This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Another No-Hit Sox Pitcher

Carlos Rodon throws a no-hitter and the random picks Lucas Giolito next who also has a no-hitter for the Sox. The next post (today's) also has a no-hitter, and a perfect game.

I picked up a bunch of Buehrle from 2002. This is the Donruss/Leaf portion.

As usual with the early 2000's, a lot of Fleer. The first card is a gold back, the rest are all different sets from Fleer. Like Topps does now-a-days.

One from the MLB Showdown game. Has anyone actually played this or just collect the cards.

Speaking of Topps, here's a bunch from them. You don't see that last jersey very often.

Lots of Upper Deck as well. I wonder if this would be what it's like if there were still multiple companies. Would each company drop 12-15 sets a year. That would be a ton of cards to buy. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that. Topps already drops a ton of them on us. 

All of the above were in the latest Sportlots package.

As in the last post, the last card came from Chris at Nachos Grande. Another card from the breakers club.

These 27 cards put my Buehrle collection at 239 cards. I have lots more coming in my next lot of cards from Sportlots so I should definitely crack that 250 mark.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Moving on up

I watched Carlos Rodon's near perfect game when I got home from work today. He still got a no hitter after hitting a guy in the toe with 1 out in the 9th. It was good to see as he has struggled quite a bit in the last couple of years. We even released him before the season but then picked him back up cheaper. He's definitely been proving himself this year, he has been one of our more steady pitchers and that says a lot with our staff.

Today's random gave us the White Sox last no-hitter pitcher.

I didn't have much of Giolito pre-White Sox so I grabbed a bunch. These are 2015 Bowman products. As you can tell, 3 different parallels of the Platinum.

Some more Bowman, shiny and tiny, err, I mean mini. These are from 2014 though.

More Bowman from 2014. I do like the background of the die cut.

Yeah, something other than Bowman. Granted, it's a minor league or college I guess with the uniform.

Yeah, some more Bowman. That was a sarcastic sentence. We've moved up to 2015 now.

A couple of non-Bowman for 2015. A non-licensed Panini and a real minor league uniform.

2016, *cough, Bowman.

You'll never guess, 2017 Bowman. Those Bowman Best cards are pretty cool, I like the big team logo in the background.

I made sure to put the Mirror Image with Giolito on top. Nobody's heard of the Strasburg guy anyways.

I picked this up filling in to 4 cards from a seller as I said I do in the previous post.

All of the above cards came from my latest Sportlots package.

This was another card from Chris at Nachos Grande breakers club. That's where most of my 2021 cards have come from so far. 

These 31 cards give me a grand total of 88 cards of Lucas and moves me up to 3rd place on TCDB. The #1 spot isn't really far away and I have more of Giolito coming so we'll see if we can't take it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

150+ for Jimmy

I don't have much to say tonight. I've been working 10 hour days again but this time going in at 4 am so I'm tired so we'll just get to the cards, that's why you're all here anyways.

Some of these didn't make it to the previous Sportlots package but they're here now. I use the box because I don't mind waiting when I'm saving that kind of money.

We'll start off with one lone 1989 of Abbott. I do like the straight on view so you can see how he held his glove while pitching.

Next up are the 1990, the Score is a Young Superstars. The other 2 are cool because they are oddballs. I've said before that I wish food companies would add cards again. Maybe with the boom in cards again, we'll see it. The top right is Wonder Bread and the bottom is King B. I've seen the King B's before but not the Wonder Bread. Didn't even know they had cards.

You get another oddball with the 1991 Post, I obviously new about the Cereal cards, those date back quite a few years. Another Topps Micro, I picked up a bunch of those from Sportlots but just one for today's post. Also a Classic.

No, they're not technically duplicates. I bought them as variations. I didn't realize at the time the only variation is an extra asterisk. I don't normally buy those, as long as I have one, I don't care about the others. Otherwise I'd have to be buying 4 different copies of 90's Donruss. If I end up with one, I'll keep it but I don't actively search them out.

Then you have these. I did pick up all 4 of these variations as they have a different hologram on the back.
My thought on the difference of these and the asterisk is I feel like the hologram was an intentional difference. The asterisk, I feel, was just a printing error. I could be wrong and probably am but there you go. BTW-that bottom left card also goes to the Michigan Collection.

Speaking of variations, more from 1992. On the Topps side again (the McDonalds were Topps). The left are the Winners and the right are the Gold parallel. I wasn't even aware of the Winners parallel until maybe last year.

The Upper Deck and a couple of oddballs from 1992. There were a ton of the Comic cards on the right but I just picked up a few of them rather than dropping a bunch of money on one set. The 1970 look-a-like is a Baseball Card Magazine card and the bottom is a Pinnacle sticker.

I also picked up the Bowman, a couple of Classics, a Leaf Black Gold and a Jimmy Dean.

On to 1993, you know, the Yankee years. I do love the Studio's with the uniform logo in the background. The Sox ones look awesome. I'm not sure if I had seen the Glow Stars before and of course, another Gold parallel.

Lastly, I picked up the 2020 A&G. I grabbed this from a seller that I only had 1 card from. I usually try to buy a minimum of 4 because of the price range and to make it worth the seller shipping at a discount and I buy so cheap.

These 33 cards put my Abbott collection at 157 cards. I'm still working my way through his cards on Sportlots so there will be more to come in the next package.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Crede Collection

Today's post is a guy you've seen here before recently but I got more of his cards in my latest Sportlots package. In the previous 7 years before using Sportlots, I had only picked up 21 cards of this 3rd baseman. In the last 2 years, since using Sportlots, I've added 65 and I'm not done with going through each year yet. I haven't even reached 2005 yet which is where he made a name for himself.

These 4 cards are all from 2000. A couple of minor league cards along with Joe's first Bowman and the Chrome prospects card. I don't think I even knew what Chrome was back then.

Another minor league card in there. These are all from 2001. The Fleer Futures at the bottom is a pretty cool card.

These are all 2001 Topps (including Bowman). The Topps Stars at the bottom right is the better looking card here. I like the black background.

These 3 are all from Donruss. Now that I'm looking at the cards posted, there are some pretty cool cards here. I like that Elite at the bottom as well.

Some 2002 Fleer cards. The bottom card is the gold back version.

A couple of Topps from 2002 as well. Am I the only one that feels like Heritage hasn't been around for that long?

Some 2002 Upper Deck. Crede with a couple cards with rookie on it even though I've showed 2 years previous. I do like the Ballpark Idols card.

These 3 cards didn't actually come from Sportlots but from the breakers club from Chris at Nachos Grande.

With these 28 additions, it bumps up the Crede Collection to 131 cards.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sox Collectibles

I really wished the media wouldn't have hyped up our bullpen because ever since they did, all they do is blow games. I read somewhere where all our losses have been on the bullpen, don't know if that is true or not. We had the lead twice today and still lost in extra innings. The really bad thing is we ditched Colome, he had a good record as a closer but he scared me all the time, and picked up Hendriks and he blew the save today. Cease struggled a bit but only gave up a run and Kopech continues to look lights. Our lack of offense with all those big bats worries me more, we continue to leave a lot of men on base. I do realize we're only 9 games in and it's a long season but it worries me anyways.

I mentioned that I went to a LCS a few weeks ago. While I did buy some cards there, the majority of the money I spent was on the following stuff for my card room. I added a 2nd shelving unit in there so now I have more space to fill with sports related knick knacks as my wife likes to call them.

They had a couple of Starting Lineups of Bo Jackson in Sox uniforms and the best part, they were only $2 bucks a piece. How can I not pick them up at that price.

As I was walking up to the counter, I saw this sitting next to the counter. This McFarlane of Scott Podsednik was there for only $5. I thought it was a pretty cool figurine sliding in to the base and it's Scotty Pods who was a huge part of our World Series Championship. All 3 of the above were in their packages and we're freed upon arriving at their forever home.

This was also on the wall and was only $10. I like the vintage feel it gives off and all the different Sox logos.

Even if I didn't get a ton of cards, I think I added some pretty cool collectibles.