This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sox additions

* I put my February purchases on random for today's post.

I headed down to my card room again this morning for a few hours and knocked out 1977, 1978 and 1979. I usually go down until my laptop is about dead so it's usually 3-4 hours. I could take my charger down there but usually by then the office chair is starting to kick my ass so I kind of use that as a timer.

I have 3 posts left this month. A team post, a year post, and a player post. Today, you get the team post. Since I only collect 2 teams, you got a 50% chance of guessing.

About half these came from Sluggo, the other half Sportlots. I believe all of them are 2019's except the Frazier. Some of those were trying to complete team sets, others I searched for by name. Either way, they all go to the White Sox collection.

For the hell of it, I clicked to see where I rank amongst other White Sox collector's, I didn't think I'd be that high. I'm listed as #8, but I'm still 4,300 behind the top guy. I'm sure I'll add more once I start logging in the Sox collection cards but I'm sure there won't be that many that I add.

Friday, March 27, 2020

A Terrific Friday

* I put my February purchases on random for today's post.

As I see a lot of you are doing, I'm spending my days at home working on organizing my collections. In my case, I'm verifying what I have on hand is what I actually show on TCDB. I've done all my player collections and I started on my vintage collection. I've finished up to 1976 today. Checking TCDB is the easy part, verifying I have them on my Google Sheet is taking me longer.

I got bored the other day (it happens a lot these days) and I went through all my player collections to see where I ranked against other collector's. I saw a couple of Tweets where people were adding their collections and checking their ranks so I was curious. I was #1 on a couple but the following player really surprised me. BTW - if you haven't figured out who it is yet, his nickname is in the title of this post.

I'm sure there are other people out there collecting him that have a lot more than me, I just figured with a guy that has over 5,200 cards on TCDB, that my 382 wouldn't be #1 but there it is. I really like the last one, he doesn't get enough modern cards with the Reds. Even though he played for the Sox, I remember him more with the Mets and Reds.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Poole Thursday

* I put my February purchases on random for today's post.

Today's another Michigan alumn who I've started to build his collection decently in the last few months. I picked up 3 last year and another 1 earlier this year, plus the 5 more I'm adding today.

These 3 all show him in his Golden State uniform. I haven't heard much of anything from him in the pros so I assume he's still getting his feet wet. I went and looked and he's on their g league team now so there you go. I felt like he wasn't ready to leave when he did but I said the same thing about Caris LeVert and he's been the most steady of the Wolverines in the pro.

These are the better cards since they also go to the Michigan Collection. In case you're bad at the math up there, these make 9 cards of Poole now. TCDB says he's almost at 500 cards though so I got plenty more to go for.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

80's Vintage

* I put my February purchases on random for today's post.

Today's post is all vintage collection cards. Nothing majorly vintage but they all go to the vintage collection all the same. I told you I finished my 1985 Topps set last month so I looked to see what set I was closest to completing and when I go through a sellers cards and finish and I have a little more money to spend, I picked up a few cards from that set.

I know, that set! It's the next set that I'm closest to finishing. The good news, I haven't picked up any more from the 1987 set since these and I have picked up some older ones for next month's post. These 6 cards put that set at 721 cards which is 91% completed. While I want to finish the set, I'm not really highly motivated to do so.

I got all these from my cousin's (Sluggo) last package. The 1984 Topps Ozzie puts that set at 322 cards (40.7%). All the 1983 Topps put that set at 143 cards (18.1%) completed. I also noticed I slipped in a Mike Schmidt card in the scan, I decided to leave it on this post since it's the only card I got of him last month, that card puts the Schmidt collection at 136 cards.

Yaz on Weds

* I put my February purchases on random for today's post.

Yesterday was my last day at work until April 7th, at least for now. Indiana is now on a Stay at Home order. I crashed early last night and never got my post out so you'll probably get 2 posts today because I think I have to post every day until the end of the month to be done with February's post in March so I can start April on March's purchases. Obviously I don't have to, I just feel like I should. If I stick to my rules in my head, I do a better job of keeping up with posting. You'll notice I haven't had long hiatus' in awhile. December of 2018 was the last time I went a month without posting and I've only had 2 months with less than 10 posts since then. That's why I stick to my rules.

Today's cards are modern cards of a Hall of Famer who's grandson is making a name for himself currently. I learned how to spell his last name writing his name down in my notebooks where I logged my cards and I still remember how to to this day.

I admit, it's a little weird seeing him on a 1984 design. He has a few cards in the 1984 Topps set but they are all highlights. I believe 1983 was his last year on base cards.

Technically, the card on the left, isn't a card, it's a sticker. I also picked up a couple of Heritage cards of his. The above and the below.

I got to add a Mookie Betts to the collection as well. All the above are from 2019 sets and came from Sportlots.