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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Contest win

Matthew of “Number 5 Type Collection” had sort of a contest.  It was awhile ago, like the post with Ted, I’ve had them scanned and hadn’t taken the time to write the post.  I’m not sure I remember exactly what happened as far as the contest.  You just told him your top 3 (?) teams, and he sent you one of them.  I took the White Sox (obviously) then I think the Reds and Mets (in hopes of some Tom Seaver love.)  But Matthew selected me for the White Sox.  This is just a few of the stack he sent me.


I have a few of the O-Pee-Chee blacks, I really like them.  But I didn’t have those 2.  The black border always goes great with Sox cards.  I didn’t have any Denny’s cards so that was definitely a first for me.


Lots of Allen & Ginter’s love.  Which is great because I never buy packs of that set.  Too many non-baseball cards for my liking.  I don’t love the mini’s like everybody else does.  Too much of a pain to store.  I haven’t gotten any mini card pages yet so they are just annoying.  But I do need them for the White Sox collection so there you go.  I feel like I’m OCD because I can’t say no even though I don’t like them.


And of course, getting White Sox cards mean I get some Paul Konerko’s for the player collection.  Both these are new to that.  Like I said above, I love the black bordered O-Pee-Chee’s and the UD Supreme card is pretty awesome as well.

Thanks Matthew, don’t let the timeliness of this post fool you, these cards were greatly appreciated.  Check out Matthew’s blog over at “Number 5 Type Collection”.

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