This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Rosie's 88th

I said in my last post that Dennis sent me a package last week. Today you get to see the first card I'm showing as I haven't posted to this collection in awhile.

I haven't posted about this collection in awhile because it only has 5 cards, this being the 5th, but it's also my first relic and it's a just a cool looking card with the block M on the blue background.

Coincidentally, Devin is wearing number 88, which is what age my grandmother turned today. Happy Birthday Rosie! Although she claims to be a Notre Dame fan since my grandfather was so I guess it wasn't all good for her. I would have been screwed if it was a Sox card as well because she's a big Cardinals fan as well so I guess it doesn't matter.

This is the first of many relics that Dennis sent which you'll see periodically in the next month or so. If you haven't traded with him, check out Too Many Verlanders and start one because you'll want to be on his trade lists. Thanks for the package Dennis, you are a truly generous man. Go Blue!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Lots of players on 1 card

We had a decent show in Plymouth yesterday. I always enjoy that show because there's a ton of kids. We actually only set up one showcase because the lower end boxes do really well so that gives us more room to put them. There wasn't quite as many kids yesterday but we were all guessing they were probably at little league games. 

Another reason it's one of our favorite shows is it's at a church so the proceeds go to the church, as well as the local little league. On top of the table costs going there, they sell biscuits and gravy in the morning, and hot dogs (w/chili) and nachos at lunch into the afternoon. I don't know how many of you set up at shows but one bad thing is, a lot of times, there's no food unless you leave to go get something or bring something. 

I wasn't going to spend any money so I had money for the big Shipshewana show tomorrow but the guy that had those White Sox programs from the 50's that I bought at the last show, had a bunch of other stuff for me and I ended up spending $200 with him. So much for the money for the show tomorrow.

I spent today catching up on cards received since last week. Cards purchased at the Ft. Wayne show last Saturday, plus a package from Dennis and some cards Fred brought me at work, and last but not least, the aforementioned stuff I bought yesterday.

I did drop around $25 at the show we set up last week on almost all vintage. Today's post isn't a vintage post but it has vintage cards in it. It's a collection that I don't ever pick up cards for much so I grabbed them when I saw them.

I picked up this 1978 team card of the Yankees and

this 1975 card of the Yankees. These 2 double my Yankees team cards to 4. I noticed their's are a little hard to find on the cheap. Too many Yankee fans seeking them out I guess.

I also picked up these 6 from the 1971 set. It is my 1st team card from the Senators, my 4th of the Padres, my 5th of the Dodgers and Red Sox, my 7th of the Twins and my 9th of the Angels.

I also picked up these 2 from 1970. It was great picking up a Sox one I didn't have and I've been looking for the Miracle Mets one because I loved owning that one as a kid. It is my 6th card of the Mets and my 31st of the White Sox.

I really liked picking up a couple from the 60's as well. My 6th team card of the Giants and the 7th of the Braves.

What did all of these cards have in common? They were all in a dollar box that I picked through. I grabbed some other vintage out of the box but those will pop up in other posts. Even one I spent more than a $1 on but you'll have to wait to see it.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Happy Birthday - Yoan Moncada

Yoan was born on this day in 1995, making him 27 today.

MLB Debut - September 2nd, 2016 (Red Sox)

Years Active - 

  • 2016 (Red Sox)
  • 2017-current (White Sox)

Red Sox

White Sox

Cards on TCDB - 4049 cards

Cards I have - 168 cards

PC Rank - #15 (#18 overall)

TCDB Rank - #2

Where they came from -

  • Sluggo - 58 cards
  • Sportlots - 58 cards
  • Ebay - 21 cards
  • F&G Sportscards - 6 cards
  • Fred - 6 cards
  • Padrographs - 5 cards
  • Unknown - 3 cards
  • Card Show-Kalamazoo - 2 cards
  • Card Show-Plymouth - 2 cards
  • Too Many Verlanders - 2 cards
  • Box Break - 1 card
  • Card Show-Mishawaka - 1 card
  • Card Show-Shipshewana - 1 card
  • the National - 1 card
  • Packs - 1 card

I don't have any relics or autos. The top 4 cards are all technically parallels of the same card and the last one is the lowest serial numbered card I have.

Happy Birthday Yoan!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Blue or Aqua?

Bad time for this guy to come up after he got rocked the other night but he has actually had a great season so far and has been a bright spot on an underwhelming team this year.

I picked up this Aqua Shimmer card of Dylan from Hollister at the Shipshewana show out of the dollar box. I'll be back at that show this coming weekend and I already know Hollister will be there with his dollar boxes.

I'm not sure what I think of the Chrome Turkey Red. I normally like Chrome but I really like the looks of Turkey Red and I think the Chrome ruins it. Regardless, I picked this up in the dollar box at my LCS.

Cease has been pitching so well, I figured I'd pick up this auto as well. I already had the base Optic but I liked the blue border with the blue autograph. It's also numbered to /75. It's actually my 3rd auto of Dylan.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Happy Birthday - Ben Mason!

Ben was born on this day in 1999, making him 22 today.

NFL Debut - tbd

Years Active - tbd

Cards on TCDB - 82 cards

Cards I have - 1 card

PC Rank - #91 (#2399 overall)

TCDB Rank - #1

Where they came from -

  • Sluggo (1 card)

I have 1 card, 1 Michigan card and 1 autograph, all in 1.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Red(s) Sox

Sox vs Sox tonight. Apparently MLB wanted the Red Sox and Yankees series to be done early this year. We've played the home and away with the Yanks and this is the home, we've already played the away in Boston. At least we held our own against the Yanks last weekend taking 2 of 3. Hopefully we can get our scoring going against Boston and get ourselves on a roll before we get to far down in the division.

Today isn't the Red Sox but this HOFer is from half that team name. It's another Tier 3 players so quite a few cards as I was finishing them up on my last shipment from Sportlots.




2006, 2008, 2010





All of the above came from last Sportlots box. As you can tell since they are newer cards. It was the last of picking up his cards on the cheap. Now I'm going through and picking up cards $1 or less. Less cards per purchase but getting better cards.

I picked up these 2 in a dime box at my LCS which means I got them free because he threw in my small stack of dime cards with the bigger purchase.

These 52 cards move my Bench collection to 183 cards. Slowly closing in on that 200 mark.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Moe shiny

Just a quick post tonight of another current NBA'er that wore the Michigan colors.

I picked up both these parallels from Hollister at the card show in Shipshewana a couple of months ago.

This very shiny Optic Shock came from Sluggo. I don't remember if it was a freebie or one I payed for and I don't feel like looking.

These 3 cards give me 23 cards of Moe.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

NBA Playoffs are for the Maize and Blue

We did pretty good at the show yesterday. We got pretty wiped out last time we did this show (a month ago). We replenished some but there's only so much you can do in a month but like I said, we still did pretty good. It was a good time as usual as well, I always have a good time but I don't know how people set up for the National. The shows we do are about 5 hours on a Saturday. 6 including setting up, I can't imagine doing that everyday for 5 or 6 days. I would be wore out and need a week to recover.

Today's post is NBA related and with the NBA playoffs going on, it was nice to see that the 4 remaining teams all have former Wolverines on the teams. This guy is still playing in the NBA, just not in the playoffs.

I picked up 6 different color parallels from 4 different brands of Ignas. I picked them all up at the Shipshewana show from Hollister which was a couple of months ago now considering the next show is next weekend. There are only 3 a year but they are huge.

These 6 cards put my Ignas collection at 19 cards, it's always nice to pick up a couple in Michigan gear as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Happy Birthday - Devin Funchess

Devin was born on this day in 1994, making him 28 today.

NFL Debut - September 13th, 2015 (Panthers)

Years Active -

  • 2015-2018 (Panthers)
  • 2019 (Colts)
  • 2020 (Packers)


Cards on TCDB - 2363 cards (up 19 from last year)

Cards I have - 90 cards (up 47 from last year)

PC Rank - #23 (#31 overall)

TCDB Rank - #1

Where they came from -

  • Sportlots - 48 cards
  • Ebay - 22 cards
  • Card Show-Elkhart - 8 cards
  • Too Many Verlanders - 6 cards
  • Sluggo - 4 cards
  • COMC - 2 cards

I have quite a few cards in Michigan gear.

I have 7 relic cards,

and one autograph.

Happy Birthday Devin!