so I'm always happy to add some of his. I grabbed this for $.16/shipped.

Welp, I finally got one. A Chris Sale in another jersey. I had to do the same with Mark Buehrle and that turned out ok, probably because I didn't hear much about him. That's going to be different with Sale so we'll see how that goes. I picked up this card for $.24/shipped.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Unusual Wednesday

I got 3 envelopes with 5 cards from 2 sellers. Yeah, I got 2 envelopes with a card each from the same seller. I don't even pretend to understand people who ship me cards at almost double what I pay them. It's an unusual Wednesday because we rarely get any mail on Wednesdays other than flyers. I don't know if that's on purpose or not but it is a fact.

I'm always happy to get another card from 1973 set cheap because it's my closest to be completed set from earlier than the 80's. I picked this card up for $.21/shipped. It is my 450th card from that set.

I also got another card for the 1978 set as well. This one came to me for a quarter/shipped. It is my 143rd card of that set and these last 2 cards make 227 cards picked up so far this year for the Vintage Collection. These last 2 were in the separate envelopes from the same seller.

In the last envelope, I got 3 player collection cards. We'll start with this Steve Carlton card I grabbed for a quarter/shipped. It is my 87th card for that collection and is my 7th card picked up so far this year.

I also picked up this Carl Yastrzemski card for another quarter/shipped. It is my 47th card of his and my 13th of his picked up this year. I seem to be getting a bunch of his lately.

Lastly, I picked up this Chris Sale for the Sale Collection and the White Sox Collection. I still haven't gotten a Sale card in the wrong Sox jersey but I have won one so it's only a matter of time. This is my 125th card of Sale and I've picked up 13 cards of his as well this year. I seem to be picking them up quicker since he became a Red Sox. All the White Sox fans must have quit collecting him and the Red Sox fans don't want his in the White Sox uniforms. Just a guess.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Playing catch up

It was Father's Day weekend which means we did our annual Father's Day camping trip. We leave Friday after work and come back on Monday afternoon which means all these cards below came in that time frame. Don't worry, it isn't as many as it sounds.

I picked up 1 card for the vintage collection and it came to me for $.23/shipped. It is my 143rd card of the 1978 set and my 225th card picked up for the Vintage Collection this year.

I also picked up this 2017 Bowman for the White Sox Collection. This is the first card from that team set that I've gotten so far. This is my 187th Sox collection pick-up this year. I picked this up for $.23/shipped.

I manage to add another Gary Carter to the collection and I feel like this isn't the easiest card to find. I don't know how many traded cards that Score released but I don't run across them a lot. This is my 106th card of the Kid and it is my 6th card picked up this year for that collection.

I managed another Devin Funchess card as well. Ever since his Super Bowl appearance, his cards get listed a lot more. This is my 19th card for the Funchess Collection and only my 2nd card of his picked up this year. I grabbed it for $.25/shipped.

Last but not least, I get to add this Barry Larkin from Ebay for free. How for free you ask? Well, I won it, paid for it (I don't remember how much), and after it hit it's 30 days since it was purchased and I didn't have it, I sent a note to the seller and told him I'd rather have the card then a refund when the form asked. He replied with a refund and sent me a note that he had other ones and he would ship it out. I told him I was more than happy to pay for it and didn't mind waiting but he told me to keep it and sent it out anyways. I don't pay much for these cards and I know how the USPS can be so I don't ever fret much when they don't come, that's why I wait 30 days before I even say anything. I purchase from him regularly as well so he could have held it until I won something else but he still sent it. So either he thinks I'm a dick or he thought I was going to be one. Either way, I got it free. It's my 134th card of Barry and my 14th card of his picked up this year.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

11 card Tuesday

I had a fairly big mail day as far as the cheap cards I get are concerned. I got 4 envelopes with 11 cards but I did get something I wasn't expecting or even knew existed.

I picked up 2 more Gary Carter's for the collection although it may only be 1, according to my records, I already have the Fleer All-Star but I won't know for sure until I put them away. Sometimes I guess at what I have because I'm not in the mood to check. I'm only out a quarter. I picked up the Topps Mini for only $.06/shipped. It is my 105th Gary Carter for that collection and my 5th picked up this year.

I picked up these 2 for the 1979 set. They were only $.16/each/shipped and these cards put that set at 314 cards in that set.

I picked up all 6 of these from the 1970 set from the same seller. I bid on a ton more but those are the only ones I got for under a quarter. I paid $.23/shipped for 5 of them and $.16/shipped for the Gene Mauch. These 6 cards from the 1970 set put that at 42 cards and along with the 1979 cards above, I have picked up 224 cards for the collection this year.

I was surprised when this card came, not because I didn't order it but rather, because it came from Japan. So this guy had to really lose out on some money with his shipping. I won it for $.20/shipped. On top of that, it's technically not the card I ordered (not that I'm complaining about that). Here is the original back and the back of mine, side by side.

As you can see, mine has Japanese (I assume) on the back of it. I didn't realize they did this in other countries. Obviously, I know about Leaf and O-Pee-Chee and have seen those and I've seen Japanese cards but I didn't know they had duplicate sets with another language on the back. This is my 145th card of Michael Jordan and is only my 2nd pick-up of him this year.