This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Happy Birthday - Ben Mason

Ben was born on this day in 1999, making him 25 today.

NFL Debut - n/a

Years Active - n/a

Cards on TCDB - 82 cards (2024), 82 cards (2023), 82 cards (2022)

Cards I have - 3 cards (2024), 3 cards (2023), 1 card (2022)

PC Rank - #107 (#1889 overall)

TCDB Rank - #2

Where they came from -

  • Andy Pallo (2 cards)
  • Sluggo (1 card)

Happy Birthday Ben!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Happy Birthday - Devin Funchess

Devin was born on this day in 1994, making him 30 today.

NFL Debut - September 13th, 2015 (Panthers)

Years Active - 

  • 2015-2018 (Panthers)
  • 2019 (Colts)
  • 2020-2021 (Packers)

Cards on TCDB - 2383 cards (2024), 1271 cards (2023), 2363 cards (2022), 2344 cards (2021)

Cards I have - 114 cards (2024), 112 cards (2023), 90 cards (2022), 43 cards (2021)

PC Rank - #27 (#34 overall)

TCDB Rank - #2

Where they came from -

  • Sportlots (68 cards)
  • Ebay (22 cards)
  • Card Show-Elkhart (8 cards)
  • Too Many Verlanders (8 cards)
  • Sluggo (4 cards)
  • COMC (2 cards)
  • Hollister's (2 cards)

Happy Birthday Devin!

Friday, May 17, 2024

Happy Birthday - David Ojabo

David was born on this day in 2000, making him 24 today.

NFL Debut - December 17th, 2022 (Ravens)

Years Active - 

  • 2022-current (Ravens)

Cards on TCDB - 1722 cards (2024), 1551 cards (2023)

Cards I have - 37 cards (2024), 17 cards (2023)

PC Rank - #59 (#146 overall)

TCDB Rank - #2

Where they came from -

  • Sportlots (12 cards)
  • Sluggo (6 cards)
  • Andy Pallo (4 cards)
  • Card Show-Lake Station (4 cards)
  • F&G Sportscards (3 cards)
  • Card Show-Peru (1 card)
  • Card Show-South Bend (1 card)

Happy Birthday David!

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

South Bend recap

A couple of Saturday's ago we did the monthly South Bend show. It wasn't a great show which means I had too much time on my hands and wandered around which means I bought stuff.

These 8 cards came from Fred who I work with. He came to the show and while shopping around for himself, he picked me up these cards. The bottom 3 are all numbered Michigan cards.

I picked up these 3 from Nick and Jackson of Bockaj's Best Ball Cards who are friends of ours. I paid $10 for these 3, the Vaughn and Wynn were $1 cards and he had $15 on the Nwogu auto, it's numbered to /99.

A dealer I didn't know down from us had a small $1 box where I found all 3 of these. The Hutch is base but the other 2 are color/holo parallels.

There was a guy that I had seen before that had oddball stuff so I went over to look at his stuff. I picked up the Avisail Garcia auto helmet and a Seaver figure for $6. I wouldn't have picked up the helmet as he's not someone I normally look for but he only had $5 on it so I couldn't turn that down.

These didn't technically come from the show as Kevin brought them to me from his sorting at home but he gave them to me the same day as the show so I'm throwing them up here. Along with the 2 Haskins at the top, you'll see all current Wolverines.

Some more former Wolverines up there as well. That Houstan is the base and I just added the pink (I think) parallel to my PC a week or so before I got these.

He gave me the top 3 cards of Hutch and I paid for the bottom 3. 

A couple of Tier 3 cards. The Carter is the Retrofractor parallel.

Some inserts and parallels for Tier 2 collections.

Kevin even threw in some Tier 1 cards with these 2 PK's and a Seaver insert. It seems like I've picked up quite a few PK's in the last couple of months.

Lastly, he found some modern team cards to add to my PC's as well.

It may not have been a great show but I did come home with some great cards.