This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Friday, July 31, 2020

the last June cards in July

Here we are on the last day of the month, and the last post of the month. Funny how that worked out. Not really, I crammed the last 3 in the last 3 days to make it. This last post is a bunch of random players that I had left.

These 2 Gary Carters came from Dennis. I have seen the 3-D cards, I have 1 of Tom Seaver but that's it. As for the Boardwalk and Baseball card, I had never seen those. I clicked on the link on the TCDB and it was an interesting read. I had never heard of the place and definitely had never seen the cards. Here's the link. Along with the Fisk mini's from yesterday. Dennis sent me a couple of cards that I have never seen. That's never a bad thing.

I got to add a couple of this former Wolverine and White Sox as well with a purchase from Cardbarrel. I liked him as a White Sox, I learned he went to Michigan and liked him more. Last I heard, he was in charge of Player Development for the White Sox so how can you not like him. These 2 cards only give me 32 of him, I really should get some more.

I also got to add 2 more to the Beltin' Bill Melton collection. I only have 16 of him but according to TCDB, he only has 66 and all but 7 are from his playing days and out of those 7, 4 of them are buybacks so technically they are also from playing days. I picked up these 2 on Sportlots.

Dennis sent me my 117th card of Zimmy, although technically, it isn't card, it's a sticker and a floating head sticker at that. 

Dennis also hit our mutual collection of Ripken with the 2 cards above as well as the SI poster. I do enjoy those Sports Illustrated sets and I would have hung the Sox schedule up back in the day. 

With all the stuff Dennis sent me last month though, this was the biggest surprise.

This book partially explained the huge package I got from him. I think that's a book, it's been a long time since I've read one that wasn't on my Kindle but now I'm going to have to because I definitely need to read this.

On top of receiving the book, I have a chance at an auto card.

Does a facsimile count? I bet I won it and Dennis switched it out. You gotta keep an eye on him. Including this card, and the ones above, it gives me 534 cards of the Iron Man.

If this past months cards from Dennis doesn't entice you to start a trade with him, then you haven't been paying attention. He's probably traded with most of you but I'm sure there's a few out there that haven't. Go to "Too Many Verlanders" and hook up with him, I guarantee you'll like what he sends.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

the Original Pudge

Well that title should tell you who this post is of.

I was pretty sure I had some of those but apparently not. The 1991 Topps look-a-like is actually an O-Pee-Chee and the 1986 Fleer is a mini if you didn't notice.

The 1993 is an Archives, and the 1990 Topps is another O-Pee-Chee. I wasn't aware that O-Pee-Chee had cards with the Topps logo until this purchase from Sportlots. In case you missed it, all of the above came from Sportlots.

The rest of the cards I got of Pudge all came from Dennis of "Too Many Verlanders." I really like the above card, love the jersey and it's numbered to /350.

I'm not sure what this is.  They are fairly small and enclosed in a case. It's one case with both cards and I quickly tried to break the case but I'm not sure I can without damaging the cards. I thought maybe it would pull apart and the cards would slide out but nope, it's like they glued it shut after putting them in. Right now, it's sitting on my desk amongst my other Sox stuff.

All these cards move the Fisk collection to 177 cards.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Lotsa Sox

Just a quick post as I waited to long to start this. I was watching the White Sox finally win a game.

Speaking of the Sox, that's what this post is of. It's nice that the random waited until they at least won a game before popping them up.

I picked up all of the above on Sportlots. With all of those 1977 Topps, I'm only 1 card short of the team set so I'll be looking to add that soon.

These 2 came from a free giveaway at "A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts." I claimed both of these from his Free Stuff Fridays awhile back.

Fuji of "the Chronicles of Fuji" sent these along with the few other cards that I showed earlier in the month. 4 Magglio's give me 148 cards of his.

These cards and the 1 below all came from Dennis of "Too Many Verlanders." The 4 cards of Frank Thomas (and the 1 from Fuji) gives me 534 cards of his.

Dennis also sent me this autograph. It's my first of his but he only has twenty cards according to TCDB so I'm guessing he never got too far. It's still a Sox auto though and that's all that matters.

Thanks to everyone who sent the cards above. I do so love this community.

Monday, July 27, 2020

More Maize and Blue

We've had a bunch of 1 player posts this month and even 1 team post. Today you get a bunch of players in one post, of course, they all have a team in common as well.

I picked up another Iggy from Sportlots. This is only my 5th card of his but the collection is slowly coming along. I grabbed it for a quarter.

I also received another card of Shoelace, and a pretty slick looking one as well. This is my 53rd card of the former Wolverine QB and pro RB, WR or whatever else he played.

This Rashan Gary card is only my 4th card of his, it's been a little slower getting his cards.

I also received another Funchess. Like Robinson, his collection has really moved along as this is my 43rd card of him. All of the last 3 cards came from Dennis of "Too Many Verlanders" and they are all pretty good looking cards.

This card may look familiar because it's a variation (Silver) of one I showed last month. Those would be the only 2 cards I have of Hudson but they are both at least have the winged helmet. I picked this up for a quarter on Sportlots.

These are the first 2 cards of Graham, one of the many Glasgow brothers to play for the Wolverines. These are 2 different parallels, shine and flight, I picked them both up on Sportlosts, the shine (left) for a quarter and the flight (right) for $.35.

I picked up 2 more of the undrafted Shea Patterson as well. This gives me 4 of him. I picked them up at $.30 and $.50 on Sportlots.

Also grabbed 2 more of DPJ giving me 3 of his. I really like the gold versions of the these Leaf Draft, probably because it goes with the Maize and Blue jerseys so well. I picked up these 2 for $.25 and $.18. Not sure how Patterson cards cost more but they were all cheap in my book.

This new blogger sucks ass. I can't tag nothing with the labels unless I scroll through all the labels. I start typing it out and then when it comes up, click on it. That check mark gets erased as soon as I start typing the next name. Plus, I need to add a label. I type it out, I click the create new and then when I back back out, it's gone. Anyone else having issues or am I just an idiot? I'm going to scroll through and click everything, publish, edit and add a tag, publish, edit, blah, blah, blah.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Just a few cards

Lots of cards in this post and just like the last post, it all came from Dennis of "Too Many Verlanders." It's also the first post this month of a team and not a player although I scanned the majority of it by players.

I'm going to start off with a few Michigan cards of the other sports before I get to the majority of the post. This card is awesome. I've been wanting to get a Michigan hockey card, and it's numbered to /999. I don't really get into hockey but all the maize and blue makes this a great card. I do get to some Michigan hockey games now that Notre Dame has joined the Big Ten Conference (in hockey) so they come here to South Bend every year now.

These were the only 2 cards I need out of the basketball cards he sent me. Always happy to add a card of the Fab Five since they are the reason that I am a Michigan fan to this day. It is my 6th card of Webber and my 2nd of his backup.

Now we get into the football. I scanned some by player if they were popular players but these are all Michigan collection cards, not player collection cards even though I'll probably list how many cards I have of the player.

These 2 cards of Arrington give me 15 of him.

3 cards of Avant also give me 15. Love those Topps Magic cards.

1 great looking card of Carter gives me 8. You know I'm going to like a vintage look alike.

3 cards of Edwards give me 10. Another magic, yes!

5 cards of super Mario give me 14 of him.

Make that 15 with this sweet relic card which is my first of his.

 And a whole bunch of Wheatley, 12 to be exact. These give me 16 of him.

Next up are some singles of popular players.

This is my first of our current coach of him in the Maize and Blue. I have a first pitch baseball card of him as well.

I'm showing this one because I have a six degrees of seperation with him. He married a classmate of mine in high school. His wife's brother was a QB at Michigan and was Jerame's roomate. Her brother was also the QB at my high school when my brother played with him. It is my 2nd card of Tuman, the other is an auto.

 This is my 9th card of the #1 draft pick.

This is my 3rd card of the ESPN analyst. Oh yeah, he won a Heisman too so there's that as well.

This is my 18th card of the 12 year veteran and he's still active.

This is my 3rd card of Old 98 even though I've never heard of the set but I'm not picky either.

You know with this many Michigan cards, there's going to be some TK Legacy cards. I really like the cards of the old programs, and they're numbered to /250.

Even though I showed 43 cards, Dennis added 102 cards to the Michigan collection. I told you he sent me a bunch of cards and there are still more to come in some player collections.