This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The 80's are back

Last post of my incoming April cards. I should be ready to go on the May posts tomorrow.

Last but not least, I started picking up cards of sets that were close to being completed in the vintage collection. So as you can guess, these are all the 80's pick-ups.

My cousin has a few 80's card mixed in his package. These 3 cards from the 1982 sets (one of my faves of the 80's because of nostalgic reasons) give me 119 cards for that set. They aren't overly expensive so I should go pick up some more.

He also sent these 2 cards from the 1980 set, definitely like getting the George Brett card. This set is a little further on at 190 cards.

Next month, I'll have a lot more cards as I bought from a few places as well as gotten cards from bloggers and my cousin.

I have Sportlots and Card Barrel purchases for next month but last night I spend some time on BaseballCardStore.CA and bought a little over 50 cards at a dime a piece. With the shipping at $5 I essentially paid $.20/each which is still a good deal. I searched for all my Tier 1 and Tier 2 collections. I intended on picking up stuff to finish complete sets and never did so I may go back and make another purchase if the first one comes back well.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Vintage Mays and more

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

2 more days and 2 more posts. As I said in the last post, the last 2 are vintage posts and I already posted the 50's and the 60's so that should narrow it down for you. Before I get to the actual Vintage Collection cards, he sent me a couple that I'm keeping as well.

I always debated on collecting these checklists, because they are technically not park of the numbered set. I kind of feel that checklists should be part of the set so while I don't actively pick them up, I keep them when I get one.

I'm keeping this just because it's cool and it's Willie Mays. It's from a 1961 Topps Stamp set. It's listed as an insert from the 1961 Topps set.

Don Sutton and Nolan Ryan, yes please. My cousin sent these as part of his package. Obviously the Nolan Ryan card is pretty cool because I'm sure the base card is probably out of my cheap asses range. These 3 cards from 1975 give me 83 for the set.

He also sent this Don Sutton from the 1973 set that I needed.

These 14 cards from the 1973 set I picked up from Sportlots. I'm not going to post prices for each card but I did pay less than $.50 for each card. 4 of them were $.50 but the majority of them were $.18. The 15 cards put that set at 477 cards.

Next up is the few 80's that I picked up, I just about have everything scanned and ready to go for next month. That's what I worked on today.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

White Sox Hits

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

Today's random post is, wait for it, another White Sox post. Woo Hoo! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. These are all White Sox collection cards but there are a little nicer than most.

I'll start off with this Dylan Cease as it is #'d to /50. I like Cease but I can't decide if he's lived up to the hype yet. I'd like to see a little more consistency before I give him the thumbs up.

Told you they were a little better than usual. Some are dupes for me, I believe the first 4 autographs all are. There's a couple of decent names up there with Jose Abreu and of course, Frank Thomas. A couple of hopefully rising stars in Reynaldo Lopez and Tyler Danish. All of these were in the package from my cousin, Sluggo.

There are 2 more posts for this month, both vintage so all you non-White Sox fans will get to view something better, at least for you.

On a side note, I just finished watching the Sox/Angels game in '05 where AJ ran on the drop 3rd strike in the playoffs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sox Staff

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

Another quicky before I head to bed. My cousin is leaving tomorrow so things will get back to normal. I couldn't tell you the last time I left the house 3 days in a row.

Today you get a couple of our young pitchers. One you got to see start to shine last year, the other you'll get to see whenever we start playing again.

I picked up these 3 2020 cards of Lucas Giolito from Sportlots. The Opening Day I grabbed for $.18, the Opening Day blue for $1 and the 2020 Donruss you think you've seen here before but this is the Holo Blue variation, I only paid $.30 for it.

My cousin also sent me this Sepia Refractor of Lucas as well. Those 4 additions put his cards at 36 cards. I'm hoping last year wasn't a fluke and he's the real deal.


My cousin also boosted my Michael Kopech collection with these 6 cards as well. He was out last year with Tommy John surgery so he should be good and rested for his return since he was coming back early this year. These 6 give me 43 of him.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Modern Sox

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

Just a quick post, my cousin is still in town and I haven't been home much and I'm tired. It'll be a quick post but a lot of cards. It's one of those current Sox players that I sorta started a player collection of.

Those 9 cards of Eloy all came from my cousin, who is the one currently in town. He brought me another box but I haven't gone through it yet because I haven't been home.

I also picked up these 2 2020 cards from Sportlots. I paid $.18 for the base card and went ahead and put a buck on the blue. I think I was tired of shopping so I threw it on there to get to the $5 that week.

These 11 cards give me 37 cards of Eloy, a modest start for a new PC.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sox shortstops, young and old

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

Today's post are a couple of shortstops, both player collections, both White Sox players. One is playing now, the other in the 60's.

I got this Tim Anderson from my cousin.

I picked these 2 up at Sportlots. The Opening Day was $.18 while the Heritage was $.49.

These 3 cards of Timmie put that new player collection at 44 cards.

This 2004 Fleer Greats of Aparicio came from my cousin as well. I really thought I had it but apparently not. Guess that's why we all keep records.

This one I picked up at Sportlots for a quarter. If I was a set collector, I would probably go for these Decade's Best, I've mentioned before that I really like them. I like that it's the best of the best, not picked by popularity or at least that's what I believe how it's done.

These 2 cards of Aparicio put that collection at 97 cards, and 2 more closer to the century mark.

Saturday, May 23, 2020


* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

I just realized that I have 9 posts remaining with 8 days left in the month. I took to many evenings off apparently. So today's post came up with a certain lefty but I only had 1 card of him. I figured I'd throw a couple of other guys up that I only have 1 card of. That'll knock off a couple of posts and get me back on track.

We'll start off with the aforementioned lefty. I really do like this insert set from 2020. I paid the minimum on Sportlots for this, $.18. Speaking of 18, this card is number 118 of Steve Carlton in my collection.

My cousin sent me another of Shoeless, I think I've gotten over half that collection from him. 13 of him since last year and I only have 28 of his cards to begin with. I believe I have the base card of this but this is the red framed version.

Last but not least, my cousin sent me one lone Konerko that I didn't have with this Fleer Box Score. It was kind of a cool set if you can score one the cards with an actual box score on it but I think I only have one. This card put that collection at 479 cards. I need to go pick up some more and hit that 500 mark.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Random 60's Vintage

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

You already saw the Vintage post from the 50's, today's random puts us a decade later.

I'll start with the lone 1969. This is my 48th card of that set. I have a few of these leader cards, they are generally much cheaper for some big names.

Two pretty good names for the 1968 set. The 2nd Bob Gibson of this post already. So far no Yankees either unlike the 50's post. These 2 cards make 40 on the 1968 set.

My lone 1966 card and it's a Mickey Mantle, sorta. I certainly don't mind checklist, especially when they are part of the set. I prefer the ones like these that do have something to collect on them as well. This is the 34th card in my collection of this set.

Also one card from 1965 and another leader card where you get 3 pretty good players. This is only my 25th card from the mid 60's set.

We had a couple of Yankees up there but like the 50's post, there's a bunch more coming. This 1963 gives me 14 cards, a long way to go.

With 1 less card at 13, this original wood board card, and another Yankee. A rookie at that.

And 2 more Yankees but those are some big name Yankees, and being vintage instead of the millions of reprints just make it cooler. These 2 1961's give me 20 for the set.

Another White Ford and even older, I'll take it. This Whitey Ford gives me 42 cards from 1960. I remember buying a bunch of White Sox from 1960 which is why I have more from that set than the others. Out of those 42, 27 are from the White Sox.

All of the above cards came from Sluggo, who should be on his way to Indiana as we speak, with another box of cards.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Basketball Auto's

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

You get a couple more of recent collections that have started in the last year or so. Which of course, means they are of Michigan alumn and both cards are in their Wolverine jerseys so they also go to the Michigan collection.

This is only my 4th card of Iggy and half of them are in the Maize and Blue. This is my first auto of him though.  He was with the Knicks, I believe he still is. I don't remember any headlines about him leaving or getting traded.

This is my first auto of Jordan Poole as well only this one is numbered to /125 as it is the neon orange prizm parallel.  This card puts the Poole collection in the double digits with 10. It has grown pretty quickly as I just started it last December. Although, it is mid-May already, time is just flying by. Probably because I'm old.

Both of these cards came from my cousin, who called me today and said he is coming up here this coming weekend, and he's bringing me another box of cards.