This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Week of Autos Continues

I'm a day late, I actually got these cards yesterday but my lack of sleep throughout the week caught up with my and I crashed early last night. Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row that I received autographs in the mail which leads up to the discussion I had with the wife this morning on how much I've been spending on cards. I do keep track and I haven't changed the habits as far as what I bid on or how much I bid but my costs have gone up because I've been winning a lot more autos/relics than I normally do. Oops! Here's what I got yesterday.

I picked up this auto for $2.51/shipped. It's numbered to /199.

I also paid $2.51/shipped for this auto on a bat (so they imply). The back says the auto is real but says nothing about the bat piece. I wouldn't be surprised if they just sign flat, thin pieces of wood specifically made for the card. This one is numbered to /49.

I saw that we released Nicky which sucked because I do like him, but I just read they released him to make room on the 40 man roster and he was out with a season ending injury while in the minors. You can't run an injured player through waivers, so teams generally released them to open up the spot and than sign them again later so maybe he'll stay with the team.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

3 Autos in 2 Days

After receiving an auto yesterday of Trey Burke, I got 2 envelopes with 2 more autographs. One who played with Burke.

Yeah, I don't know who he is either. I only paid $1/shipped for it which is what I generally put on older autos of players I haven't heard of. Considering he only has 39 cards listed on the TCDB, it's not surprising that this is my 1st card of his. Obviously, this isn't the guy who played with Burke.

This is the guy, I nabbed another Stauskas auto for the collection. I got it for $3/shipped. It's my 4th auto and my 14th card total of his.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hitting the Trey

I got one card in the mail and it was mislabled when I purchased it off of Ebay. It took me awhile to figure out why I couldn't find it under 2014-15. That would be because it's a 2013-14. It didn't matter to me for 2 reasons, 1, I didn't have it either way and 2, it's an autograph so to have 2 of them certainly wouldn't bother me either.

This is my 13th card of Trey Burke and my 4th autograph. I picked it up for $2.79/shipped. It's fitting that I do a Michigan alumni on the night they had a chance at being the College World Series Champions but that didn't work out to well. They just flat out met a better team and considering Michigan wasn't even supposed to be anywhere near the tournament, you can't be mad at that. To be honest, it was nice to see more of their games. Big Ten Network doesn't play very many of their games throughout the year, maybe with them going this far, they'll get on TV more next year.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Starting the week off right

Nothing better than opening the mailbox to an envelope on a Monday. Although technically, I already looked on the USPS app this morning and new it was going to be there.

I got 1 envelope with 1 card and it's not a Sox card, that'll please most of you but it is a player that I have a lot of cards of.

I picked up this 2018 Stadium Club of Cal Jr for $.40/shipped. I don't think I need to say how great the Stadium Club cards are. This is my 438th card of Ripken which is my 2nd highest player collection with only 2 cards behind Konerko.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Hey, guess what I finally got done. I finally got the package that Dennis sent me all logged in and finished. It was a pretty awesome package, which if you've received one from Dennis before, than you know, because he always gives great cards. It ended up giving me 77 more cards to my collections. Obviously, I'm not going to show them all but I will hit some highlights.

I just wanted to show this sticker of the logo because, it's a logo and it's a sticker.

These are representing the White Sox Collection cards, I chose the Moncada cards because he's coming into his own and I'm enjoying watching him play.

I used this Breaston card to represent the Michigan collection cards just because I think it's a pretty cool looking card.

These 2 are also part of the Michigan collection but they are also player collections. I appreciated these because I don't have a bunch of either of these players.

Dennis and I also share these 2 player collections so he always hooks me up with a bunch of these players. I just selected a card each to represent here.

I am going to show all the cards of my Tier 1 PC's just because I don't get to add to those collections very often.

I love this Mike Hart because I really like the Topps Magic cards. I think it's the vintage feel plus they are in the collegiate jerseys. This card makes 41 of Mike.

I'm pretty sure there were 4 Seaver's added to the PC, I must have forgotten to scan one. These 3 (and possibly 1 more) give me 356 different cards of his.

I really like seeing these as this is my favorite PC collection. I'm sure Dennis was just happy to get rid of some White Sox cards. These 4 cards make 436 of Konerko which is my top PC number.

If you think that was enough cards, you know Dennis don't play like that.

He also sent this relic of Frazier, I believe this is my 1st and only relic of his. I liked Frazier when he was with us, I wish he would have worked out better.

You know Dennis is going to hook me up with a Michigan auto, the dude has a ton of them. This is my 3rd different auto of Breaston and it wouldn't surprise me if they all came from Dennis.

He hit this player collection with a striped relic of Chris Sale. It's the best kind of Chris Sale because he's with the White Sox instead of the other one.

Last but not least, he sent this Chesson auto, a pink one at that. I haven't hit the double digits with Chesson cards yet but I now have 4 autographs out of 7 cards.

Huge shout out to Dennis, check him out over at Too Many Verlanders. It's pretty good, if you can get past all the Tigers cards. Thanks for the cards, they are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

2 Days, 4 Envelopes

I'm a slacker, again. I got a couple cards yesterday but I didn't post them. I got a few more today so you'll get the last 2 days worth.

We'll start with some White Sox pick-ups.

My White Sox collection knows this guy, it's the 398th card of Frank Thomas, which is my highest non-player collection amount of cards. High enough to be 3rd on my all-time list but the top 2 are player collection cards. I picked this up for $.45/shipped.

I picked up both of these 2019 Topps, which were my last 2 of Series 1 (minus the SP's) which is just in time since Series 2 is out. I picked them both up for $.23/shipped/each. This is my 7th card of Engel, and my 13th of Avisail. Both are no longer with the White Sox, at least the big club. Engel is back in the minors while Garcia got let go, I believe he's with Tampa Bay now.

I also picked up this heritage from the same seller as the above 2 cards. I'm still a few cards short of this team set, 6 to be exact. I paid $.35/shipped for it. It is only my 2nd card of our current closer.

Now on to the autograph portion of this post.

I picked up this auto of another former White Sox. This Topps Finest auto came to me for $1.58/shipped. This is my 15th card of Matt. He is now with Texas and when I was looking up at that info, it said he signed a minor league deal as a Infielder and a Pitcher. He had a couple of trips to the mound during blow outs and did pretty well, but I don't know about him becoming a pitcher. It would be pretty cool if he did the transition but you would think he'd want to me in the NL so he could hit too.

Last but not least, my first card of David Long which means a new player collection. I picked this one up for $2.25/shipped of this former Wolverine who was just drafted this year by the Rams. I really have to pay attention to his cards when I'm searching because another David Long got drafted from West Virginia this year as well.

I haven't forgotten about the cards Dennis sent me, I have to finish up the White Sox (I think that's it), I got all the player and Michigan collection cards done. I'm heading that way once this post is done.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Weekend Catch-Up

I'm back from camping, got back today with a mailbox full of envelopes. So let's get to it.

I picked up this White Sox Collection card for a whopping $.01/shipped. You read that right, a penny. I didn't have it so I put my usual $.50 bid on it hoping that it didn't come to that because I didn't really want to pay that much so I elated to get it at a penny. It is my 10th card of Hillegas.

This is my 10th of Frazier, 9 of them are a part of the White Sox collection. This came to me for $.35/shipped.

I probably already have this but I didn't have it logged on TCDB so I bought it anyways. I still have a few boxes of cards that I have to log in but I'm still trying to get caught up on the ones I've blogged about. I picked up this card of Fox for $.36/shipped. It is my 8th card of Nellie.

I picked up these 2 auto's from the same seller. I thought I already have the Meaux (I have a bunch of his auto's) but this was numbered to /93 so I didn't. I got the Meaux for $1.99/shipped, it is my 5th auto out of 14 cards. That doesn't include the dupe autos that I have. This is only my 2nd Russell and it came to me for $1.49/shipped. This card is a 2008 and the other Russell card is from 2004 which doesn't bode well considering it's over 10 years later and I wasn't sure I had heard of him before.

This is my 98th different card of Zimmy so I'm closing in on the century mark. I picked up this relic for $2.55/shipped. It is also my 8th relic of Ryan Zimmerman

We got back from camping this afternoon so this was a quick post to get the incoming cards caught up that came in over the weekend. Hopefully I'll have the cards Dennis sent me all ready to go by the time I get a day that I get no envelopes in the mail.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Pre-Weekend cards

I came home to 5 envelopes, yes, 5. Technically 7 but the other 2 were a birthday card from work and my drivers license because I just had it renewed, but back to the 5. 4 of them were from Ebay purchases that had 5 cards in them. The other envelope was from Dennis that had a ton of cards in it which I haven't logged and scanned yet so you won't see those until next week because tomorrow I'm leaving for our annual Father's Day camping trip so I won't have time until probably Monday when I get home. I will post the other 5 right now quickly so I'm not really buried when I do get back.

I picked this Fulmer card up for $.19/shipped. Coincidentally, it is also my 19th card of our former top draft pick who keeps jumping back and forth from the minor to the pros.

I also picked up this James Shields, which is a gold version, for $.45/shipped. It is only my 2nd card of his.

I picked up both of these Engel autos from the same seller. Techically, I won a 3rd auto from that seller (different player) but it wasn't in the envelope. I tried to tell the buyer but Ebay won't let me contact him yet so we'll see what happened with that. I paid $2.25/shipped for the one on the right and $2.40/shipped for the refractor on the left. The nice thing is it wasn't even listed as a refractor (#'d /499) in the listing. These 2 cards make 6 that I have of Engel.

I did manage one player collection card and it's a former Wolverine at that. I picked up this 2019 of Larkin for $.35/shipped. It's my 189th card of the Hall of Famer. That'll probably go up with the cards Dennis sent me, I know I seen some of him in there as well.

Like I said, I'm out for the next 4 days so I will see you all on the flip side. Hopefully I'll post on Monday. Hope you all have a great Father's Day weekend, whether you're a Father or not.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Peppered Wednesday

I got one envelope but I think I was supposed to get two. I also got a note thingy from the USPS saying that I had another one but it has $14.95 postage due. What I think happened is they sent the card in a priority envelope but put some stamps on it. The mailman left a note saying if it's in a priority envelope, they have to charge the priority envelope price. Needless to say, I'm marking it return to sender. It pisses me off when I get a postage due and it's $.15 (it's happened multiple times). I suck it up and pay it telling myself it's only 15 cents but it still annoys me. The auction was free shipping, it should be free shipping.

Enough about that though, let's see what I did receive today. I managed to pick up another card of a guy that I've had trouble grabbing on the cheap. This is the 2nd card this year of him, last year I didn't get any and only 1 the year before.

This is only my 3rd card of Jabrill. It was listed as a refractor but unless they are colored or say it on the back, I can't tell. Prizm's are already shiny and I've won cards that were listed as refractors before and they weren't. I don't think the sellers can ever tell either. I picked up this card for $.41/shipped.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Starting the week off right

Even though it was a crappy Monday at work, I started my week off right at home. With an envelope with 4 cards in it.

Actually I started my Monday off right first thing this morning when I checked the score of the Michigan baseball game because it was still going when I went to bed. They won! They're in their first College World Series in 35 years. Go Blue!!!

Anyways, back to why you're here.

I picked up a few White Sox from the 2014 Bowman Chrome. I paid $.24/shipped for the Kussmaul, $.27/shipped for the Austin and $.33/shipped for the Fry. I wish I did better at knowing which Bowman I have and don't have so I didn't have to search just to figure out which set in the Bowman that they are.

I went to log this card in and thought I already had it but I have one of the other versions in Red. I only paid $.42/shipped for it and it's my 46th different card of Shoelace.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Giant Sox

I was thinking it had been a slow week but looking back, I've gotten cards 4 out of the 6 days so I guess it wasn't that slow.

I got 2 cards today, a player collection that I hardly ever get any cards for and a White Sox collection of a player I've been getting more and more of (and hopefully a lot more in the future).

First up, this 2019 Bowman of Yoan Moncada. He's having a much better 2nd season than he did his rookie year and he's expected to only get better. I picked this up for $.30/shipped and it's my 21st card of him in his young career so far.

I picked up this relic of AJ for $2.99/shipped. It is my 2nd card that I've picked up of his this year and last year I only got 1 so at least I've doubled up from than. This is my 89th different card of AJ though so at this rate, I'll hit the century mark in another 5 years. Geez.