This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Update with a Random Relic/Auto

I know I haven’t posted too much, I’ve been using most of my online time to work on a few sites.
  1. My Sports Obsession – Index – This site I am taking all photos from My Sports Obsession, My Sports Obsession II, Too Many Manninghams (just my photos), and my sports related boards on Pinterest and combining them all into this blog. They are tagged with players and teams so you can go to the bottom, click what you want and view everything on my sites.
  2. My Baseball Card Obsession – This site I am taking all the single card photos on my blogs, and some of yours and posting them. They are labeled with team, player as well as the set name. See below by what I mean by some of your cards as well.
  3. My Personal Collections – This site I am posting all the single card photos that are a part of my PC’s. They are labeled with only the name of that collection. I plan on having all my PC cards pictured but that’s a long way off.
All 3 of these sites are public so you can view them if you like. Blogger only allows you to post 50 posts a day before making you do a captcha for every post so when I post to them, I usually only do 50.
The My Baseball Card Obsession blog, what I meant by using some of your cards is, I go through my Feedly and the first 5 posts that I come across that have a photo of single cards, I post them to this site, and then the remaining posts (up to 50) I post from my previously posted cards. When I do eventually get caught up, I will post more of your cards as I won’t have very many a day on my blog. I do plan on putting a blog roll on this blog and once I use cards from your site, I will add your link to the blog roll.
If you want to use the labels on the My Baseball Card Obsession and My Personal Collections, if will only show you the labels from the cards shown (which are the last 50 posts, I believe) so if you want to see the labels from the whole blog, scroll all the way to the bottom, then click the labels button at the top. I’m trying to find an alternative way to do that, I just haven’t taken much time to do so yet.
And just so you get to see a card here, here is the latest Random Relic/Auto post.
These are all the cards that are not part of my PC.  They will all be either Chicago White Sox cards from the White Sox collection or Michigan cards from the Michigan collection.
Gordon Beckham – 2012 Topps Golden Moments Relic
I guess that’s fitting since he just resigned with the Chicago White Sox. I always liked Gordon, but after his rookie year, he had very little offense. He was always excellent in the field though.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Weeks Purchases

Yep, I’m back at buying again, or maybe not. I got a little excited on buying cards again after the couple of weeks off work that I searched for my vintage collection first. I bid on everything that fit it my collection with a $.50 max bid up to 1981 then I put a max bid of $.25 on those and up. When all was said and done, I ended up bidding on over 300 cards. Most of those 1986 and 1987 so I figured, I only put a quarter on them, I should get outbid on a bunch. That was not the case. Now that the week is done, I ended up winning 224 of them, yikes. So even though there wasn’t a very high bid, it added up quick. So needless to say, I’m probably going to have to wait a week or 2 again before I start buying. I did get some cards in the mail this week though, all for the vintage collection.


1979 Topps Dale Murphy


Vintage collection

  • This card gave me 57 cards in the 1979 Topps set.

I was surprised to win this one, I normally wouldn’t have bid because the seller didn’t list a card number and I don’t usually bid on those since it’s a pain to look and see if I have them, plus it was a generic stock photo of a bunch of cards but it was Dale Murphy, and I knew I didn’t have it so I went ahead and bid on this one card of his.


1979 Topps Jose Cruz


Vintage Collection

  • This card gave me 58 for the set.

I bought this from a different seller then the Dale Murphy card. It was the same seller as the following 3 cards.


1980 Topps – Bruce Sutter, Joe Torre and Tom Lasorda

$.42 (Sutter), $.33/each (New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers)

Vintage Collection

  • These 3 cards give me 88 cards for the 1980 Topps set.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wallet card siting

My daughter was out running around with friends today so since it was just my son and I, we headed out for some “guy time”. We went to an indoor mini golf place since although it is up to the 30’s here, there is still plenty of snow. Why did I tell you this, because we weren’t alone.

2015-01-17 15.18.43

2015-01-17 15.18.47

He helped me win by blocking the hole when my son was trying to putt.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Random Relic/Auto

These are all the cards that are not part of my PC.  They will all be either Chicago White Sox cards from the White Sox collection or Michigan cards from the Michigan collection.
2000 Bowman – Jeff Liefer
As you can probably tell, this isn’t a certified auto. I got this card in a trade along with another one that was collected at a game (if I remember correctly).

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random Vintage collection

I’ve randomed all my cards in my vintage collection by decade.  Here’s what popped up.
For a description of what my Vintage collection is, click here for the post.
1959 Topps – Chicago White Sox 
This is my only card of the 1959 set. I love team cards, I love the White Sox and I love vintage, therefore, this is a perfect card.
1967 Topps – Tribe Thumpers (Rocky Colavito and Leon Wagner)
I have 7 cards from the 1967 set. If I remember correctly, this was one of the first vintage cards I picked up from Ebay for the Vintage collection. This is a great card and I can’t even tell you why that I enjoy it.
1973 Topps – Ken Rudolph
I have 421 cards from the 1973 set. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a 1973 Topps card until now since I have over half the set. You should already know that I love this set, plus it’s the year I was born.
1980 Topps – Toronto Blue Jays
I have 85 cards from the 1980 set. Another team card and I’ve mentioned before how I liked the use of the flag in this set. This is probably my favorite set from the 1980’s as well.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wallet Card siting

Steve and I are watching the Colts playoff game together. He's a perfect companion to watch a game with because he doesn't want to chit chat.

2015-01-11 17.38.26

2015-01-11 17.38.261

Colts are looking good so far, let’s hope they keep it up.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

the Wallet card project

I’ve decided to get in on the wallet card even though I don’t really go anywhere and worse than that, I don’t really carry my wallet often. I hate carrying it, it generally stays in my car during the work week since I rarely go anywhere during the week. If we take my wife’s car somewhere during that week, I’ll grab my wallet out of my car since I usually drive but for the most part it stays in there. I do take it in the house on Friday since we generally drive my wife’s car on the weekend which is why I couldn’t take any photos of my wallet until last night/today.  Let’s see what I chose.

First, I pulled out all my cards that aren’t part of my collections and stacked them up.


Yeah, that’s it. I sent everything that wasn’t part of my collections to my cousin who sends me cards all the time. He sets up at shows so I gave him everything I had because he sends me boxes of mainly White Sox cards for my collections. I also always send him my penny sleeves and top loaders that I receive from my Ebay packages. I sent him a box when my brother went down south over Thanksgiving so I haven’t accumulated much yet. I’ve shown some of the stuff he’s sent me on here, he’s labled as Sluggo (his nickname growing up).

So I went through what I had and most of what I had was newer cards and I really wanted to go with something vintage. Out of that stack, the only clear choice I wanted to use was this.


If you remember, last week I posted that I won a 4 card lot of Steve Carlton but I only needed 3, well, here’s the 4th. This ended up being a great choice as 1. He is a player collection, 2. It’s vintage, sorta, and 3. I remember buying 1984 Topps back when I collected as a kid so it gives me flashbacks.


I wasn’t sure I was going to do this project because I knew I didn’t have much to choose from, but after going through what little I had, I ended up getting excited about the 84’ Topps Carlton so while I may not post a lot of pictures, because I live in Indiana and there is nothing exciting here, I will take some.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 in Review

You all know I got stats. If you read my other blog, you know I keep a lot of stats. Most have nothing to do with this blog, but one does. We all also know that I only buy cheap cards anymore, because I’m broke and trying to buy a house, 2 things that don’t go together well.

I did keep track of all my Ebay spending this year. I don’t think I bought from anywhere else all year so that was an easy category to keep. I do plan on hitting Just Commons some time in the future, hopefully near future, and grab some PC cards or maybe even cards for the 3 sets that I’m over 50% on.

Back to the stats. I picked up 907 cards on Ebay this past year. Which is rather shocking because I never would have guessed that much. All of those 907 cards cost me a total of $252.54 which now that I read that total, makes me think I shouldn’t be spending money on cards but when it comes down to it, I only paid an average of $.28 a card.

So the rule here is, don’t tell my wife that total because as long as she thinks I’m dropping a quarter a card, she won’t realize how much since I never realized it until now.

The bad part is I had 907 new cards come into my collection, and I only had 137 posts last year. That just sucks.

I have been working on the My Sports Obsession – Index blog and the more I work on it, the more I want to add cards to this blog so they get added to that blog and it becomes more comprehensive. I think when I eventually get up to date on that blog, I’ll start adding other cards from other blogs as well but that’s way off, I should probably make that a goal for this year, to get caught up on it. It may happen, it may not. That is part of the reason that I’ve been doing the random posts, to get more pictures up.  I’ve also started linking pictures of single cards to my have lists.

So just because I haven’t been here much with new material, doesn’t mean I’m not around. I just added a bunch more blogs to my reading material that I snagged from Play at the Plates contest so I’ll have more blogs to grab great cards from. I have been pinning some of them (mainly vintage stars) to my Baseball Cards board on Pinterest.

I’ll be back with some more random posts since I haven’t purchased anything in a couple of weeks. Until next time.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

This weeks purchases

Time for more incoming cards. These are the cards I’ve received this week from my Ebay purchases. These may be the last of these kind of posts for a couple of weeks while I get caught up from having 2 weeks off of work, unpaid.

As always, these are alphabetical.


1985 Topps, 1985 Donruss and 2005 Leaf Cy Young Winners

$.93 (4 card lot)

Steve Carlton collection


2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s, 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter’s and 2012 Topps Classic Walk-Offs

$.94 (4 card lot)

Carlton Fisk collection

  • These 3 cards give me 94 of Carlton Fisk.
  • These 3 cards give me 9 with the Boston Red Sox.
  • These 3 cards give me 18 from after his playing days.


2009 Upper Deck Spectrum, 2014 Bowman, 2012 Topps Chrome and 2012 Topps Update Golden Moments

$.55 (4 card lot)

Ryan Zimmerman collection

Friday, January 2, 2015

Random Relic/Auto

These are all the cards that are not part of my PC collections.  They will all be either Chicago White Sox cards from the White Sox collection or Michigan cards from the Michigan collection.
2001 Fleer Ultra College Greats Autograph – Amani Toomer
It hasn’t been long since you’ve seen this card come into my collection.  About a month ago if I remember correctly but it came up in the random so there it is.