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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Catch Up Post

I've got some catching up to do. I bought a couple more cards over the weekend and then I got cards in the mail yesterday and today. This would be easier to keep up with if I would quit taking naps after work.

Sunday, my daughter took my debit card to go to Walmart to pick up something for us (I don't remember what now) so I told her to grab a couple more packs of 2019 Topps. Why the hell not? It was pretty much the same as the other couple, base and inserts. I needed 57 of the 68 cards, the rest were dupes. Also as what happened with the first couple packs, I got 2 White Sox cards.

Our super phenom rookie pitcher who's recovering from Tommy John surgery and our current starting shortstop.

Monday, I got 1 envelope but it had a bunch of cards in it

These 6 cards are all from 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects. How much did I pay? Nada. They came with the following cards that I won. Now, I know sometimes you get freebies thrown in but those are some nice freebies. So nice, that I went to the sellers store and checked to see if he sold these to someone else and mixed up and sent them with my purchase but I didn't see them anywhere. I'll take them. They came with these cards.

These 2 cards of the former Knick now, Tim Hardaway Jr, came in a lot of 2, that I won for $2.25/shipped. So under $1.25 each plus all the freebies. Great purchase in my eyes.

Then today, I got 2 envelopes.

I got these 3 cards for $.06/each/shipped. Apparently the seller was getting rid of some Orioles cards. I also won a Ripken card but when I went to log it in, I already had it marked. Oops, guess I'm out the quarter it cost.

Last but not least, I got this card which is the start of the Moritz Wagner collection. I've bid on a bunch of his auto's but this was the first relic I saw, and won. I picked it up for $1.99/shipped.


  1. That Moritz Wagner is interesting. I see the team name three different times on that jersey card... but no mention of his name.

    1. It's embossed in that line across the bottom. What's funny for me is when I won it, I didn't see the relic piece and thought I bid on it thinking there was an autograph in that space at the bottom. I was thinking I accident overpayed for a base card. I didn't realize it was a relic until the card got here and I looked at it in person.


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