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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hump Day Delivery

I got 3 envelopes with 3 cards today in the mail. A player collection and 2 White Sox Collections are represented.

1999 Topps
I do have a little love for the 1999 set, when I came back to collecting after leaving as a kid, this was the set that I came back into and I had a ton of them. After all, I was now an adult and was paying for my own stuff. This Ripken has a good action shot but it almost looks like it was during warm-ups. Oh well. I paid $.54/shipped.

2016 Topps Berger's Best
You got excited didn't you? Well don't, it's a reprint. Although I do already have the original so there is that. This came for $.38/shipped.

2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects Autograph Bonus
A seriel numbered autograph card for under $2, sure I'll take that. I hadn't heard of him but it is technically a Sox card. I only paid $1.40/shipped for it.

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