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Sunday, June 23, 2019


Hey, guess what I finally got done. I finally got the package that Dennis sent me all logged in and finished. It was a pretty awesome package, which if you've received one from Dennis before, than you know, because he always gives great cards. It ended up giving me 77 more cards to my collections. Obviously, I'm not going to show them all but I will hit some highlights.

I just wanted to show this sticker of the logo because, it's a logo and it's a sticker.

These are representing the White Sox Collection cards, I chose the Moncada cards because he's coming into his own and I'm enjoying watching him play.

I used this Breaston card to represent the Michigan collection cards just because I think it's a pretty cool looking card.

These 2 are also part of the Michigan collection but they are also player collections. I appreciated these because I don't have a bunch of either of these players.

Dennis and I also share these 2 player collections so he always hooks me up with a bunch of these players. I just selected a card each to represent here.

I am going to show all the cards of my Tier 1 PC's just because I don't get to add to those collections very often.

I love this Mike Hart because I really like the Topps Magic cards. I think it's the vintage feel plus they are in the collegiate jerseys. This card makes 41 of Mike.

I'm pretty sure there were 4 Seaver's added to the PC, I must have forgotten to scan one. These 3 (and possibly 1 more) give me 356 different cards of his.

I really like seeing these as this is my favorite PC collection. I'm sure Dennis was just happy to get rid of some White Sox cards. These 4 cards make 436 of Konerko which is my top PC number.

If you think that was enough cards, you know Dennis don't play like that.

He also sent this relic of Frazier, I believe this is my 1st and only relic of his. I liked Frazier when he was with us, I wish he would have worked out better.

You know Dennis is going to hook me up with a Michigan auto, the dude has a ton of them. This is my 3rd different auto of Breaston and it wouldn't surprise me if they all came from Dennis.

He hit this player collection with a striped relic of Chris Sale. It's the best kind of Chris Sale because he's with the White Sox instead of the other one.

Last but not least, he sent this Chesson auto, a pink one at that. I haven't hit the double digits with Chesson cards yet but I now have 4 autographs out of 7 cards.

Huge shout out to Dennis, check him out over at Too Many Verlanders. It's pretty good, if you can get past all the Tigers cards. Thanks for the cards, they are greatly appreciated.


  1. Happy to send you any non-asshole White Sox (e.g. all but Ozzie Guillen and AJ Pierzynski). Konerko's a good guy and was a great player.

  2. Solid package! I really like the selection of Konerkos.