This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Go Blue!

That's a simple enough title.

Well I guess I got time to put a post out since Michigan got the west coast slot and isn't on until 10 tonight. I'm not sure how that happened considering we're the only non west coast team playing today. All I know is I'm going to be very sleepy getting up at 3:40 tomorrow morning for work.

Believe it or not, I randomed this post and you'll never guess who came up for today.

Fred from work randomly brings me in Sox and Michigan cards because he's slowly going through his older cards. I usually have most of what he gives me but I do need about a quarter of them.

He brought this in one day, it's from 1993. This is my 5th card of Steve and he's not a PC guy so all 5 of those are in Michigan uniforms.

Another day he brought in these 2. Again, neither are PC players but you know I love seeing the Juwan Howard in the maize and blue. That might be the best thing about him coaching again, seeing him in Michigan again.

This is my 13th card of Derrick Alexander and only my 4th card of Juwan.

I got about 45 minutes until game time, now what am I going to do?

Go Blue!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Random Cards #76

I've got cards to show off but I've been stalling because I have a box coming from Sportlots with over 600 cards in it. It said it left South Bend this morning but it doesn't show a delivery until Tuesday. I live maybe 20 miles from South Bend so I'm not sure why Tuesday so we'll see. It's probably some vague holiday tomorrow so they're shut down for the day.

Once I get that package from Sportlots, I have a couple of trade packages to send out so if you're waiting on me, they'll be coming (hopefully) soon.

I figured it's as good day as any to throw up a random post. It's been awhile (mid-October).

Tier 1 Collections
(1576 cards, up 357 cards from last random post)

Collections - Luis Aparicio, White Sox
Card - 1970 Kellogg's
Player - Luis Aparicio
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Puchased
Price - Unknown
From - Flea Market, North Carolina
When - March, 2013

I went to a flea market while visiting my cousin in NC and bought a ton of Sox vintage but by the time I got home to log everything, I couldn't remember what I paid for everything.

Tier 2 Collections
(1556 cards, up 116 cards since last random post)

Collections - Carlton Fisk, White Sox
Card - 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter
Player - Carlton Fisk
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.18
From - Sportlots
When - August, 2020

Nice looking card but those are probably my least favorite jerseys of theirs. I don't mind the hat but the collars are just weird.

Tier 2 Michigan Players
(461 cards, up 16 cards from last random post)

Collection - Tim Hardaway Jr.
Card - 2017-18 Panini National Treasures Treasured Threads
Player - Tim Hardaway Jr.
Team - New York Knicks
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $3
From - Ebay
When - May, 2018

This photo is actually mine as I put it on TCDB.

Tier 3 Collections
(1320 cards, up 91 cards since last post)

Collection - Cal Ripken Jr.
Card - 2001 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr Highlights Box Set
Player - Cal Ripken Jr.
Team - Baltimore Orioles
Acquired - Trade
When - April, 2018

I got this whole set from Dennis. Part of the reason my Ripken cards are so high is because I have a couple box sets of just his cards.

Michigan Collection
(692 cards, up 42 cards from last random post)

Collection - Michigan
Card - 1991 Pacific
Player - Jarrod Bunch
Team - Michigan Wolverines
Acquired - Trade
When - June, 2020

I really like these older Michigan cards as they are players that I don't really remember watching. Back in 1991 I was watching a ton of basketball and hardly any football. This is actually about the time I became a Michigan fan.

White Sox Collection
(8435 cards, up 459 cards from last random post)

Collections - Mark Buehrle, White Sox
Card - 2011 Bowman
Player - Mark Buehrle
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Unknown
Price - Unknown
From - Unknown
When - Unknown

I started buying cards again so I assume this probably came from a Ebay as a single or a lot but it was before I kept track of when and where everything came from and I must not have made a note of it on the blog.

Team Collection
(152 cards, up 7 cards from last random post)

Collections - Team, Vintage
Card - 1980 Topps
Player - Jim Fregosi
Team - California Angels
Acquired - Unknown
Price - Unknown
From - Unknown
When - Unknown

Same goes for this, I probably picked it up before I started keeping track. I really wish they would bring back team cards. I need to pick more of these up.

Vintage Collection - 1950's
(72 cards)

Collections - White Sox, Vintage
Card - 1958 Topps
Player - Jim Landis
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Trade
From - 2x3 Heroes
When - March, 2016

I would hazard a guess that most of my 50's vintage collection are probably Sox cards. I went and looked, 35 Sox cards, 37 everybody else so I was wrong. Only about half are Sox cards.

Vintage Collection - 1960's
(308, up 2 cards since last random post)

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1966 Topps
Player - Billy Herman
Team - Boston Red Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - Unknown
From - Ebay
When - June, 2015

The 1966 set is the set I was most familiar with from the 60's back when I was a kid. I couldn't tell you why as this set was 7 years before I was born.

Vintage Collection - 1970's
(2312 cards, up 27 cards since last random post)

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1976 Topps
Player - Johnny Briggs
Team - Minnesota Twins
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.06
From - Facebook
When - July, 2020

I've never made a list but 1976 is probably my least favorite product from the 70's. That facial hair definitely says 70's though. I don't generally pick up cards on Facebook but Dennis was making a purchase and gave me the link and I picked out a few things and paid him for them. There were a couple of vintage lots.

Vintage Collection - 1980's
(7412 cards, up 208 cards since last random post)

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1985 Fleer
Player - Randy Lerch
Team - San Francisco Giants
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.01
From - Baseball Card Exchange
When - August, 2018

Baseball Card Exchange is an hour or so from here. My daughter needed drive time in to get her license so I had her drive me there and back. I bought a box that had a bunch of 80's cards which is why it was only a penny. If I remember correctly, the average per card was less than a penny and I only counted the cards that I didn't have in that figure.

(234 cards, up 9 cards since last random post)

Collection - White Sox
Card - 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Relics
Player - Jermaine Dye
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $1.98
From - Ebay
When - February, 2012

That is the one thing I miss about buying on Ebay is I did tend to pick up Relics and Autos cheap. I don't really shop for them, they would just show up in my searches and I would pick them up.

(372 cards, up 16 cards since last random post)

Collection - White Sox
Card - 2014 Panini Elite Extra Edition Prospects
Player - Carlos Rodon
Team - Chicago White Sox
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $3
From - Ebay
When - September, 2018

See, another Ebay hit. Rodon was let go after last year but we picked him back up and has been pretty good this spring. Not sure if he'll end up in the rotation or the bullpen though as a couple of guys are fighting for that last rotation spot. This is another card that I posted the pic on TCDB.

It was nice to see all the collections have bumped up at least a couple of cards (except the 50's vintage). Part of that is because it's been 5 months since I've done one of these. I didn't realize it had been that long.

*While I have all these cards, the photos (scans) are taken from TCDB unless noted.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Sweet 16 Larkin

Well, Michigan managed to make it to the sweet 16. The only Big Ten out of 9 to do so, at least we have that going for us. In celebration of the last win (actually the random picked him), here's a Michigan guy, only one you all probably know.

I did pick up a couple of this guy as well. You'll see a lot more of him on the next round of Sportlots purchases as I am working my way though my Tier 2 PC's.

The top card is from 2018 A&G, the bottom is a Berger's Best from 2016, it's a copy of his 1995 Topps.

The best Barry Larkin cards are the maize and blue versions though. Panini has been putting out a few of them lately and I like them. I wish they did college uniform cards back when he actually played. I don't know of any but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

These 3 cards get me over the 250 mark with 252 cards. As I said before, that number will definitely climb in a few days when I get my Sportlots package.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Happy Birthday - Mark Buehrle

Mr. Perfect was born in 1979 which makes him 42 today.

MLB Debut - July 16th, 2000 (White Sox)

Years Active

  • Chicago White Sox (2000-2011)
  • Miami Marlins (2012)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (2013-2014)
rookie card w/White Sox

2012 Miami Marlins card

2013 Toronto Blue Jays card

Cards listed on TCDB - 2,380

Cards I have - 212

Cards commemorating his no-hitter

Cards commemorating his Perfect Game

Where they came from - 

I loved Mark Buehrle and I wish he could have stayed with us for his whole career. He's certainly my most favorite modern day pitcher, just behind Tom Seaver for all-time.

I have these 7 relic cards of Buehrle (and a few dupes). I need to get an auto of him.

I know I have a bunch of cards coming of Buehrle so next year, on this day, I should definitely move that needle up further. Maybe 500!

Happy Birthday Mark!

*All cards shown are in my collection but the photos are from TCDB.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Another 1st place PC

I got all my purchases from this weekend logged in but I only started scanning them today after work. I also got my breaker's club cards from Chris at Nachos Grande today so now I need to log those in. Plus, I just ordered my shipment from Sportlots and that consists of 621 cards so I'm going to have some work to do next weekend.

This is the last post of this guy in this round, I picked up a couple at the card show so you'll definitely see more later. You'll get to see a total count at the end, and it's with a milestone at that.

2002. It's cool to see Tom in 2 different team uniforms in the same set and he was definitely a team hero for both teams.

2002. A couple of Fleer (also a Mets and Reds card) with the Fall Classic and the Milestones card with Tradition.

2002. Just one card from Topps but it's from the Miracle Mets team so that's cool. I like the big team logo in the back.

2002. A couple from Upper Deck with the Sweet Spot and the Play Ball.

2004. We'll finish it off with a few more from '04. Another Sweet spot and Play Ball but you also get a Fleer greats mixed in there.

Since this is the final post of Tom Terrific with this round, how about some stats. I added 60 cards which puts my grand total at 509 cards.

I was already in 1st but it definitely widened the gap on TCDB.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Last of the Sox cards, this round

I went to the LCS yesterday, I had never been there before but I read an article on one of the card sites that they were broken into. That's how I found out we had one. It was ok, a little overpriced if you ask me but I tend to be cheap too so there is that. I picked up some cards, you'll see those later.

Today, my cousin and I went to a card show. We weren't sure what to expect but it was a decent show. I was surprised how many people were there. We got there about 15 minutes after it opened and it was already packed. My only complaint though, was the lightning. My old ass can't read colored names on colored backgrounds without sufficient light. I can normally flip through a stack of cards pretty quickly because I read fast but today, it took me forever to go through cards because I had to stop at each card and really concentrate on reading the name.

Those cards are for another day too as the random has 3 more posts before I get to those. Today being one of them.

The last post of the 2017 White Sox team collection pick ups was awhile ago but today, you get to see the Bowman pick-ups.

These 3 complete the Bowman Chrome team set minus a variation of a Moncada card. Only Abreu is still with the team. The Quintana is my 21st card of him but the Abreu is number 140 of him.

These Bowman Platinum are pretty slick looking. The same goes for this set as the Chrome above, it's complete minus a variation of Moncada. The Lopez is my 30th and the 2 Fulmer's in this post put him at 31.

I haven't been very good at picking up White Sox stuff with my next Sportlots package. I've been concentrating too much on player collections. I need to rectify that.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

From Chicago to Konerko

I made it to Chicago and back and I have a few minutes to get this post in before midnight and I head to bed since I've been up since 4 this morning. We did drive by the Sox stadium as it's right off the expressway. It was all lit up, not sure why but it looked good.

My last post for Konerko so you'll finally get to see my final count after this last purchase on Sportlots.

1994. We'll start with a minor league card, I actually have quite a few pre-majors cards of Konerko. It helps that he was a early to mid 90's minor leaguer because they put out a lot of sets back then. I don't know that they do that much with the exception of team sets.

2002. One more card from 2002 that probably just didn't make my last shipment and came in after. That's the stance I remember when I think of PK, he holds that bat out until the pitcher starts his windup, then pulls it back.

2005. That leaf limited looks horrible scanned but I promise it's not that bad in hand. The Bowman Heritage is a mini version.

2006. One card from the year after our championship season. Some of the Bowman's look really good on Sox cards because as I have stated before, black borders on Sox cards look good.

2006. This is the Fleer portion as I have quite a few from this year to show. The bottom card is great because it shows 2 PC guys.

2006. The Topps portion starts out with a couple of A&G's and an action shot Chrome. I really like the look of the Finest, even with the red. A couple of Bazooka's to finish it off.

2006. Lastly, the Upper Deck portion. I like when they do team checklist cards. I don't ever use them for that reason but I'm always up for another good team card. I'd prefer a full team shot but you get what you get. I did like the looks of the Artifacts and the Sweet Spot. The SP is numbered which is always great to see when you spend less than $.50 a card.

As promised, the grand total of PK cards now is all the way up to 697. Hopefully there are a couple more coming, if not, I might have to grab a couple more just to hit 700. I do have a pretty good lead on TCDB.

I have 3 that aren't on TCDB which is why I said 697.