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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday's mail day

I need to think of better titles for these posts. I did complete the week with cards in the mail every day, I just didn't get around to posting the cards yesterday but that's why we have Sunday's. My daughter and her friends walked down to the local mini mart and she was kind enough to grab the mail on her way in. She's the person that gets it every day after school, after this week, I'm going to have to remember to grab it on my way home from work since school will be out and my kids will probably never see daylight. I got 4 packages with 4 cards.

2010 Topps Update the Cards Your Mom Threw Out
It would be nice if I could grab the original of this card for under $.50 but until that happens, I'll have to stick to picking up reprints. We all know Topps will put out a ton of them every year. I grabbed this one for $.54/shipped and is my 328th Tom Seaver card.

2015 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor
I also grabbed another Devin Funchess, his cards have been easier to pick up since Carolina made the Super Bowl and he had some decent games as a rookie so his cards get listed more often. I got this one for $.54/shipped and is my15th card of his.

2014 Bowman Silver Ice
I really like this card and was happy to pick it up for $.50/shipped. The action shots are great but Sale's face in them tend to be on the scary side. This is my 104th card of his.

2005 Topps Team Autograph
I did also manage to grab another autograph of Josh Fields, he was a very high prospect at one point and was supposed to take over for Joe Crede when his back gave out but he never panned out to be what he was supposed to. I have 3 or 4 autographs of him since they don't go for to much anymore. I grabbed this one at $1.99/shipped.

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  1. I'm so glad I stopped collecting cards when I turned 30. These modern cards are so ugly. Add to it the re-prints and it just isn't the same anymore.

    What made card collecting fun was spending my milk money every day for a pack of cards. Dad surprising me sometimes when he came in from work, throwing a pack in my lap. Opening the waxpack together with the old man.

    I feel sorry for "industry" collectors who do it the modern way.