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Saturday, May 15, 2021

1970's Saturday

This is the last Vintage post for this round but I still have quite a few posts left. I finally got my last box of cards from Sportlots logged in today. I still have to scan but I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow. I'm buying so many cards now it's tough keeping up with the posting. I debate to just not post everything here but then I feel like I might not post something somebody wants to see. I know my stuff isn't anything special but sometimes I feel like that's what makes my blog different.

I added 2 more to the 1979 set at $.18/each. These 2 give me 404 cards.

As much as I like vintage, these are some pretty boring shots. I picked up these 6 from 1977, also for $.18/each. They give me 242 cards.

I also grabbed a couple of 1975's but I paid a quarter each for them. They give me 99 cards which puts me at an even 15%. Long ways to go which is why I didn't mind paying $.25. Plus, you know, a quarter for vintage is still good.

3 more for the 1974 Topps set. All $.18 again and they put me at 307 cards.

Last but not least, I picked up 4 more for the 1970 set. These 4 only get me at 77 cards for that set. All but the Joe Lahoud card were $.18, Joe was a quarter.

While I still love vintage, there is a whole lot of boring photos going on up there.


  1. The goofy-looking Paul Reuschel wins the round.

  2. Mr. House and Mr. Grabarkewitz must have been standing in almost the same spot, because the background (Shea Stadium?) is almost exactly the same.


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