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Monday, June 10, 2019

Starting the week off right

Even though it was a crappy Monday at work, I started my week off right at home. With an envelope with 4 cards in it.

Actually I started my Monday off right first thing this morning when I checked the score of the Michigan baseball game because it was still going when I went to bed. They won! They're in their first College World Series in 35 years. Go Blue!!!

Anyways, back to why you're here.

I picked up a few White Sox from the 2014 Bowman Chrome. I paid $.24/shipped for the Kussmaul, $.27/shipped for the Austin and $.33/shipped for the Fry. I wish I did better at knowing which Bowman I have and don't have so I didn't have to search just to figure out which set in the Bowman that they are.

I went to log this card in and thought I already had it but I have one of the other versions in Red. I only paid $.42/shipped for it and it's my 46th different card of Shoelace.

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