This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

My vintage collection

I told you in my last post that I was organizing my Vintage collection over the past weekend. All of my collection was in a dresser drawer and while it was mostly organized by year, I didn't have room to add when I picked up more cards. They were all crammed in there so they could fit in one drawer. Now that I have switched rooms, I have another dresser to store cards so I thought I would spread them out some so when I added cards, I could just add them right to the year.

I also thought about putting sets in binders, I was thinking any set that I had over 50% of, I would put in binders. I had enough pages to put one set in so I started putting the 1987 Topps in. I got all the way into the 400's before I decided there was no point to that. I would probably never look at it and there would be holes where my PC and Sox cards were supposed to be and that wouldn't look right. Plus I didn't see dropping the cash on 11 binders and all the pages that would go with it. So they are back in a drawer. It's own separate drawer, but a drawer.

Anyways, they are all separated now in a couple of drawers to where I could add cards as I get them. I also mentioned I had photos so here you go. The rest of the post will be photo heavy.

All of these stacks are minus the White Sox cards and my PC cards.

The 1987 Topps set is complete, the Fleer (39%) and Donruss (46%) are actually decent stacks but next to the Topps they barely look like they've started.

The 1986 Topps set is completed as well but the Fleer (19%) has a long way to go. The Donruss (76%) is one of those over half though.

Again, Topps is completed, but so is the Fleer this time, although it is a smaller set which is why the stack isn't as high. The Donruss (9%) is a long ways away.

The Topps is the tallest at 43% completed, Donruss (18%) and Fleer (9%) have a lot further to go.

As expected, the older I get, the less I have. The only reason the Topps (23%) and Fleer (17%) are even up that high are because of that last package that Jeff sent. Than there's the Donruss (9%). The 1982's however is the first year that I have more of another brand than Topps (17%). Fleer (12%) is just behind Topps but Donruss (68%) leads the way.

Back to Topps (82%) on top in the first year they had some competition. Fleer (70%) isn't real far behind but Donruss (17%) has a lot further to go. I threw in the 1980 Topps (43%) to finish off the decade.

We're all Topps from here on out. 1979 (55%) is one of 3 sets from this decade that I have over half complete. 1978 (25%), 1977 (35%), 1976 (53%) and the lowly 1975 (13%).

1974 (46%) is almost at half while 1973 (76%) is definitely over but it gets slim from here on out. 1972 (9%), 1971 (15%) and 1970 (10%).

I won't get into all the percentages here. They are all pretty low with 1969 being the highest at 8%. I do have a few from 1957 but they are all White Sox cards so they aren't here. I do not have any from 1952.

Obviously I need to work on the vintage vintage. As we all know, I only buy cheap so those won't happen until I decide to start spending some more money.

The side view

The whole collection

Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday's Pudge

A fairly small and quick post today, I'm sleepy and should be going to bed soon.

I spent the weekend sorting my Vintage collection. I took photos that I had planned on sharing but like I said, I'm sleepy, so you'll get a quick player collection post.

These 3 cards of Fisk came from Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes. That first one is a Lava Flow version from a National Sports Convention, or that's what I think anyways. I was surprised I needed the 1993 Leaf, I would have guessed I had that. The O-Pee-Chee I definitely needed, I have some of the Canadian version variety, just not very many. I've been picking up a few on Sportlots recently so those numbers will go up.

Chris at Nachos Grande always throws in some extra packs with his box breaks, if I remember correctly, he threw in a whole blaster of 2020 Archives and I scored this card of Fisk to add to the collection. 

The 4 cards above give me 186 cards of Pudge. It was nice that all 4 go to the White Sox Collection as well.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Private Box Break

Hello all! No post yesterday as my wife and I went out for supper since it was our 10th anniversary. We don't generally go inside and eat, not because of Covid, but because we generally don't like being around people. They usually annoy us. We had a good meal and survived among the people. Nothing special, just spent some good quality time together.

As promised, we finally get away from the Vintage for today's post, although I probably hold most of your interest with the Vintage than I do my team collections. Oh well!

I joined a box break over at Nachos Grande for some 2000 Pacific Private Stock. I generally look at the checklist with what I have, to see where I'm at for the team collection and that determines whether or not I buy in. The box break provided me with half of the team set with the above 3. I was hoping to get the Konerko as it is a player collection but that didn't work out.

Honestly, I don't even remember that name. I got this insert as well. I already have the Frank Thomas mini so I only need 1 more to finish the team set of the (PS-2000 Action) insert set. 

When I weight out on whether or not to buy in, I never count on these kinds of hits just because I never get them. I did win this from that break though. It's another mini but as you can tell, it's numbered to /299. It's the only White Sox in the PS-2000 Stars insert set.

I like Chris' box breaks because he allows stacking which is he'll hold your cards until you're ready to ship so you can join multiple box breaks and not have to pay a bunch of shipping cost.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

More 80's "Vintage"

Dodgers took game 1. If I had to pick a team I'd want to win, it would probably be the Rays. Just because they are in the AL East and it would rub the Red Sox and Yankees wrong. But either way, I don't mind who wins. I work with a Dodger's fan so if they won, I'd be okay with that. 

Here we go with another 80's vintage post. Good thing Jeff sent a lot.

A couple of pretty good pitcher's in that top row. I didn't mind the 1982 Donruss set but some reason, I don't like this one with the gloves. It's pretty much the same but the glove just doesn't sit right with me. Not sure why. Jeff sent me these 10 cards to give me 56 cards for the set.

I think I might have bought this full set at a card show back in the day. I vaguely remember doing so but I have no idea if it's true or not. I was never into set collecting so I'm sure I got a good deal and I probably broke it up. As you can see above, Jeff dropped a pretty good number on my current attempt at it. These 37 cards put that set at 113 cards.

Jeff hit all 3 major sets with these 47 from the Topps set. Seeing all these Topps cards from the 80's is bringing back so many memories. I don't think I liked this set when it first came out but it grew on me. I was a fan of the 1982 set and this was vastly different. I wasn't so sure about the headshots but like I said, it grew on me. Enough so that when they did it again in 1984, I liked it. I also remember that Willie McGee rookie being a hot commodity. These boosted the set to 185 cards.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Cards from my 1st year collecting

Looks like we are getting a Rays/Dodgers World Series. I was hoping for the Braves in there but I was also hoping for the White Sox and we know how well that worked out.

I randomned for today's post and came up with 1986. Except that I just posted that. Apparently I forgot to take it off the list after the last post. I randomned again and we get this year.

I picked up these 2 from the baseballcardstore.ca, they didn't have much that I needed but I guess that worked out since I also got these.

Jeff hooked me up with 17 more from the 1981 Topps set. If you remember, before I started the Vintage collection, I started with trying to get the 1973 and 1981 Topps sets so I'm a little further in on this one. These 19 cards put that set at 584 cards which is just over 80% completed. I'm not sure why I don't make a push to finish it, it's not an expensive set. Just lazy I guess.

Jeff also sent me these 12 cards from the Donruss set. As much as I remember the Topps set, this set was right behind it on the memory scale. The Fleer not so much, just didn't see as many of them growing up. I've seen the Topps a lot over the years but not the Donruss so I really enjoy getting these and remembering all the cards. You can also tell these came from Jeff because of all the the Cubs cards. I still think he's a closet Cubs fan. He does like a lot of Chicago teams.

I promise that I have PC and White Sox cards as well. At the rate the great random in the sky is going, I'll get through all the vintage first.