This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 Michigan Men, part 2

I know it's been pretty boring titles of late, I promise I'll do better with the next shipment. I actually have a couple of cards coming directly to me because I needed them for a set, they were the cheapest on the site and he charged the same to ship to me as he did to Sportlots so I just shipped them here. According to the seller, they should be here Friday but I can't show them until after my next Sportlots shipment because they go with other cards in it.

I finished going through by Konerko cards after work today. I ended up with a stack of about 25 cards to sort. Most of them were dupes so they went to my Sox dupe box for Jeff (if I ever get around to sending them). The rest of them I added onto TCDB and with all of the shuffling of cards, I ended up with 1 less Konerko than I started. Although technically, I had 2 cards that I couldn't find on the TCDB at all.

I believe my next album is Tom Seaver, so that one will take awhile as well as he is my 3rd highest PC.

On to today's cards. As mentioned, these are more collections of Michigan players that I watched play in recent years.

This is the nice thing about using Sportlots now is that I can pick up players that you don't run into often on Ebay. These 3 cards (base, optic and holo) double my Jake Rudock collection up to 6 cards.

I got to add another Chris Wormley. This card gives me 9 but technically 7 different ones as I have dupes of an autograph in there as well. Out of the 9 cards, 5 of them are autographs so it's more rare to get a non hit card of his.

This is another guy that I rarely see. He signed with Miami but only played in 5 games and only caught a few short passes. He's currently in the XFL. This is my 7th card of him and 6 of those are in the Maize and Blue which are always better.

I went for awhile before I was able to start picking up Pepper's cards cheap. He was a stud in college but his popularity has died down (doesn't help playing for Cleveland). These 3 make 7 cards of him now.

I got one more post of Michigan men before I head into my Tier 1 pick-ups from Sportlots.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 Michigan Men

I finished logging everything from my blog to my Google Doc yesterday so today, I went down to my desk and put away a few cards and then decided that I should start going through my PC's and make sure everything I have on TCDB was correct. My first album has Konerko in it so I started off with one of my biggest collections. Needless to say, 5 hours later, I still wasn't done.

I ended up finding cards I had listed, that I don't have. I deleted those off TCDB but I'm hoping the cards turn up somewhere, probably in my boxes which I will eventually go through those as well. I also have a few that I noticed are not in so hopefully those will equal out and I'll end up with the same amount of cards.

In order to do the above, I took all the PK cards out and started off by putting them in teams. Then I broke down the White Sox (probably 95% of the cards) into manufacturers and then I broke down the Topps and Upper Deck to the sets since those were the highest stacks. I went to TCDB, loaded up my collection in the gallery format and put them in order in the pages. By year and manufacturer. Each year I would start a new page so there is room to place new cards. Before, I would just add new cards to the end of his pages. I like this better and will do that with most of my collections, especially the larger ones.

On to today's cards, as the title states, all these are former Michigan men that I collect because they are Michigan men. All of them were picked up for $.25/shipped on Sportlots.

I'll start off with the only basketball player I picked up this round. It is my 11th card of Caris LeVert. Coming out of Michigan, I didn't think he was going to be that good of a pro. Just goes to show what I know.

This is my 2nd highest player collection since I started collecting Michigan players that I watched at Michigan. These 3 make 43 cards of Funchess who now plays for the Colts, go figure. Although he's been out injured and only signed a 1 year contract so I assume he'll be gone before next season. I stopped watching Colts games a couple of years ago.

Shoelace would be my top player collection as mentioned above. These 3 put him at 51 cards. He's also my highest football player collection.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 PC's, part 3

Today, we have the last of the Tier 2 baseball PC's. Tomorrow we'll start with the Tier 2 Michigan PC's.

Basically as of now, what I'm doing is going on Sportlots every weekend and spending about $5. Towards the end of the month, I have them shipped to me and then I have cards to post for the following month.

I was on there today, I specifically looked for a couple of 1985 Topps because that set is almost finished and then I wanted to search for other stuff but it is extremely hard to search for anything unless you know what you want. I figured I'd look for some Sox or Michigan cards but you can't search by team so basically, I need to know exactly what I'm looking for before I search so I need to figure something out. I'm not sure what yet, but I'll figure something out. Player cards and set cards are easy, it's the team cards I need to work on.

I'm done with my bitching, here's today's cards.

*All of these cards were picked up for $.25/shipped on Sportlots.

Once again, another former Wolverine. I've had one on multiple posts in a row. A former Wolverines, a former Sox player and now a current Sox front office employee. I can't remember what he does off the top of my head but I think it has something to do with the minors, I could be wrong. These 2 cards make 29 for the Getz collection. I don't run across his cards to often.

I also managed 3 more Shoeless cards. His collection has gone up quite a bit in the last couple of months, I received 9 last year, and almost all of those were in the last couple of months. These 3 make 26 cards of Joe.

4 of those cards also go to the White Sox collection. The last Shoeless Joe is with Cleveland.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 PC's, part 2

*all of these cards were $.25/shipped from Sportlots

Today we're sticking with more tier 2 player collections, it just so happens we're going with a couple of lefties today as well. Both played for the White Sox, one for most of his career, one for only a couple of years. Oh, and one is a former Wolverine as well.

These 3 Abbott's make 109 cards. It's nice that the top 2 are first year cards as well, the Donruss is the only one labeled a rookie on TCDB. The Topps is a traded and the score is a 2nd year card as a 1990.

I picked up 3 more for the Buehrle collection as well. The top 2 for the BJ's were where he finished off the last 3 years of his career and the bottom card is a second year card. I already had a Buehrle from that set but apparently he had 2 cards that year. It also goes into the Sox collection.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 PC's

Today, we'll head into the Tier 2 player collections that I picked up from Sportlots. I'm not going in any particular order other than I'll show my baseball PC's followed by my Michigan PC's. Although a couple of the baseball are former Wolverines.

I forgot to mention this in the previous 3 Tier 3 posts, but the majority of these Sportlots pick ups were done around a quarter/shipped. A few of them went up to $.33/shipped. Most were the minimum $.18 plus the shipping equaled out to $.07/each for shipping.

We'll start with the player everyone loves to hate (especially Angels fans). These 3 cards make 95 cards for that PC, I'm thinking I might have to pick up 5 more on one of my next purchases just to hit the century mark.

Next up, Pudge. Out of these 3 Carlton Fisk cards, the last one also hits on the Vintage collection and of course, all 3 are in the White Sox collection. These 3 make 158 Fisk's.

Speaking of former Wolverines in the baseball collection, here's 3 more cards for the Larkin collection. These 3 put that PC at 203 cards. I'm surprised I didn't have them as they are 80's cards and those are usually pretty easy to pick up.