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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

MS Plee with a card

I didn't random for today's card and to be honest there will be more words than cards but the card has to do with the content.

You may remember, way back when this blog was still a toddler, that my wife was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and for a couple of years, we did the MS Walk to raise money and awareness. We stopped because we don't have a big circle and we were always asking the same people for money every year so we kind of stopped.

Then this year hit and I'm not talking about Covid. My wife hasn't had many MS related issues in the last decade. MS comes in waves or what they call flare-ups. Here's a good article about what they are so I don't bore you to death. She's had a couple issues but she has more problems with her Fibromyalgia than the MS but in the last year or so that has changed.

She started having issues with her hands and feet tingling. She describes it as the tingly feeling when they fall asleep only it's all the time. She went to her neurologist who ordered a MRI (she has to have them annually anyways). The brain and spine are the tall tale signs of MS. She has had 17 legions around her brain for awhile but they weren't active so they weren't much of a problem. The latest MRI showed one of the legions active in her brain and she has her first one on her spine and it was active.

They stopped doing the MS meds she was on and started doing infusions. She has to go to the hospital every 6 months and spend 4 hours getting pumped with meds. The feeling has slowly been fading but it hasn't gone away yet but we have hope.

Where I work has a good history of fund raising and we haven't done the walk in awhile so we signed up again. I mentioned on this blog a week or so that I was up making 21 lbs of Sloppy Joe. That was for the fundraiser at work. We had a Sloppy Joe dinner for $5 and ended up making $715, my wife has raised over $600 already so we are way above what we ever did before so it was definitely a good thing we took some time off.

So you guessed it, I'm hitting you all up for some cash. Don't feel obligated but I know last time I asked here, the blogging community surprised my wife so I'm hoping you all do the same. None of the money comes to me, it all goes to the MS Society. So I promise I won't buy cards with it. If you don't want to use your credit/debit on the site, you can always Paypal or Venmo me and I'll make the payment to the site. That's what I did with the cash from my work fundraiser.

If you'd like to donate, click the banner below. The final day is Saturday but I don't know why they wouldn't take donations beyond that.

Send a dollar, $5, whatever you want. Your name is optional, you can even make it anonymous if you'd like.

If you read all that above, I appreciate you taking the time and I thank you for that.

As promised, I will show a card. I picked this up on Sportlots, he's a Tier 3 player collection and he's the only active player in that Tier.

I picked up this card of Zimmy on Sportlots. Remember when I said I try to buy at least 4 cards from the sellers. This seller had some 2020 Stadium Club for $.18 so I grabbed this along with some others that you'll see later. This card gives me 119 cards.

Why do I collect Ryan Zimmerman? His mother has MS so he's a huge supporter and he even has his own MS Foundation (ZiMS). How could I not when we both love someone suffering with this debilitating disease?

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