This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

PK Wednesday

I got a card today and it's a great card as in it's something I don't get to add to often. If you're a Sox fan (and maybe if you're not) you know who it is just by the PK in the title.

I don't think his cards get listed very often on ebay. In my eyes, he's one of the greatest lesser known players of the game. That showed all the time on the field when they would choose to pitch to him in occasions when they should have walked him. He usually made them pay for that. This card is my 448th of Paulie, it's a nice dual colored jersey swatch and it's numbered to /25 so it was a pleasant surprise to win this for $3/shipped.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A day late and a couple dollars short

I got a few cards yesterday but I was busy moving my grandmother and watching a waste of a football game that took away 3 hours of my life. Then I was just pissed and didn't do anything the rest of the night. So here's the cards from yesterday.

Picked up all 3 of these for the Baseball Collection, which is essentially cards that don't fit in my other collections. I picked all 3 up at a dime/shipped each.

I also picked up another Carson Fulmer for the White Sox collection. I still have a ways to go to catch up on my 2018 team sets. I picked this up for $.15/shipped.

I also picked up my 4th card of Channing Stribling, all 4 are autographs. I grabbed this one at $2.25/shipped.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fun(chess) Tuesday

Hey, look who's back. I finally got another card in the mail. I won it about a week ago and it finally arrived today. Today is also the first day since I won that last card, that I paid for another card, so it might be another week before you see something else.

I picked up my 32nd card of Devin Funchess for only a quarter/shipped. I've picked his cards up pretty steadily since he hit the pros.  Steadily enough at 9 cards in 2016, 7 cards in 2017 and this is the 8th one this year.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Random PC Cards

Figured I'd pump out a random post since I haven't gotten anything in the mail recently. I have started bidding again but no more relics or autos until the end of the year due to the fact that I am taking the family down to Florida right after Christmas and it's slow at work so they are giving us a week off at Thanksgiving and as of now, 2 weeks at Christmas but that may be longer. So I'm cutting back to just quarter and cheaper cards for a couple of months. Let's get to the random post though.

Tier 1 Collections

# 2818
Collection - Paul Konerko
Card - 1998 Topps Rookie Class
Player - Paul Konerko
Team - Los Angeles Dodgers
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.38/shipped
From - Ebay
When - June, 2016

Tier 2 Collections

# 1283
Collection - Jim Abbott
Card - 1993 Fleer
Player - Jim Abbott
Team - California Angels
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.15
From - COMC
When - February, 2016

Tier 3 Collections

# 6011
Collection - Cal Ripken Jr
Card - 2000 MLB Showdown Strategy
Player - Cal Ripken Jr
Team - Baltimore Orioles
Acquired - Trade
When - December, 2016

Michigan Collection

# 1369
Collections - Nik Stauskas, Michigan
Card - 2014-15 Upper Deck SPx Finite Rookies
Player - Nik Stauskas
Team - Michigan Wolverines
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $1.25
From - COMC
When - February, 2016

White Sox Collections

# 6691
Collection - White Sox
Card - 2003 Fleer Flair
Player - Frank Thomas
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - Unknown
From - Box Break
When - June, 2012

Vintage Collection - 1950's


# 2942
Collections - White Sox, Vintage
Card - 1957 Topps
Player - Jim Landis
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - Unknown
From - North Carolina
When - March, 2013

Vintage Collection - 1960's

# 6438
Collections - White Sox, Vintage
Card - 1960 Topps
Player - Dick Brown
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $1
From - Card Show
When - February, 2012

Vintage Collection - 1970's

# 7273
Collection - Vintage
Card - 1976 Topps
Player - Woodie Fryman
Team - Montreal Expos
Acquired - Trade
When - November, 2012

Vintage Collection - 1980's

# 8075
Collection - Vintage
Card - 1987 Fleer
Players - Jerry Browne, Mike Stanley
Team - Texas Rangers
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.16/shipped
From - Ebay
When - October, 2013


# 8970
Collections - Mike Hart, Michigan
Card - 2008 Press Pass SE Game Gear
Player - Mike Hart
Team - Michigan Wolverines
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $2
From - North Carolina
When - March, 2013


# 9502
Collection - Chris Wormley
Card - 2017 Panini Contenders
Player - Chris Wormley
Team - Baltimore Ravens
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $1.50/shipped
From - Ebay
When - June, 2018

Looks like the Michigan players took over this post but it's random so there it is. See you whenever I get some new cards in.