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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cheap Ebay Pickup

This was the last cheap ebay pickup from awhile back.  I do have some free Ebay pickups coming though.


  • Juan Uribe – 2007 Upper Deck game-used jersey ($1.41/shipped)

Juan was huge while he was here.  While he did annoy me with his bat, his defense was 2nd to none.  His bat was streaky, when he was hot, he was on fire.  But if he wasn’t hot, he sucked.  And it was always one or the other.  But I liked him for the most part.  Of course, after he left the Sox, a friend of mine at work found out he knew his cousin and he could have gotten us tickets.

I was happy to get a game-used jersey for $1.41 though, regardless of how streaky he was.

1 comment:

  1. Remember how clutch Valentin was with the bat?
    Uribe was his successor in that role.