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Thursday, June 22, 2017

16 cards, 4 envelopes

We had a big mail day today. It's been slow receiving envelopes, apparently they've been saving them all for today.

We'll start off with these 4 cards from the 1970 set. I picked up all 4 cards for $.17/each/shipped. They put that set at only 46 cards towards completion.

I also grabbed a slew of 1972 cards for that set. I also paid $.17/each/shipped for all of them except the Johnny Briggs which I grabbed for $.15/shipped. These 8 cards bump up that set to 41 cards and those 12 vintage cards put me at 239 cards picked up this year for that collection. All of those cards above came from the same seller.

I also picked up these 2 Bowman cards for the White Sox Collection. I grabbed both of these at $.23/each/shipped. I like the Tim Anderson as he just signed with us for a few years.

I managed to pick up another Caris LeVert. I only have 3 cards of his so I'm always happy to add some of his. I grabbed this for $.16/shipped.

Welp, I finally got one. A Chris Sale in another jersey. I had to do the same with Mark Buehrle and that turned out ok, probably because I didn't hear much about him. That's going to be different with Sale so we'll see how that goes. I picked up this card for $.24/shipped.

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