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Friday, July 1, 2016

22 years difference

I took a vacation day off today, not that it was treated as a vacation day. I mowed the lawn, weedwacked, tore apart an old swing set, moved a bush/tree from the back yard to the front and hung up my flag bracket next to the garage. Once everything was finished and a shower was in order, I came in to a couple of envelopes with a couple of cards. 1 card in each envelope to be exact.

1993 Donruss
Nothing too exciting for most of you here. I did need this one for the team set but I'm still 12 cards away from the whole team. I picked this card up for a dime shipped.

1971 Topps
I paid a little more than the above card for this one, but since it's over 20 years older it was worth it. I grabbed this for $.53/shipped. It's my 64th card from that set.

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  1. Your vacation day was much more productive than mine. I wrote up a post... took a nap... ate... and then watched 7 episodes of Marco Polo on Netflix. Enjoy the holiday weekend!