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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Pre-Weekend cards

I came home to 5 envelopes, yes, 5. Technically 7 but the other 2 were a birthday card from work and my drivers license because I just had it renewed, but back to the 5. 4 of them were from Ebay purchases that had 5 cards in them. The other envelope was from Dennis that had a ton of cards in it which I haven't logged and scanned yet so you won't see those until next week because tomorrow I'm leaving for our annual Father's Day camping trip so I won't have time until probably Monday when I get home. I will post the other 5 right now quickly so I'm not really buried when I do get back.

I picked this Fulmer card up for $.19/shipped. Coincidentally, it is also my 19th card of our former top draft pick who keeps jumping back and forth from the minor to the pros.

I also picked up this James Shields, which is a gold version, for $.45/shipped. It is only my 2nd card of his.

I picked up both of these Engel autos from the same seller. Techically, I won a 3rd auto from that seller (different player) but it wasn't in the envelope. I tried to tell the buyer but Ebay won't let me contact him yet so we'll see what happened with that. I paid $2.25/shipped for the one on the right and $2.40/shipped for the refractor on the left. The nice thing is it wasn't even listed as a refractor (#'d /499) in the listing. These 2 cards make 6 that I have of Engel.

I did manage one player collection card and it's a former Wolverine at that. I picked up this 2019 of Larkin for $.35/shipped. It's my 189th card of the Hall of Famer. That'll probably go up with the cards Dennis sent me, I know I seen some of him in there as well.

Like I said, I'm out for the next 4 days so I will see you all on the flip side. Hopefully I'll post on Monday. Hope you all have a great Father's Day weekend, whether you're a Father or not.

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  1. Hopefully you and the family will have a wonderful outing!