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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another autograph addition

The magical mailbox decided to bless me with 4 envelopes this afternoon. I only have one more card that I'm bidding on and them I'm out for a bit. I still have quite a few cards coming so the blog will keep on rolling for a week or two. 

Let's check out today's cards.

1980 Topps
You can never go wrong with some vintage, especially when it's a player collection and a Hall of Famer. I grabbed this for $.41/shipped.

2016 Topps Archives

1992 Bowman Foil
 I got 2 Jim Abbot cards in the mail today from 2 different sellers. Sadly, one is a Yankees but I can't do anything about that. The Archives came to me for $.40/shipped and the Bowman for $.38/shipped.

2015 Topps Chrome Autograph
Last but not least, another White Sox auto. I've gotten a few of these recently and still have a few more. Micah Johnson was supposed to be our answer at 2nd but after a few tries, he ended up getting sent over to the Dodgers in a trade which I believe is where he resides now. This came to me for $2.95/shipped.

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