This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Early bird gets the Wormley

I was supposed to go to a card show tomorrow morning. Sluggo and I usually go first thing in the morning, before the crowd but of course, I got scheduled to work so we're going to shoot over after I get off for a couple of hours and if it's worth it, we may go back on Sunday. I also had an offer to go to the Michigan/Rutgers game with Dennis and I would have gone to that over the card show but again, I have to work. I could probably get out of work if I tried really hard but I have a Sox game next weekend to pay for, as well as a Notre Dame/North Carolina and a Michigan/IU game tickets to pay for so I could also use the money.

As for today's post, I went to the list and I haven't posted any cards for this Michigan man since October 4th, 2019 so it's probably about time.

I picked up these 5 from Sportlots. The 2 on the right are the base cards (Phoenix and Unparalleled) while the other 3 are all color parallels. These 5 give me 15 cards of Chris.

I realize now there is a flaw in my system because according to TCDB, I added a Wormley card in May of 2020 so either I didn't post anything about it or I didn't tag the post. Oops. Might have to revamp my lists again.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Captain America?

Do you remember when I said that Sluggo and I went to a card show in Shipshewana a couple of weeks ago? Well, we made another video. Not made ourselves but were filmed in the background. Then again, we're hard to miss.

We're at the 4:54 mark. 

I'm in the bright safety yellow shirt. I have to say, I look huge and it's not flattering, it doesn't help that I'm slouched forward looking down. My cousin slips out from behind me just as it flashes away. I might have to start wearing that shirt to shows in case I make other videos, it's easy to spot. 

Nobody cares about that though, you're just here for the cards. Today is another new collection.

This was the first card I got of him way back in June. It came from Fred. I was pretty happy to receive it since it was my first card of Chris, but I've gotten more since then.

Remember the show I mentioned up at the top, I picked up these 3 at that show. All for a dime each. I found a great dime box and bought a bunch of Michigan cards there.

These 2 Leaf Draft cards came in my Sportlots box last week to top off the 6 cards to start my Chris Evans collection. He is currently with the Bengals, I don't think he's playing much but he is getting a little action.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Happy Birthday - Denard Robinson

Denard was born on this day in 1990, making him 31 today.

NFL Debut - September 7th, 2014 (Jaguars)

Years Active - 

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (2013-2016)
2013 rookie (Jaguars)

Cards on TCDB - 1,796 cards

Cards I have - 98 cards

You know I have to show the Michigan cards, that's a lot of them at that.

Where they came from - 

  • Sportlots (45 cards)
  • Ebay (22 cards)
  • Too Many Verlanders (16 cards)
  • Unknown (9 cards)
  • COMC (3 cards)

I also have 8 relics and 5 autographs. When I started this collection, I had trouble getting the hits of him but once they started coming, they kept coming. 4 of them came from Dennis.

Happy Birthday Denard!

*All cards shown are in my collection but the photos/scans came from TCDB.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It's been awhile

Today's post is a guy that I haven't added a card to his collection since January of 2019. Another reason why me quitting Ebay and buying on Sportlots has been a positive for my collections.

It's only 1 card and it's only my 5th of Jake but at least I just got it this month so it hasn't been sitting around for awhile before I got it posted.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Hail to Cesar

So I finally finished logging in my latest box from Sportlots, as well as some cards from Fred, the card show and some customs I received and I added them to the list to random and I realized how big the list was getting so I made a list of all my collections and slapped a date of the last time that collection was posted. Also marked it if I had one to post to that collection so I'll post the collection that's been the longest since a post. I'll drop in new collections as well so I can slap a date on those. I realize most of you could care less how I come up with the posts, but there you go anyways.

So today, I'm going with one of the new PC's. I've had a couple of these cards since July so you can see why I'm going with the new format.

These are the 2 I got back in July from Sportlots. They were my 1st 2 of Cesar but since then, I've added 2 more.

I picked up these 2 at the card show in Shipshewana on Labor day. Both of these came out of a dime box that I picked up a bunch of stuff from.

4 cards and 2 photos but at least 2 are Michigan uni's. I believe he is the Saints starting center this year.