This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

I Got Lazy Again

I got a couple of cards the other day but I got lazy and didn't post them. Then I got 3 more today so I guess I'll finally post them along with today's stuff.

I'll start with today's cards. I picked up these 3 card from 2019 Bowman. The Kopech is only the 2nd card I've got from that set and the other 2 are the first of the Prospects set. The Kopech ($.22/shipped) is my 7th card of his, I guess I can still get his since his Tommy John surgery has kept him out of the eye of most collections. The Dunning ($.36/shipped) is my 5th of his and that is my first card of Madrigal ($.24/shipped) who, from what I hear, has been a stud in the minors. Don't know when we'll get to see him in the majors as they like to take their time since we're not in contention of anything.

I picked up my 353rd card of Tom Seaver for $.45/shipped. It is my 4th card I've picked up of his this year which is double of what I picked up last year so at least I got that going for me.

Last but not least, I picked up my first new Chris Getz in 3 years. I picked up this auto for $2.52/shipped. I don't think a lot of his cards get listed is the main reason I don't get many. I suppose I could go look for some on some other sites but I never get around to it. It's my 25th different card of the former Wolverine and Sox. It's not a bad looking card but I think that's because he's got the powder blues on.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Minor Leaguer and Hall of Famer

I got another 2 cards in the mail today from the same seller. One isn't a White Sox card too which most have my cards have been lately.

I picked up this Palka for $.30/shipped. It's only my 2nd card of his and my 1st from the update set. He was a HR machine for awhile last year but has since been bumped back to the minors.

I also picked up this Steve Carlton card. It's always nice to get a Cardinals card of him since there are fewer than most. It is my 6th one of him in a Cardinals uniform but 4 of those are after his playing days and the 2 originals are leaders cards. I picked this up for $.25/shipped.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Make Up Mail Day

We made it through the rain at yesterday's game. I had actually got seats under the upper deck so I wasn't sitting in the sun all afternoon. It worked out that it helped with the rain as well. It rained a few times but never longer than about 5 minutes but sometimes pretty hard but as long as it rained down, we were dry, but if the wind blew it towards us we got wet. So we decided to move over a section so we could go back another row and we were fine. You'll never guess what happened an inning or two later. A foul ball came down right on the seat next to the one I was sitting in before we moved. Go figure. I've gotten balls at the ballpark before but never a foul ball during the game. Apparently that streak continued since I moved. The Sox lost but I did get to see Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit a HR so I can say I've seen that.

It was still a pretty good day hanging with the fam and they all had fun so it was a good time, despite the loss.

The lack of envelopes last week caught up with me today. I got 4, all with a card a piece in them.

I picked up this McCarthy for $.23/shipped. It's only my 4th of that team set which is a long way to go to finish it. According to TCDB, this is also my 4th card of his but I know I have more than that which just shows that I still have a bunch of cards to log in but I have to finish what I've already got logged in to my sheets.

I also picked up another 2019 Sox card. Minus the short prints, I only need 2 more Sox to finish that team set, at least for series 1. I grabbed this for $.23/shipped as well. He was also the pitcher yesterday at the game. He only gave up 1 run before the bullpen blew it. This is my 8th card of his.

I also picked up my 19th card of Moncada and my 2nd Gypsy Queen (base) card. I picked this up for $.25/shipped. He had a triple yesterday and scored our only run, just so you know.

Last but not least, a White Sox great, only he's not in his White Sox uniform. I picked up this PK for $.22/shipped, it is my 435th different card of his and the 43rd one as a Dodger.

Friday, May 17, 2019


It's been a little slow around here, not because I've been slacking but because I just haven't received anything. I've got stuff coming, but apparently nobody wanted me to receive it the last few days. That all changed today with one envelope containing one card.

This is my 5th relic of Abreu and my 55th card overall (I do love that it's so easy on TCDB to find those stats.) I picked this up for $2.25/shipped.

In other White Sox related news, I got tickets for Sunday's game so everybody cross your fingers that it doesn't rain. It would really suck to spend 3 hours in a car and not get to see a game. It's my first game in quite awhile, I would guess 6 or 7 years so I'm hoping the rain stays away or at least not enough to cancel it.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Late Quicky

Just a quick post with quite a few cards. It's closing in on 10:30 and I have to be up at 3:45 in the morning so I'm just throwing this up so I don't get behind.

I got 3 envelopes today.

I picked up another Sale, I continue to pick his cards up for my Chris Sale Collection but to be honest, I don't really follow him anymore so I'm thinking about ditching that collection. Most of his cards will stay in the White Sox Collection anyways but I haven't made the decision yet. I picked this up for $.32/shipped. This is my 143rd different card of his.

I picked up this lot for $1.25/shipped which is within my parameters for my buying because it equals out to a quarter a card but what is bad is that it was technically an 18 card lot (plus 2 bonus throw ins). The rest were all dupes of the above cards and a couple Jose Abreu's but I already had that one as well. This 5 card pick up put me within 2 to complete the team set from 2018 A&G.

I picked up this Buehrle relic for his player collection as well as the Sox collection for only $1.99/shipped. I only put $2 on it because I knew I already had one but when I logged it in, this was actually my 3rd. Oh well, you can't go wrong with a Buehrle relic.

Friday, May 10, 2019

3 Envelopes, 3 Players, 6 Cards

Thank God it's Friday, not only am I not working this weekend, but I also got 3 envelopes with 6 cards in it. As I said yesterday, they are all White Sox cards.

I picked up my 54th card of Abreu and also my 1st from 2019 Bowman. This was the only single card I got in an envelope. I picked this up for $.23/shipped.

I picked up both of these Rodon's from the same seller. I now have the base and 2 parallel's of this card. That's a rarity for me because of how I purchase. These 2 cards make it 25 of our opening day starter. These came as a lot and I still won it for only  $.27/shipped.

I also boosted up my Yoan Moncada cards in the White Sox collection but this time, they were all singles from the same seller. People must not have caught on to how good he has the potential to be. I picked up these 3 cards for $.15/shipped (Diamond King) and the Stadium Club and Donruss for $.23/each/shipped. That Donruss on the left is a SP as well (Score!). These 3 cards make 17 cards of his in the White Sox Collection

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Sox Thursday

I'm going to forewarn you, I've been winning a bunch of White Sox cards and very little else from my collections so you're going to see a bunch of Sox cards for a bit. Including today.

I picked up this card of our current ace, well, was current until he went on the IL. Last I heard, they were suggesting Tommy John surgery but he was going to get a 2nd opinion. I hadn't heard anything after that and that was a few days ago. Anyways, I picked this up for $.25/shipped. It is my 23rd card of Rodon according to TCDB.

I also picked up another card of Moncada that I didn't have.  I nabbed it for $.35/shipped. It is my 14th card of his according to TCDB. He has really blossomed into the player we thought we were getting last year which just goes to show you that it doesn't hurt to leave them in the minors instead of rushing them up.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sox Saturday

I did get one envelope today, a rather large one. A large padded envelope at that, with tracking. I say all that because, as per my usual, I got it fairly cheap to begin with. It's a Red Sox card, who the White Sox are currently getting spanked by but oh well.

I know I've actually bid on this card more than a few times so it was nice to finally grab it for $.32/shipped. He's with the wrong Sox here but it's still a good card even if it is one of those old time posed photos. It is my 166th card of Fisk.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Hot Post

Since my Sox are on a roll, apparently all I'm showing is Sox cards as of late. Last night's win over the other Sox was a sweet victory with a walk off 3 run homer by Nicky Delmonico. Tonight we face a winless Sale but from what I've read, he's been pitching better so we'll see if they can keep their winning ways going. They White Sox are 5-1 in their last 6. Their offense has been going well but we have to keep up with however many the pitching gives up. You're not here for Sox talk though, let's see what I got today in 3 envelopes.

I picked up my first 2 cards for the Sox team set of the Opening Day set. I won both of these from the same seller and even paid for them together but received them both in separate envelopes, I don't know why. I paid $.30/shipped for the Abreu and $.31/shipped for the Moncada. This is my 53rd card of Abreu.

I also picked up this other Moncada for $.50/shipped from another seller. It is my 13th card of Yoan.

Did you figure out why I called this Hot Post. Both of these players, plus Tim Anderson (AL Player of the Month) are hot and are a big reason the White Sox offense is on a roll. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Cheap HOF Lefty

Just a quick post, I got one envelope today with one card. Well, technically it's not a card.

I got this 1981 Topps Sticker of Steve Carlton for only $.06/shipped. I find it hilarious when I win stuff that cheap and they have to send it to me. It's my 103rd card (sorta) of the lefty.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

White Sox Wednesday

I got 3 cards in 3 envelopes, and all 3 White Sox cards. Since we're talking about the number 3, the Sox have won 3 in a row (although they are currently losing in the 1st game of a double header today).

We'll start with the older of the 3. I liked Brian Anderson when he played with us but he never lived up to his potential. I picked up this card for only $.15/shipped. According to TCDB, this is my 14th card of Anderson but I probably have more that I haven't gotten logged in yet.

I also picked up this 2016 Donruss of Abreu for $.25/shipped. I checked to see where I was on the team set but this is the 1st card. I thought I had more but than again, Donruss doesn't change much year to year so I probably confused it with a different year. This is my 52nd card of the red hot Abreu.

I also picked up my first auto of Reynaldo, who had a great outing in his last start. 14 strikeouts in 6 innings so I was happy to grab it for only $2.02/shipped. It is my 7th card of his.