This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Starting the mail week

I'm guessing since there was no mail Monday that they doubled up on Tuesday because I got 8 cards in 5 envelopes. We'll just go in alphabetical order.

2011 Topps Lineage
I probably had this at one point before I started my Bench collection because I bought a box of Lineage back in 2011. I picked this one up at $.35/shipped. It gives me 58 cards in the Johnny Bench collection.

1981 Donruss
I thought I had this card so I was surprised when my listings said I didn't. Either way, I picked it up at the max bid of $.54. It is my 68th card of Steve Carlton and my 43rd card of the 1981 Donruss set.

1989 Topps All-Star Glossy
I used to grab a bunch of these when I was a kid, and probably had this one as well. I got it this time for $.10/shipped. Can't complain about a dime box pick-up on Ebay. It is my 81st card of the Gary Carter Collection.

1997 Best
I'm always happy to grab any Paulie's because I rarely come across any that I don't have that I can grab on the cheap. This minor league card has him listed as a 3rd basemen, I didn't realize he played there. I knew he came up in the minors as a catcher, but not a 3rd basemen. He was underrated defensively at 1st, he caught everything he could get to it, but I never saw him with enough range to play 3rd. I grabbed this one at $.31/shipped and it is my 396th Konerko.

2014 Panini Black Friday Diamond Kings
This was listed as a 2014 Panini Diamond Kings, when I was searching for it in the databases it came up as a Black Friday card, I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it was listed correctly so yeah for me. I got this Larkin for $.54/shipped.

1990 Classic Blue
I also grabbed this Larkin for $.54. The 2 above cards of Barry put that collection at 93 cards.

1997 Donruss Preferred
You know with the 8 cards in the mail, there would have to be a Ripken. I pick his cards up the most often which says a lot since I don't spend more than $.54 on a card. It helps that he plated through the 90's when they overproduced everything. I grabbed this one for $.49/shipped.

1983 Fleer
Seaver on the other hand, I don't get nearly as often but I've received a bunch in trade which is why this card is my 328th card. I picked this one up for $.49/shipped and it is also my 55th card of the 1983 Fleer set.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

5 Random PC Cards

No packages in the mail yesterday but the Comcast guy(s) finally showed up today. I had an appointment this morning from 10-12 and he repaired some stuff in the house and then he had to call someone else in to do the stuff outside. Not right at the house but at the service box out in the yard. I didn't even know that that's what that box was. He said there was all kinds of problems in there and once he did his repairs, everything was all back to normal. So I didn't have to get a new modem/router or anything. I figured since I didn't get any mail yesterday and tomorrow is a holiday so no mail, that I would go ahead with a random post from my personal collections.

As of this post, I have 2488 cards on my Google docs post to random. I'm adding to this almost daily until all my cards are listed (I have a long way to go.) Let's see what the random generator threw out.

Collection - Chris Sale, White Sox
Card - 2016 Topps
Player - Chris Sale
Acquired - Trade
From - 2x3 Heroes
When - March, 2016

I received this a few months ago along with the rest of the series 1 team set from Jeff. It was amongst the cards that didn't get scanned because of the scanner being down.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1976 Topps
Acquired - Trade
From - Sluggo
When - December, 2015

Sluggo is my cousin who sends me cards, hence no link to his blog because he doesn't have one. This is the oldest card of the post and is of a Hall of Famer so there's that.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1986 Fleer
Player - Steve Henderson
Team - Oakland A's
Acquired - Trade
From - Sluggo
When - February, 2016

Another one from Sluggo, it's not a bad cut card but rather a bad scan and I didn't feel like going back to rescan it by the time I figured it out.

Collection - Ryan Zimmerman
Player - Ryan Zimmerman
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.17
From - Ebay
When - May, 2016

You actually should have seen this card posted earlier this month since I got it in the mail this month. As I said in that post, I wasn't aware of an O-Pee-Chee set from 2008, I'm guessing maybe it's an insert set by the numbering. Maybe a test run to see if they wanted to do a whole set of O-Pee-Chee, which they did the next year.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1981 Topps
Player - Sal Bando
Acquired - Trade
When - January, 2012

I've had this card for the longest of the cards in this post. All my newer cards are pretty much listed and I'm still trying to get all of my older cards on that Google document.

The nice thing is because of you great readers (and my cousin), that I only spent $.17 cents on all of the cards above.

* the links all go to my blogs or a blog that I've had dealings with so they are safe to click.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Down goes the streak, and my internet

I didn't disappear this time, I swear. I was having internet issues and I got the Comcast guy to come out yesterday and thought he had fixed it, but apparently not. I do have internet, but it comes and goes so this post may take awhile to actually get typed out and posted. They are supposed to come out on Sunday afternoon to fix it (again). I'm going to take the router in to the local office tomorrow morning and replace it and see if that doesn't do the trick so I don't have to wait until Sunday. Wish me luck.

As far as the cards go, my streak ended at 8 days. Remember last week when I said we usually only get ads and fliers on Wednesdays so I wasn't expecting cards? Well, that's what happened this Wednesday instead. I did get cards on Thursday and Friday though so let's check those out.

1984 Donruss
1984 Donruss
I got both of these 1984 Donruss from the same seller on Thursday. The Gary Carter goes to the player collection where as the Harold Baines goes to the White Sox collection. The Baines came at $.38/shipped and the Carter came at $.55/shipped. I'm still a ways on the 1984 Donruss team set for the Sox but the Carter is my 80th card for his collection.

2015 Topps Chrome

2015 Panini Rookies & Stars
Thursday also netted me these 2 Devin Funchess cards. I got the chrome for $.54/shipped and the Panini for $.23/shipped. As I mentioned last time I posted his cards, his collection has been moving right along after his Super Bowl appearance. These 2 cards put that collection at 17 cards.

2013 Topps Cut to the Chase
This is a pretty slick card that I've been trying to grab for awhile, except cheap. I finally managed to pick it up for my max bid of $.54. I love the shininess and the die cut and you know, it's one of the best pitchers in the league right now and he's a Sox player. So much going for it, how could I not. The Chris Sale collection is now up to 105 cards.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On The 8th Day, Ebay Gave To Me, 2 Free Cards

8th day in a row. I'm thinking that I purchase way more cards than I thought I did. Although, technically, 1 of those days was a package from someone else and not a purchase.

Today, I actually had to walk to the mailbox to get my cards because my daughter, who normally grabs the mail after school, had a field trip to Chicago so she wasn't getting home until later. I thought the change of routine might stop the streak. I was happy to see 4 envelopes, each containing 1 card I purchased but 1 envelope had 3 other cards as filler and 2 of those I could use as well.

2015 Topps Baseball History
 I picked up this modern day Carlton for $.37/shipped. I love the powder blue uniforms of the 80's, I really don't know why. This is my 67th card in the Steve Carlton collection.

1992 Score
I grabbed a couple more of Cal off of Ebay. I continue to grab his cards cheap, mainly because there are so many during the junk wax era. I paid a quarter shipped for this big headed Ripken.

1988 Fleer
A double Ripken. I grabbed this one for $.44/shipped so $.22 a Ripken. These 2 cards bring the Cal Ripken Jr Collection to 229 cards. What was nice about this pick up is the seller wrapped it in 3 other cards. 1 card was a NBA card which is going to my cousin in my next card dump but the other 2 fit in another collection.

1980 Topps
I assume since I purchased a Ripken card that he assumed that I was an Orioles fan. We all know that I'm not but I can certainly use this in the Vintage Collection.

1980 Topps
He sent me 2 cards from the 1980 Topps and I needed both of them. Those 2 cards put the 1980 Topps set at 112 cards which is just over 15% completed. I still can't believe he sent 3 vintage cards.

2011 Topps Finest Orange Refractor Autograph
Just like Josh Fields (Sunday's post) Brent Morel was supposed to be our 3rd baseman of the future and he's no longer with the Sox. I picked up this autograph that's numbered to /99 for $2.99/shipped. It's a pretty slick looking card, very shiny.

Monday, May 23, 2016

7 Day Mail Streak

Psst! Guess what? I got cards in the mail again today. That makes 7 mail days in a row.

I got 2 cards from 2 sellers in the mail today, at least I assume the mail since they were sitting in my recliner when I got home. The magical fairy takes them from the mailbox to my recliner every day.

1994 Score
Even though it's a Yankees card, I still purchased it since the Maize and Blue ties even out weight that. I picked this Abbott up for $.38/shipped and it is my 75th card of Jim.

2012 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Prospect Autos
Another day, another auto for under $3, barely. I grabbed this Jordan Danks auto for $2.99/shipped even though he is no longer with the Sox. I liked his play when he was here but he wasn't panning out as a major leaguer.  His brother was also traded recently so we are Danks free now.

What are the odds on going 8 days straight? Anybody?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday's mail day

I need to think of better titles for these posts. I did complete the week with cards in the mail every day, I just didn't get around to posting the cards yesterday but that's why we have Sunday's. My daughter and her friends walked down to the local mini mart and she was kind enough to grab the mail on her way in. She's the person that gets it every day after school, after this week, I'm going to have to remember to grab it on my way home from work since school will be out and my kids will probably never see daylight. I got 4 packages with 4 cards.

2010 Topps Update the Cards Your Mom Threw Out
It would be nice if I could grab the original of this card for under $.50 but until that happens, I'll have to stick to picking up reprints. We all know Topps will put out a ton of them every year. I grabbed this one for $.54/shipped and is my 328th Tom Seaver card.

2015 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor
I also grabbed another Devin Funchess, his cards have been easier to pick up since Carolina made the Super Bowl and he had some decent games as a rookie so his cards get listed more often. I got this one for $.54/shipped and is my15th card of his.

2014 Bowman Silver Ice
I really like this card and was happy to pick it up for $.50/shipped. The action shots are great but Sale's face in them tend to be on the scary side. This is my 104th card of his.

2005 Topps Team Autograph
I did also manage to grab another autograph of Josh Fields, he was a very high prospect at one point and was supposed to take over for Joe Crede when his back gave out but he never panned out to be what he was supposed to. I have 3 or 4 autographs of him since they don't go for to much anymore. I grabbed this one at $1.99/shipped.

Friday, May 20, 2016


It's Friday, no work for 2 days, and more cards on the recliner. This marks my 5th straight day with cards in the mail. I might have a problem, but I'm not overly concerned because it is a fairly cheap problem.

2002 Topps Total
I managed to pull down a Mark Buehlre, I don't get a ton of his online but I do get some. This one comes to me for the $.40/shipped and is my 176th card of Mark.

2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Autographs
I also grabbed this autograph of Brandon Brennan. I'm not a huge fan of these cards because technically they are minor league cards but I do still pick them up for hopefully future White Sox players. I grabbed this numbered (/749) autograph for only $1.48/shipped. That would be another reason I picked it up.

We'll see if I can complete the week with at least a card a day come tomorrow.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Big Mail Day Thursday

It was a big mail day today, I came home to 5 envelopes on the recliner. 5 envelopes with 7 cards but less talk, more pictures.

2015 Topps Archives Silver
Picked this card up for $.53/shipped. Not a bad card, especially since I didn't even know they did these with other colors. Oh, and it's numbered to /199 as well.

2008 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee

Like the Archives above in different colors, I didn't know of this set either, or insert set I should say. I grabbed it for $.17/shipped. Obviously, both of those cards go to the Ryan Zimmerman collection and brings that collection to 74 cards.

2015 Panini Prizm
I managed to pick up another Ripken, the scan or picture is blue tinted but the card is more gray and silver. This Cal card puts that collection at 227 cards.

2015 Topps Chrome Prism Refractor
I was surprised to get this card but maybe his face was scaring away other bidders. I grabbed this Chris Sale for only $.32/shipped. It is my 103 card of the Sale collection.

2015 Bowman Prospect Yellow
I do bid on just plain ol White Sox cards when they tickle my fancy. I liked this one because of the yellow border. I guess I have a fetish for colored borders. I picked this one up for $.54/shipped for the White Sox collection.

2014 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century autograph
This card didn't scan or photograph well at all, all that gold at the top is actually green. Like I said yesterday, I've been putting max bids of $3 on autos. I picked this one up for $1.99/shipped. He has pitched for the Sox for a few games a year for the last few years. I think he was even called up for a game earlier this season already so he has to be on the bubble to staying in the bigs.

2014-15 Donruss Elite Die Cut Autograph
I was really surprised to pick this one up. I even went a little over my budget limit of $3 and won it for the minimum bid which ended up at $3.44/shipped. This is only my 5th card of Glenn Robinson III and it's my 2nd auto but it is my first of his in a pro uniform. As you can tell up there, it's also numbered to /99.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Mail Day

I was surprised to come home to an envelope on my recliner this evening. Like I said yesterday, we don't usually get anything but the ad flyers on Wednesdays. I have started putting max bids of $3 (including shipping) on White Sox (and Michigan) autograph and jersey cards, although I'm pretty sure I haven't even placed a bid on a jersey card. I do have some autographs coming my way though, starting with this one.

2015 Bowman Chrome Autograph
I believe Nolan is in AA at the moment but it's still a White Sox autograph, and it was under the $3 maximum, I picked it up at $2.51/shipped.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Mail Day

3 days in a row. I told you I get cards in the mail most days. I probably won't get any tomorrow. I've noticed that Wednesdays generally consist of junk mail but we'll see how it goes. Let's see what we got today, both came from the same seller but were purchased on different days. I certainly don't mind when they hold on to the cards for a few days. Considering I'm buying the cards at less than a cost of a stamp, if they need to save a little on postage, I'm cool with that.

Both of today's cards go to the player collections.

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen
Grabbed this GQ for a quarter/shipped on Ebay. This is my 56th card of Johnny Bench and considering I've purchased the majority of them for under $.50, I can't complain.

2016 Topps the Greatest Streaks
I also grabbed another Tom Seaver card on Ebay. This is my youngest card as it is my only one from 2016. It is also my 327th card of the collection and I only spent $.31/shipped for it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Tribe Cards haul

I got another package in the mail today, it was my cards from last years contest/game (?) that David over at TribeCards has run for the last few years. While I got 39 cards total, I only needed 8 cards from the package. I did grab 3 of the latter to send out in PWE's as well so the other 28 cards will probably go to my cousin. Let's take a look at what David pulled for me.

First we'll check out the new White Sox Collection cards.

2014 Topps Heritage
2014 Topps Heritage
2014 Topps Allen & Ginters
2013 Topps Heritage
Some Heritage and an Allen & Ginters from the last few years. All were needed for those various team sets.

1992 Topps Stadium Club
1992 Topps Stadium Club
I even got a couple of Stadium Club from the early 90's that I needed.

I even managed to get a couple of cards for my player collections.

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's Mini
 One card for the Steve Carlton collection. I also received the base of that card but I actually already had it.

2014 Topps Heritage Chrome Purple Refractor
Of course, I have to save the best for last. This is probably considered my hit of the package. I love the colored refractors. I should say I love the way they look, because I do hate that they add so many more cards that I have to add to my collections. If you know how I get my cards, you may find it odd (as I do) that I actually own the Heritage Chrome Purple Refractors of Chris Sale from 2013-2016. I guess it helps that as far as collectors go, Sale is underrated. That is just fine with me, makes it easier for me to collect his cards.