This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Double Header Memorial Day

What a good way to celebrate Memorial Day than hanging with the family for a cookout at lunch and getting home in time to start a double header with Cleveland. Sox won the first game in a back and forth game in extra innings. The 2nd game is tied at 1 as I type this.

Today's post will all be White Sox as well. These were all the pick-ups on Sportlots in my last package. Just fill ins at $.18 to get the sellers up to 4 cards.

Make that down 3-1 to Cleveland now. That was quick. Anyways,

A couple of 2020 Stadium Club pick-ups. One of them being the league MVP for that price. I'll take it. He still doesn't get hobby love but I'm okay with that.

Also picked up 4 Bowman Heritage. The bottom 2 are of the prospects variety but the 2 on the left are no longer with the Sox. Zack is Yasmani's back up and Rutherford is in the minors.

Now going back about 16 years, I grabbed 5 from the Donruss Throwback Threads set. These 4 give me all the current players (in 2004) but I still need the 2 retired and the rookie players for the team set. Those 3 cards are all numbered.

Sticking with 2004, I also picked up this Sweet Sigs card of the Big Hurt. It gives me the 2 current players but I still need the 2 rookies for the team set. Those are both serial numbered as well. Must be a 2004 thing.

I threw the horizontals together. The top 2 are 2007 SP Authentic inserts and the bottom card is a 2004 Leaf Certified Cuts. I do like both of the designs but the Leaf one better, probably because it's shiny. The top 2 were our #1 and #2 hitters on the World Series team though so you know I love those 2 as well.

You can never go wrong picking up vintage White Sox cards for $.18. This Walt Williams is one of the low number cards which I have most of, the higher number is another story. I have 21 of 35 cards for the team set.

Lastly, I also grabbed another 1967 Sox card for the team set. I did pay a little more for for it though, got it for a quarter. It's my 17th of the team set which is just over halfway done, again, the majority of those high numbers.

I know by the time I finish this, most of our Memorial Day's are over but I hope you all had a happy and safe one. As in every day, my appreciation goes out to all the troops, current and past.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Basketball after a sweep

I haven't posted in 3 days, shame on me! I know that's nothing to some of you but I know myself, if I stop for too long, I don't start back up. Then I just get behind on everything and it becomes work. While I try keep myself on somewhat of a schedule, it doesn't feel like work unless I start getting behind.

It's been a busy few days though so it's not like I've been slacking. My cousin, Sluggo as regular readers know him, moved up here from NC. He's the one person in my family that collects cards so I actually can talk to someone live, about cards. I hardly have anyone around me likes baseball, let alone, cards so it's nice to have both.

The Sox just swept the Orioles which puts up 3.5 games in the division going into Cleveland (who's in 2nd). Cleveland played a double header today and tomorrow they have another double header against us. That's gotta suck for them.

Today's post isn't even baseball related so that should narrow down to which collections these are. I picked these up in my latest round of Sportlots purchases, which I'll be shipping my next round in a few days.

I picked up a few of Mitch McGary. I don't think I need to tell you which one of the above is my favorite.

Also grabbed 2 versions of this Panini Prizm. The Red & Yellow is pretty cool looking. Only paid $.50 for it. These 5 cards of McGary give me 25 of him.

Grabbed some more of Sauce Castillo as well. 2 parallels up there.

And a couple parallels up there. Along with a sorta look-a-like vintage Donruss card.

Speaking of parallels. I really enjoyed Nik when he played for us. He played hard and a lot of teams underestimated him so it was fun to watch him prove everybody wrong. These 8 cards give me 25 cards of Nik as well.

I also found 4 of the big brother Wagner. His little bro, Franz, is expected to be drafted 1st round this year. They say he's more talented than Moe but when Moe got hot, he was hard to stop. These 4 cards give me 12 cards of him.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Left side

We're starting off a new round of posts today. A couple of PC guys that are playing for the Sox. A rookie who is starting to hit his stride and a veteran who should be one of the faces of the MLB. Both on the left side of the field but one in the outfield and one in the infield.

I wasn't able to grab too many of Vaughn's cards this round but I did manage these 2. He started off slow but has picked up the last month or so. He was supposed to be our DH but has been playing left field with Eloy out. These 2 cards give me 16 of his.

The opposite end of the spectrum, TA started off with his regular batting title contender self and is now slumping. The slump has only been a week but I think he'll work himself out of it. These are all minor league cards 

I also picked out these 5 Bowman cards. Not so sure about that bottom left one though, that shade of purple doesn't do much for me on cards.

I also grabbed these 3 of the same card, different sets and a parallel. That would be the rainbow foil, limited and opening day.

These 13 cards give me 95 cards of Mr. Anderson. Closing in on the century mark.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday on the Mike

 I've been MIA the last couple of days. My brother sold our childhood home and closed on his new house on Monday so I spent Monday night helping him pack up the house and I was supposed to go over there again tomorrow but he ended up texting me and said he was good. Which was good, I was exhausted and really wanted to just lay around.

Today, I'm pumping out my last PC post of this round of Sportlots. Tonight is my last night with my wife for the week as she his heading off back to Virginia to hang with her family for the weekend so I'm gonna get this out and then have some quality time.

All these were picked up on Sportlots and are all from 2008.

The Donruss section is the best as it's all college uni's, it's nice to see him back in the Maize and Blue rather than the red he was wearing a year or so ago.

Above is the Playoff Contenders and an Upper Deck SP with the Colts. I used to root for the Colts as my NFL team but I don't really get into watching the NFL anymore. I'll usually watch a game here or there if there is a Michigan alumn playing but no certain teams anymore.

You can tell the difference in the top 2 from the scan but technically the only different is the card stock. The one on the left is a glossy version. All 3 are from Score.

Lastly, the Topps portion, they pretty much use the same designs as they do for baseball. I do like the black chrome at top though.

These 12 cards put the Mike Hart collection at 72 cards.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

LCS Pick-Ups

I lied, I had 2 posts left. I noticed I had scans left for another post that I must have forgotten to have add to the list that I random. So today, instead of another PC, you get more White Sox cards! Although, after getting swept by the Yankees, I'm not sure I can tolerate them.

These are all cards I picked up at the LCS I went to with my cousin.

If you remember way back when I started this round of posts, I showed some Starting Lineup figures of Bo Jackson that I purchased. Here's the card & coin that came with them. I know the card is all decked out in KC blue but it does have the Sox logo with the notation that he signed with us so I kept it.

I picked up all these out of a quarter box. I just guessed at whether or not I had them. I wasn't going to take the time to look them up over a quarter. I picked up 3 or 4 dupes but it's only a buck compared to the 20 minutes I'd have to look each card up. I'll take it. Engel and Collins are the only ones still with the team now and Engel has been on the IL but he just started rehab so hopefully he'll be back soon. He was supposed to be our 4th outfielder but him and 2 of the other outfield starters (Eloy & Robert) have all been out.

Also picked these up of our (and American Leagues) MVP for a quarter a piece. Love the black Panini National Convention card as it is all black.

Also picked up this relic of Pito for $1.50. Pinstripe and numbered to /99 for a buck fifty, yes please. These 3 cards of Abreu give me 148 cards of his.

So while I wasn't too thrilled with the LCS, I did pick up a few things that I needed for cheap. For the most part, I thought most of the cards were overpriced which is why I stuck with the quarter box and cheap relic box.

Happy (late) Birthday - Devin Funchess

I knew there was a birthday this weekend but I forgot to look which day. It was Friday. Oops! I'm bad about checking my calendar on the weekends because I'm not at work. When I do work on Saturdays, there are no meetings so I don't look then either. My bad! My apologies Devin!

Devin was born in 1994, making him 27, 2 days ago.

NFL Debut - September 13th, 2015 (Panthers).

Year Active - 

  • 2015-2018 (Carolina Panthers)
  • 2019 (Indianapolis Colts)
  • 2020 (Green Bay Packers)
Carolina Panthers rookie

I don't have any cards from the Colts and he took off 2020 for Covid so TCDB doesn't show him with any Packers cards.

Cards on TCDB - 2,344 cards.

Cards I have - 43 cards.

A couple of cool colored refractor/prism cards.

Where they come from - 

  • Ebay (22 cards)
  • Card Shows (8 cards)
  • Too Many Verlanders (7 cards)
  • Sluggo (3 cards)
  • Sportlots (3 cards)
  • COMC (2 cards)

That equals 45 cards because I have a couple of dupes of relics.

As always, I have to show his cards in Maize and Blue. I didn't show the Bowman though, they don't even look close to Michigan jerseys.

I have 7 relic cards including one with the Block M.

I also have 1 autographed card.

Happy (late) Birthday Devin!

*All cards shown are in my collection but the scans came from TCDB. Technically not all as I put some of them on TCDB.

AJ's many teams

I finally got all my scanning done and I started to put away my cards. Luckily, I realized a couple of weeks ago that with all the cards I'm adding, I was going to need more pages and books. I actually got the pages a couple of weeks ago but the new binders came in today. I've also been organizing the PC's that have over 250 cards with their own binders and actually putting them in chronological order with a card that shows the year. Pretty basic but it was a long time coming. For awhile, I would just add the cards to the back of the book and occasionally take them out and put them in order. Now I can do it as I go. I debated on doing it with some of the smaller collections, once I finish the bigger ones, I'll see what I decide.

I would say that you'd be happy that after 3 Barry Larkin posts that you get another player for today. Except the random popped up with a guy most of you don't like. Of course, it only had to choose between 2 posts because that's all I had left from the last Sportlots package. Apparently I had a lot of cards of this guy so expect a large post.

I'll start off with his Minnesota days with this 1999 Pacific rookie.

A few more Twins cards along with his next team, the Giants. From what I've read, both fan bases can't stand him anymore. These are all from 2004 Donruss/Leaf/Playoff which are all together now. I like the Studio with the Golden Gate background.

More 2004, this time of the Fleer variety. I do like the first Ultra with the sliding shot.

Topps in 2004 was already starting the parallel game on a bunch of their sets.

Even grabbed a couple of Upper Deck from 2004. I liked the Diamond Collection sets when they were out, not so sure about the Vintage as I felt like they were trying to copy Topps without actually copying Topps.

Now on to 2005, another year of multiple team cards but at least we are getting to the Sox cards. I did like the Diamond Kings because they started using retired players which was a newer concept to regular base sets. I found it odd that Studio went from very colorful to a black and white set. It's not bad, just different.

2005 Fleer show all Giants cards. I like the colorful Showcase and the no border Ultra with an action shot.

A couple of Cracker Jack's, one is a mini sticker the other is a mini red. The card on the right is a MLB Showdown.

Some more of Topps (Cracker Jack is also Topps). You know I like the Heritage because of it's Vintage look.

A couple of Upper Deck, pulling a Topps and making parallel sets.

Only a 4 pack from 2006 but 2 vintage look-a-likes

For 2007, we have mostly Topps. The always present now-a-days A&G with a couple of mini's, the regular mini and an A&G back. The Topps Update is the red back version.

The 2008 Topps up there is the gold foil version and the Heritage Chrome is numbered to /1959 (as I'm sure you all guessed.)

The 2009 Bowman is a refractor. I was surprised I didn't have the Ticket to Stardom or the UD O-Pee-Chee as I had a bunch of those back in '09.

The top right card is the Target version and the left is the Walmart version. The 206's at the bottom are the bronze and the mini Piedmont.

Jumping to 2012 Topps, the blue parallel with Chrome and a sticker. The bottom 2 are the best with the 1961 clone and my favorite Finest set of all time. It looks really good in black too.

Now on to 2013 and his next team. I don't know their fan base or any after the Sox feel about him but most White Sox fans loved him. All parallels up there except the Gypsy Queen.

Another year, another team. I actually picked up quite a few from 2014 starting with the 2 GQ's and a Heritage.

Lots and lots of Topps parallel's with the same team, the wrong Sox.

Oh yeah, there's another team in 2014 and a couple of more parallels.

Another year, another team, again. This will be the last team we'll see today though. This Heritage is from 2015.

Don't worry, more parallel sets though for 2016. 2 embossed differences and a shrunken down one.

This is the only 2017 card I have and it's not even a card, it's a sticker.

Man, that was a lot of cards. The good news is I think I completed the AJ's for under $.50 on Sportlots. Maybe once I get through everybody, I'll go back and start doing $1 and under. I'm sure you all want to see more of AJ anyways.

These 84 cards put my AJ cards at 241 cards so he's about ready to get his own binder.