This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Happy Birthday - Shea Patterson

Shea was born on this day in 1997, making him 25 today.

NFL Debut - none

Years Active -

  • 2020 (Chiefs)

I went ahead and listed the Chiefs but as you can see by the NFL Debut, he never played and was only on the practice squad.

Cards on TCDB - 435 cards

Cards I have - 12 cards

Cards I had at this time last year - 6 cards

Like I said, he hasn't played in the pros so all my cards are in Michigan uniforms so you'll get to see all of them on this post.

Where they came from -

  • Sportlots (4 cards)
  • Card Show-Shipshewana (2 cards)
  • Sluggo (2 cards)
  • Card Show-Ft. Wayne (1 card)
  • Card Show-Kalamazoo (1 card)
  • Card Show-Mishawaka (1 card)
  • Fred (1 card)

I do have 1 autograph of Shea.

Happy Birthday Shea!

*All cards show are in my collection but the photos/scans are from TCDB.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Kid Collection

I got all my stuff logged in from the card show. Saturday was a little busier than Friday but it was still pretty slow. Our next show is the Saturday before Valentine's Day, we're heading back to Plymouth. It's a smaller show but it's established so it has pretty good foot traffic.

I didn't post yesterday because I hadn't logged in all my stuff from the show and then when I went to post today, the player that came out on top, I didn't get any new cards of, go figure. I picked up at least 1 card of all my Tier 3 players, except this one. I did get some from other sources though.

I picked up a bunch of stickers as you can see. I love the stickers and the Expos uniforms.

All of those top 2 rows, except the top left card also go to the Vintage collection which means I'm surprised I didn't already have them. The bottom 3 however, didn't surprise me as they are kind of oddballs. I really like the Kellogg's and it's not even curved like a lot that I see.

I even got some oversized cards. I showed the top one of Schmidt earlier and mentioned I had others. The bottom card was the only oversized of that year that I picked up. The above 18 cards were all from Sportlots.

But wait, there's more...

Dennis also sent me this 2021 Donruss (1987 look-a-like, sorta). I already have the holo red and the Independence Day but I didn't have the plain ole base card, until now. Thanks Dennis!

These 19 cards put the Kid Collection at 168 cards.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Ok Friday

We set up at a show today but it was not a good show at all. I don't know how Friday shows usually go as I don't go to them but I've set up at 2 now and neither had a lot of traffic. Don't get me wrong, we made decent money on both Fridays but that goes to the quality of our cards but the traffic was dead all day. Tomorrow being Saturday, I'm hoping it's a lot busier. We'll see.

I did pick up some cards at the show so I'll probably get those logged and scanned on Sunday. I did pick up some of my newer Sox PC cards, but not the guy that came up today so that's a good thing.

I picked this up for $5 at my LCS last month. It's my first autograph of Dylan and my 61st card of Cease. I like how his auto doesn't fit in the box because that's the way my autograph is. The main difference is nobody wants mine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Who's Johnny? she said.

(Anybody remember Debarge) I think I might have sold out how old I am with that title.

Is the week over yet? It's been a rough week at work and I have Friday off because Sluggo and I are setting up at a local card show. I just can't wait to be off work and be messing with cards for 2 days.

Today's post is a Hall of Fame catcher who was on my favorite NL team, at least for a time. I liked the Mets as a kid, the Reds as a later teen and even the Cardinals for awhile as an adult. If you asked me my favorite NL team now, I'm not sure what I would say.

You know I gotta buy the stickers. These were all I could find in the cheaper, older Benches.

The top 5 were throw ins from Sportlots. I'm guessing the bottom card was actually searching out Benches. I start off with the oldest because that's the way they are listed on there.

You saw one of these on my Schmidt post, you'll see more because although they are oversized, they were all cheap from one seller.

These 11 cards give me 128 cards of Johnny with more to come if I ever get back on Sportlots, which with card shows coming back after the holiday hiatus, it may be awhile.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Wagner #1

I'm still posting in accordance to the PC that I haven't posted in the longest. That being said, today's post follows right along with yesterdays but it's the $1 card I picked up from Sluggo which means I get it for free.

This is the Hyper Pink version of Optic. I think my scanner put the purple on the border but it looks cool with a Lakers card. This is my 18th card of Moe, big brother to the current possible rookie of the year Franz.