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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random Vintage collection

I’ve randomed all my cards in my vintage collection by decade.  Here’s what popped up.

For a description of what my Vintage collection is, click here for the post.



1959 Topps – Chicago White Sox 

This is my only card of the 1959 set. I love team cards, I love the White Sox and I love vintage, therefore, this is a perfect card.



1967 Topps – Tribe Thumpers (Rocky Colavito and Leon Wagner)

I have 7 cards from the 1967 set. If I remember correctly, this was one of the first vintage cards I picked up from Ebay for the Vintage collection. This is a great card and I can’t even tell you why that I enjoy it.



1973 Topps – Ken Rudolph

I have 421 cards from the 1973 set. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a 1973 Topps card until now since I have over half the set. You should already know that I love this set, plus it’s the year I was born.



1980 Topps – Toronto Blue Jays

I have 85 cards from the 1980 set. Another team card and I’ve mentioned before how I liked the use of the flag in this set. This is probably my favorite set from the 1980’s as well.

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