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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anybody want some cards?


Ok fellow bloggers.  I don’t have much left for trade and I just want to get rid of the cards that I do have that aren’t in my PC’s.  The box above is all I have left.  The first row (left) has vintage-1990, the 2nd row is 1991-2007, 3rd row is 2008-2009, last row is 2010-2012.  Guess you can tell when I started buying again.  I was buying boxes in 2009 which explains almost the whole 3rd row being almost all 2009.  Then about half the last row is 2010 and the other half 2011 with a sliver of 2012.

So below, I have listed most of my vintage with card numbers.  Then I listed the later vintage and everything else with how many cards I have in that set.  So if you have a want list from one of the sets listed below, give me the link, and I’ll see if I have anything for you.  Multiple sets are just fine, I just want to get rid of them.  I do have cards from sets not listed, I essentially didn’t list the set unless I had 25+ cards of the set.  And also listed in that count are inserts for that set.  So if your collecting an insert set from one of those listed, I may have those as well.  Just ask.

  • 1960 Topps (313) – 1962 Topps (113)
  • 1970 Topps (255, 274,337, 345, 352, 414) – 1971 Topps (56, 126,169, 249, 251, 262, 353) – 1972 Topps (377, 462) – 1973 Topps (51, 99, 107, 110, 117, 124, 166, 250, 271, 287, 393) – 1974 Topps (21, 46, 147, 182, 286, 462, 500, 501, 641)
  • 1975 Topps (41 cards) – 1976 Topps (79 cards) – 1977 Topps (20 cards) – 1978 Topps (54 Topps)
  • 1981 Topps (61 Topps) – 1986 Topps (38 cards) – 1987 Topps (92 cards) – 1988 Topps (117 cards) – 1989 Topps (83 cards)
  • 1991 Conlon (262 cards) – 1991 Topps (27 cards)
  • 2007 Fleer Ultra (122 cards) – 2007 UD Future Stars (30 cards) – 2008 Upper Deck Timeline (45 cards) – 2009 Topps 206 (54 cards) - 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom (77 cards) - 2009 Topps Unique (41 cards) - 2009 Upper Deck (40 cards) - 2009 Upper Deck Icons (29 cards) - 2009 O-Pee-Chee (44 cards)
  • 2010 Bowman Platinum (48 cards) – 2010 Upper Deck (37 cards) – 2011 Topps (299 cards) – 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen (41 cards) – 2011 Topps Heritage (58 cards) – 2011 Topps Lineage (85 cards) – 2011 Topps Update (75 cards)

I do have a few stipulations.  If you end up asking for a crap load of cards, such as you say send me all your 2009’s, then I will probably ask for some shipping cost.  And with all the packages I hope to be sending out, I may only send a few a week, depending on cost, so if I get 50 requests, you might have to wait a bit before it gets sent.  But I’ll keep you updated as I go along.

So here’s your chance to fill some sets (hopefully). I’m not looking to trade, you can have what you need.  But I certainly won’t turn down any cards for my PC’s either.  I haven’t stopped collecting, I just curbed my spending so I don’t purchase a whole lot of anything that doesn’t go into my PC’s. 

I’m helping out the set builders first, then I’ll take care of you team and player collectors.  If you request something, make sure you have an email address in the comment or at least attached to your blogger profile.  I have a long weekend coming up so I’m hoping to work on getting your cards together then.

I’m not expecting to have a lot of what you need, but you never know.  So send me the links to your want lists and I’ll start checking if I can fill any.


  1. I will take all your 2011 Gypsy Queen base, covering shipping is no problem, email in profile.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Would you have any 75 Topps from my list?


  3. Hey,
    I may be able to use some of the 2010 and 2011 cards you have, mostly topps and GQ. Here is the link to my lists.



  4. 86-88 Tracy Jones Cincinnati Reds please

  5. I will take the 1971's if no one else needs them

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  7. Anything Jeter would be awesome. I'll wait my turn and pay for shipping. Thanks

  8. I'll take the '75's off of your hands and any 76's off of my list....

    email is in my profile, THANKS!

  9. I'll take the 1991 Conlon ! I can pay shipping.
    Thanks !

  10. Could I request the 60 and 62 Topps cards, and the 2009 Topps Unique? And if you have any 2011 Gypsy Queen mini's, I'd definitely appreciate those as well. Let me know if you need any help with shipping. Thanks!

  11. Have started collecting some older Topps sets, so interested in any 1976 & 1981 Topps left (after Canuck needs are filled!), will pay for full shipping of course and can send you some white sox (but need your address for that !)

  12. Jeff, do you have any Barry Larkins in there?

    1. I don't know if I do or not. I will look this weekend. Let me know your email addy and I'll let you know.

  13. I'd be happy to grab those 1977 Topps! Thanks!

  14. 2011 Topps Lineage would love these also 2011 Topps Heritage (58 cards) would cover shipping