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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Card Show vintage #1

I went to the card show probably about a month ago.  My wife went with me so I planned on making it quick.  That, and I only had $7 to spend so I walked past most tables looking for some cheap vintage.  We went by a table that had a bunch of boxes marked at a quarter.  I was just going to walk by because there was no way there was going to be vintage in them.  But as I glanced at the boxes, I saw a certain colored bordered cards so I stopped and went over and sure enough there was vintage.  So I went through all of the vintage cards, pulled all of the White Sox cards out and stacked them up in years, then my wife went through my want lists and stacked the ones I needed.  I ended up spending $6.  Put down my money and left the show.  I’ll show each year per post, starting with the baby’s and working our way to the oldster’s.


I only got one from 1978, but that’s the newest.  Stick around for some older pickups for only a quarter a piece.

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  1. I think I'd lose my mind if I found a quarter box.