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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday on the Mike

 I've been MIA the last couple of days. My brother sold our childhood home and closed on his new house on Monday so I spent Monday night helping him pack up the house and I was supposed to go over there again tomorrow but he ended up texting me and said he was good. Which was good, I was exhausted and really wanted to just lay around.

Today, I'm pumping out my last PC post of this round of Sportlots. Tonight is my last night with my wife for the week as she his heading off back to Virginia to hang with her family for the weekend so I'm gonna get this out and then have some quality time.

All these were picked up on Sportlots and are all from 2008.

The Donruss section is the best as it's all college uni's, it's nice to see him back in the Maize and Blue rather than the red he was wearing a year or so ago.

Above is the Playoff Contenders and an Upper Deck SP with the Colts. I used to root for the Colts as my NFL team but I don't really get into watching the NFL anymore. I'll usually watch a game here or there if there is a Michigan alumn playing but no certain teams anymore.

You can tell the difference in the top 2 from the scan but technically the only different is the card stock. The one on the left is a glossy version. All 3 are from Score.

Lastly, the Topps portion, they pretty much use the same designs as they do for baseball. I do like the black chrome at top though.

These 12 cards put the Mike Hart collection at 72 cards.


  1. Still my favorite RB! I'm excited to have him back coaching too. Nice stuff, especially the Elites!

    1. Mine too. Dude hardly ever fumbled (3 times, I think), that alone gets my respect.


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