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Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday Night Larkin's

Today's post is a HOF'er that we've seen here a time or two and will continue to see as I keep picking up more of his cards. I haven't actually gotten up to these years yet while purchasing on Sportlots so they were picked up to get enough cards to complete from the sellers.

This is a 60 Years of Topps that looks like the 1995 Topps. It's from 2011. I have a Berger's Best from 2018 that is also the same exact card. You would think they'd spread out their reprints a little better.

A couple of cards from 2013 Panini. I do like that they make sets from players who played for the US teams.

A 2017 A&G of Barry staring at you from a port hole with the sky in the background.

3 different Gold Label cards, I really do like the looks of those. Stadium Club is always awesome with no borders even with that boring photo. Another A&G and a Donruss. That's one way of getting around the no logos, catch them in other gear. Not a big fan of that card. These are all from 2018.

Best of the best with a Gold Label and an awesome photo from Stadium Club. These are from 2019.

A few from 2020 to finish it off. A couple of copycats and another Stadium Club. The Archives is a 2002 look-a-like and the Donruss is an 1986 look-a-like.

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