This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ripken Getz Bench(ed)

It's been a couple of days since I got some cards but I did get a couple of envelopes in the mail today.

I picked up another one of Cal jr. I already had the base version of this set but this is the checklist, it has some other guy on it, a Barry Bonds or somebody, who knows. I picked this up for $.54/shipped and it is my 461st card of the Iron Man.

I like the looks of these Diamond Kings, I can't really tell you why but they look pretty slick to me. I paid $.55/shipped and it is my 90th card of Bench.

This is my 29th card of the former Wolverine and White Sox but my 26th different one because I already have this card, this is my 3rd actually but I picked it up for only $1.06/shipped so I grabbed another.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Heading to the WS

Another day, another card. I like the weeks where I end up with a bunch of days with cards in the mailbox. Really, what could be better? I had noticed that I've done a pretty good job of posting when I get cards. Usually, that lasts for less than a month and I start slacking. I looked at my total posts tonight, and this will be my 121st post this year and I was comparing it to previous years. It's already way past last year, which was my slowest year but at the pace I'm going, this year will should have the most posts since 2012 and will probably be my 3rd highest year since the first 2 years I started the blog.

I've kind of found my groove and it may not be great for keeping followers or even pageviews but it's what works for me. If I let cards stack up and I get behind, than I keep putting it off and my stack gets bigger and becomes more of a process to get caught up. So I've learned to post the day I get the cards, it works for me. I also don't like to spend hours typing out a post. I'd rather do a quick post and spend the time working on my cards and getting caught up with getting them all logged. Like I said, it doesn't make for great posts, but it's what works for me and it shows in my total posts.

Anyways, if you're still with me, here's the card I got in the mail today.

I didn't think I picked up very many cards of Zimmy but this is my 13th this year. It's nice that I got it a day after they clinched their birth to the World Series. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy that Washington made it the year after Harper signed his big money contract somewhere else. It puts a smile to my face. Back to Zimmerman, this is my 105th card of his and I grabbed it for $.54/shipped. I'll be rooting for him to get a World Series ring. They will be the underdogs against whoever comes out of the AL and they haven't won one yet, so I'm rooting for them.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

5 card Tuesday

I got 2 envelopes today with 5 cards total. 4 of them in 1 envelope which probably won't excite too many of you as they are White Sox collection cards. The last is a player collection.

Let's get to it.

I picked up this Belle card and was surprised it was my 32nd card of his. I didn't realize I had that many.

I grabbed this Bere card and it makes 31 cards of his. I remember him being a young stud at one point but I don't remember him lasting real long.

This is only my 19th card of Baldwin and like Bere, he was a young stud at one point but he lasted awhile longer than Bere did.

Last but not least (as far as the first envelope), I picked up this Gavin Floyd and it's my 34th card of his. I picked up all 4 of the above cards for $.37/shipped/each. They all actually seem like cards I already have, and I may even, if I do they are in the box that I haven't logged yet. It'll probably be awhile before I get to those though.

This is my 3rd of his from Gypsy Queen but the 1st of the base variety, the other 2 are an insert and a parallel. This is also the 119th card of his in the collection and I picked it up for $.33/shipped.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Is it Friday?

I didn't get any cards today but like I said on Saturday, I got a card on Friday that I didn't post because I was lazy. So here you go.

I was surprised I didn't have this, I usually have most of these 80's cards of my player collections but I tend to stumble on one here or there that I don't have. I picked this up for $.37/shipped and it's my 89th card of the Big Red Machine catcher.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Cards from A2

I did get a card yesterday but I got lazy and didn't post it. I'll post it on Monday. I'm currently watching Michigan blow their lead to lowely Illinois so I figured I'd start this post about the surprise envelope I got from Dennis that I've mentioned a few times.

I got 20 new cards to my collections, I don't remember how many that didn't go (dupes) but there wasn't many. I'll start with the aforementioned Michigan team collection.

I've probably gotten more of Michigan collection from Dennis than I've picked up on my own, which isn't surprising. These 4 (according to TCDB) make 365 cards in Michigan Uniforms. That's my 1st card of Riley, 6th of Alexander and Woodley and 7th of Hall.

Since we're on team collection, we'll do the White Sox collections next.

I actually already had the Delmonico auto but as I've said before, I keep dupe autos. I thought I had the 2007 team set as well but apparently not because I needed that Dye. The Peavy and Sale from 2013 are both refractors, which means shiny and speaking of shiny, that Panini Sale is a lot prettier than that photo shows. That is my 12th card of Delmonico, the 42nd card of Peavy, the 79th card of Dye and my 150th of Sale.

That's it for team collections, let's get to the player collections, we have a couple in common so Dennis usually hooks me up with those as well as my others.

These 5 Ripken's make 460 cards of his. He is my highest player collection and has been pulling away from my 2nd highest (Konerko) because they keep putting out Ripken cards, plus Ripken was 80's and 90's when they pumped out a ton of cards.

We share this collection as well, which isn't surprising as he is a former Wolverine.  These 2 cards make 198 cards of Larkin, slowly closing in on the 200 card mark. I only have 4 players over the 200 card mark.

Another former Wolverine and mutual collection, I don't get to many Abbott cards anymore so I always like receiving them. That one on the left is so 80's, even though it's a 1990. These 2 make 105 cards.

Dennis also sent me this relic of Funchess, which I already have, but like the autos, I keep dupes in my collections. This makes 37 cards of his.

This was probably my favorite card of the package just because it's the 1st of the Devin Bush collection. I've been bidding on some of his cards but I always get outbid. As well as he is doing, I expect this collection to be pretty decent.

Last but not least, he sent me a Tier 1 player collection in this very shiny Seaver card. This is my 362nd card of his and after only getting 10 of his cards the last 2 years, this is my 15th this year.

As always, I greatly appreciate the cards Dennis sends because he does it knowing I'm a sucky trade partner. Check him out at Too Many Verlanders for some more great Wolverine cards, and some other team that he likes who were actually worse than my Sox this year.