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Sunday, May 29, 2016

5 Random PC Cards

No packages in the mail yesterday but the Comcast guy(s) finally showed up today. I had an appointment this morning from 10-12 and he repaired some stuff in the house and then he had to call someone else in to do the stuff outside. Not right at the house but at the service box out in the yard. I didn't even know that that's what that box was. He said there was all kinds of problems in there and once he did his repairs, everything was all back to normal. So I didn't have to get a new modem/router or anything. I figured since I didn't get any mail yesterday and tomorrow is a holiday so no mail, that I would go ahead with a random post from my personal collections.

As of this post, I have 2488 cards on my Google docs post to random. I'm adding to this almost daily until all my cards are listed (I have a long way to go.) Let's see what the random generator threw out.

Collection - Chris Sale, White Sox
Card - 2016 Topps
Player - Chris Sale
Acquired - Trade
From - 2x3 Heroes
When - March, 2016

I received this a few months ago along with the rest of the series 1 team set from Jeff. It was amongst the cards that didn't get scanned because of the scanner being down.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1976 Topps
Acquired - Trade
From - Sluggo
When - December, 2015

Sluggo is my cousin who sends me cards, hence no link to his blog because he doesn't have one. This is the oldest card of the post and is of a Hall of Famer so there's that.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1986 Fleer
Player - Steve Henderson
Team - Oakland A's
Acquired - Trade
From - Sluggo
When - February, 2016

Another one from Sluggo, it's not a bad cut card but rather a bad scan and I didn't feel like going back to rescan it by the time I figured it out.

Collection - Ryan Zimmerman
Player - Ryan Zimmerman
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.17
From - Ebay
When - May, 2016

You actually should have seen this card posted earlier this month since I got it in the mail this month. As I said in that post, I wasn't aware of an O-Pee-Chee set from 2008, I'm guessing maybe it's an insert set by the numbering. Maybe a test run to see if they wanted to do a whole set of O-Pee-Chee, which they did the next year.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1981 Topps
Player - Sal Bando
Acquired - Trade
When - January, 2012

I've had this card for the longest of the cards in this post. All my newer cards are pretty much listed and I'm still trying to get all of my older cards on that Google document.

The nice thing is because of you great readers (and my cousin), that I only spent $.17 cents on all of the cards above.

* the links all go to my blogs or a blog that I've had dealings with so they are safe to click.

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  1. My first thought was that the Steve Henderson card was half of one of those Fleer dual card things. No worries mate.